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Advanced Maintenance Cost Calculator

Advanced Maintenance Cost Calculator

The cost to replace tires.
How often tires need to be replaced each year.
The cost to maintain brakes.
How often brake maintenance is needed each year.
The cost to replace the battery.
The expected lifetime of the battery.
The cost for other maintenance items.
How often miscellaneous maintenance is needed each year.

How Maintenance Costs are Calculated

This calculator uses the following formulas to estimate the annual maintenance costs of your electric scooter:

Annual Tire Cost = Tire Replacement Cost × Tire Replacement Frequency
Annual Brake Cost = Brake Maintenance Cost × Brake Maintenance Frequency
Annual Battery Cost = Battery Replacement Cost / Battery Lifetime
Annual Miscellaneous Cost = Miscellaneous Maintenance Cost × Miscellaneous Maintenance Frequency

Total Annual Maintenance Cost = Annual Tire Cost + Annual Brake Cost + Annual Battery Cost + Annual Miscellaneous Cost

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