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D9 is a 48v battery electric scooter. It comes with 600w battery, dual brake system, folding option, adjustable stem, and finest dashboard.


Buy Cheapest Electric Scooter with Range of at Least 24 Miles

D9: Best Foldable e Scooter

D9 electric scooter can be easily folded up and taken in hand and transported. The dual braking system consists of a disc brake at the rear drum brake at the front. Similarly it provides an excellent battery backup.

Powerful 600 watt Electric Scooter

At 10 inches, the wheels of the e scooter are slightly larger than those of the previous D8 model. The motor brings a powerful 600 watts. The scooter weighs 40 lbs. An integrated rear suspension ensures a high level of driving comfort.

No traffic jams, no emissions, no parking space shortage and low operating costs: an e-scooter is perfect for the “last mile”, i.e. for short journeys. This is why the vehicles are increasingly becoming an alternative to the car - especially in the city.

Exterior of D 9 Scooter USA

The D9 48v electric scooter is equipped with disc brakes, a brake light and street lights for the necessary safety. In addition, it has a non-slip step surface, an on-board led display.

Wheels, weight and maximum load capacity

The two 10 inch wheels have solid rubber tires, flat or burst tires are therefore excluded. At 40 lbs, D9 is one of the heavier e-scooters. The heavier weight is partly due to the powerful battery. According to the manufacturer, its load capacity is 220 lbs.

Speed and Range

The 24 mph electric scooter manufacturer promises a range of up to 25 miles with a fully charged battery. D9 actually only achieves this maximum range on a straight route, without headwind and with a very low rider weight. As soon as the driver weighs more than 110 kilograms, hills or even mountains have to be climbed and / or you have a headwind, the maximum range is reduced.

The maximum speed, however, is also reached on hilly routes or with a heavier driver, because the reduction to 20 km / h is due to the approval for road traffic. Theoretically, the scooter could drive faster, but then it would no longer be approved for road traffic.

Battery and Motor: D 9 Scooter

With the battery and the motor, the D9can really score! It is equipped with a powerful 600w motor. This has a continuous output of 600 watts.

The D9's battery is also impressive. The 48 volt 13 AH battery offers great serving hours – It is simply best for long-lasting driving pleasure. Moreover, battery charge time is 8 hours.

Best 48 Volt Battery Electric Scooter

Like folding bikes, 48v battery electric scooter is perfect for short distances of a few kilometers. Especially in cities where morning rush hour traffic regularly jams, it is likely that you will get to your destination faster, but above all with less stress, with the electric scooter.

The other advantages of switching to a scooter are also obvious. On the one hand, scooters are real “space miracles”, especially when compared to cars. Most models can be folded up in just a few simple steps. This means that there is no need for a separate parking space for your scooter.

Excellent Charging Time

On the other hand, you don't have to fill up your scooter at the gas station, but can conveniently charge it at a socket of your choice. It charges battery in 8 hours. Before going to sleep, simply plug it into the nearest socket in your own apartment and your scooter is ready for use the next morning!

Electric Scooter for Adults 25 mph Range

The better electric scooter models can shine when it comes to range. With the high-quality models, the electric scooter for adults range extends to 25 miles! Quite a lot when you consider that the average charging time for an electric scooter is somewhere between 6 and 8 hours.

Another advantage of this range is that you can usually easily drive to work with the scooter without having to worry about the appropriate charging equipment. With the available ranges, you can safely leave it at home and fully charge your 600w electric scooter after your end of work!

Ideal for Short Trips

The range the e-scooter should achieve depends on the intended use: For short distances or in city traffic, models that can cover around 25 miles with one battery charge are usually sufficient – They are easier to transport.

Longer Distances

If you want to cover longer distances without standing there with an empty battery, you should look around for a model with a higher battery capacity. The D9 with a range of 46 km is the perfect choice for long distances - the scooter with its large battery capacity 48v 13AH.

Brakes: Choosing the right brakes for a safe ride

Acceleration, speed and range: “Getting ahead” is usually the focus when buying cheapest electric scooter with range of at least 25 miles. But, the quick stopping should also be considered.

  • Front Disk Brakes
  • Rear Drum Brakes
  • Easy to Adjust

An Integrated Led Display Dashboard

Not only does the braking force play a role - the finest possible metering is also important for safety reasons. An integrated LED display shows speed, battery level, driving mode and whether the light is on or off.

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D 9
600 Watt
48V 13Ah
Miles Range
25 Miles
20% Hill Grade
25 MPH
IPX5 Water-Resistant

How It Compares

The DRIDER 9 is our best selling all-round commuter scooter. It is more powerful and has better ride quality than a rental scooter


- on a tight budget and ok with lower range and less speed?DRIDER 9 PRO

- nicer design and 10 lb lighter, check out theNANROBOT LIGHTNING

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    • Top Speed
    • Power
    • Battery
    • Vehicle Weight
    • Power
    • Range
    • Weight limit
    • DRIDER 9


    • 25 MPH
    • 600 W
    • 48V 13Ah
    • 220lbs
    • 600 W
    • 25 Miles
    • 220lbs
    This Scooter
    • DRIDER 9 PRO


    • 26 mph
    • 2x 500W base / 800W peak
    • Lithium-ion 48V 15Ah
    • 220 lbs / 100 kg
    • 2x 500W base / 800W peak
    • 22+ miles*
    • 220 lbs / 100 kg


    • 30 mph
    • 1600W (800W X 2)
    • 48V 18Ah Lithium-Ion
    • 280 lbs
    • 1600W (800W X 2)
    • 25 miles*
    • 280 lbs
    • DRIDER 10X


    • 40 MPH
    • 2 X 1000
    • 52V 18Ah
    • 330lbs
    • 2 X 1000
    • 35-40 Miles
    • 330lbs

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