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Is Riding Electric Scooters on the Road Legal in the USA? 

Often asked question: Are electric scooters street-legal in the USA? There is no definite answer as each state holds its independent ruling. It is commonly known that electric scooters are the advanced mode of transit. Normally, these are legal to ride in the streets. Initially, the governing laws for bicycles and Electric scooters were the same. However, due to structural changes in both of these vehicles, there were laws after amendments that were not equally applicable to both of them. Some rules applied to electric scooters only and others were limited to only bicycles.

Are Electric Scooters Legal in Different States of the USA?

USA Road Laws for Electric Scooters: State-by-State Legal Guide

The legality of electric scooters in the USA is comprehensive. Because different rules are implemented in different states. Many states limit scooter speeds to 20mph per federal law. So, it is essential to check details before buying or purchasing any electric scooter and go through the rules and regulations of electric scooters in your respective state.

Are Electric Scooters Legal in New York State?

The laws of New York City have various regulations for electric scooter riders. In 2020, New York made electric scooters lawful as an initiative step for mini automobiles and the growth of big cities. Mainly in New York, travelling periods are brief. And roughly, the car travel distance in the US is under 3 miles. 

According to New York state law:

  • The rider must be at least 16 years old. 
  • It is mandatory to wear a helmet if the rider’s age is under 18. 
  • Prevent riding electric scooters over the speed limit of 30mph on streets and sidewalks. 
  • It is allowed to override in big cities and municipalities.
  • In New York City, electric scooters are not permitted to cross limits of 20 miles per hour and must have a speed of 30mph or less.

Are Electric Scooters Street Legal in California

Early adoption of advanced electric scooters is highly appreciated in California, one of the finest states in the USA. Knowledgeable rules and regulations are recommended for electric scooters. Electric scooters are considered two-wheeled motorised and are bound to follow specific rules and regulations.

The rules and regulations implied in New York City are mostly the same as those used in California. As per California state law:

  • A rider must have a registered driver’s license or any manual guidebook permit to ride electric scooters in California.
  • Electric scooters are strictly prohibited on sidewalks.
  • Riders are only permitted to ride under 15mph.
  • These are only allowed to ride on roads by following all rules and regulations.
  • Riders must wear helmets while riding.
  • Riders cannot exceed the speed limit of 25 miles per hour on roads.

Are Electric Scooters Legal in Florida

Electric scooters, predominantly motorised, have the same rules and regulations similar as bicycle riders. In some exceptional scenarios, these basic rules are not applied to electric scooters in Florida.

So, according to Florida state laws:

  • Electric scooter riders are permitted to use bicycle lanes.
  • If there is no bicycle lane in your respective area, riders must ride the scooter along the right side of the roadway. 
  • It is necessary to maintain the speed limit of traffic. 
  • Try to avoid overriding. Don’t take the risk of making left turns on busy roads. 
  • The rider’s age must be at least 16 years.
  • The maximum speed for scooters must be 30mph. The speed limit should not exceeded.
  • It is prohibited to use sidewalks in Florida.
  • A registered License permit is required for electric scooter riders.

Common Sense Legal Instructions Guide

While riding scooters, consider following up on each rule. But still, there are some rules and regulations that are mandatory to follow. Here are a few examples:

  • You must check your Vehicles before riding.
  • Avoid traffic hazards.
  • Don’t break traffic rules(such as traffic light signals)
  • Your riding speed limit should not exceed the maximum limit.
  • Try to use bike lanes instead of the right side of roads when you have the option of bike lanes.
  • You must use a white headlight while riding.

The federal state does not stamp these laws, as these are basic common sense rules.


Despite everything, electric scooters are accessible, environment-friendly, and cheap. On the surface, electric scooters offer a convenient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. 

Still, every electric scooter rider must be knowledgeable about legal issues, fines, and punishment for breaking rules. All these rules are operated for your safety and protection. So, look at your state and check its rules and regulations regarding electric scooters.

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