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Advanced Savings Calculator

Advanced Savings Calculator

The total distance you travel per year.
The cost of electricity in your area, in cents per kilowatt-hour.
The total amount of electric charge the battery can store.
The electric potential provided by the battery.
The cost of fuel for your car, in dollars per liter.
The fuel efficiency of your car, in kilometers per liter.
The yearly cost of maintaining your car.

How Savings are Calculated

This calculator uses the following formulas to estimate your savings when using an electric scooter compared to a car:

Annual Fuel Cost (Car) = Distance Traveled (km) / Car Fuel Efficiency (km/l) × Fuel Cost (USD/l)
Annual Charging Cost (Scooter) = (Battery Capacity (Ah) × Battery Voltage (V) × Distance Traveled (km) × Electricity Rate (¢/kWh)) / (1000 * Battery Capacity (Ah) * Battery Voltage (V))

Total Annual Savings = Annual Fuel Cost (Car) + Annual Maintenance Cost (Car) - Annual Charging Cost (Scooter)

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