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The Ultimate Guide to 30 MPH Electric Scooters: Top Picks, Reviews, and Riding Tips

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You are on the right page if you want an eco-friendly and budget-friendly commutation. If you are browsing for something else even then, please stay tuned with us to upgrade your knowledge about electric scooters. Why? Rising fuel prices and increasing air pollution is a serious concern. It is mandatory to resort to something sustainable. A solution that caters to commutation needs without affecting Mother Nature. 30 mph electric scooter can really help in this regard. Take your friends in the loop and discuss viable commuting options. We know our very honored readers are well accustomed to technological progression. But we also care for that chunk of naive individuals to these 30 mph low-maintenance vehicles. We will discuss it in detail here. So, grab a popcorn bag because we know you will be enlightened after reading this article.

So, what is a 30MPH electric scooter?

The word scooter is familiar to everyone, “ a two-wheel vehicle that helps in mobility.” 30 mph e-scooter is a variant of this conveyance that can deliver a maximum speed of 30 mph or 48 kph. Mph denotes miles per hour, and kph denotes kilometers per hour. Every electric scooter at 30mph comes with inbuilt electric motors. The propelling mechanism is achieved via rechargeable batteries. People prefer this mode of transportation for small distances and intra-city commuting.

The concept behind electric scooters:

The 30 mph e-scooter engages an electric motor. The motor draws power from a replenishable battery for propulsion. Let's discuss this in generalized terms so that everyone can understand.

The 30mph e-scooter comes with a replenishable Li-ion battery. Li stands for lithium, a metal. You can check the periodic table to learn more about its properties. This battery reserves electrical energy. The electric motor of the scooter consumes this electrical energy and executes propulsion. Check it near the scooter's rear wheel to see its placement. Now, the law of conservation of energy comes into action. Via this motor, electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy, resulting in the 30 mph scooter propels.

We know a 500-watt e-scooter is exciting enough to drive you crazy. But stay within the speed limit. A throttle is present in the handlebars that constantly check acceleration. Pressing or twisting it transmits a signal to the electric motor controller. The handlebars also feature brakes, horns, and lights. Sounds interesting?? Yes, indeed, it does. The onboard experience is, in fact, exciting too!

30 MPH Electric Scooter is a logical choice.

When building an asset, the value you derive from it is critical. The same goes for buying a 30 mph e-scooter. However, practicality remains the primary concern after price-to-value evaluation. Then comes personal preferences and choices. We are here to facilitate you in the decision-making process. When options are many, confusion is natural. The following section will enlighten you on the potential benefits of buying this 30 mph e-scooter.

Benefits of Buying a 30mph Electric Scooter

  • Quick commutation: Like every average individual, we hope you also wish to reach your destination timely. A 500-watt e-scooter giving 30mph is a practical choice in this regard. It is an ideal pick for short distances and intra-city traveling.
  • Time Saver: traveling is undoubtedly a hassle. Travelers face two main issues in a congested area with immense human traffic. Sound pollution and battery traffic. Both result in frustration and being late for office. Such individuals can only deliver their absolute performance. A 30mph e-scooter is a great traveling aid in such dense areas. Not only does it saves time, but it also slashes fuel cost.
  • Traveling Diversity: 30 mph e-scooters cater to diverse traveling routes. They are sturdy enough for both suburban roads and urban places. Thrilling experience: If you are looking for exhilarating traveling experiences, a 30 mph e-scooter is necessary. It is an ideal commute option and on the go. No more hassle of booking. No theft ticket, price. It's a ride on the go.
  • Cargo on wheels: Now, 30 mph e-scooters have storage capacity. Sturdier frames and spacious 500W e-scooters are gaining popularity as lightweight cargo carriers. Be it home groceries or other stuff, e-scooters can serve the purpose.
  • Racing: Youngblood loves to race. Winning any competition is satisfying. The same goes for a 30 mph e-scooter. This vehicle is handy but strong enough to handle maneuvering. One can easily fall in love with this exciting pe-scooter.

Key factors to consider while buying the best 30 mph e-scooter:

Everyone is different and has different preferences. This unique fondness sets the baseline to pick the suitable model of a 30mph e-scooter that complies with our needs and priorities. Some checklist pointers are

1. Evaluate your buying intention

Ask yourself a straightforward question. Why do you need this 30 mph e-scooter? Do you want to eliminate urban congestion, or are you looking for a reliable adventure partner? Well, the answer can be either of them or both. Then comes the riding style. Are you a sporty freak or prefer comfort over style? Clarity in your thoughts will help you to pick the right product.

2. Range and Speed

Since batteries power electric scooters, it is essential to estimate your commutation needs. Once you have a fair estimate, you can only pick a reliable scooter whose range matches your requirements.

Speed is the next key consideration. Every e-scooter has a varying threshold when it comes to the speed limit. So, ensure your choice aligns with native speed regulations and personal speed requirements. Slow-paced e-scooters are not a good fit for racing competition.

3. Charging Duration:

Remember to pay attention to the charging time. Each of the 30mph e-scooters offers varying charging times. Some get charged quickly, while others require hours to set. What is your patience level?

4. Battery capacity

The batteries used in 500W e-scooters are mostly Li-ion batteries. Assess the battery's capacity, as it will determine the e-scooter range with a single charge.

Motor Power, Power is the rate of doing work and is measured in Joules per second or J/s. Power is typically expressed in Watts as it is the SI unit. Motor power provides the driving force for any vehicle; the same goes for a 30 mph e-scooter. It is another baseline factor to consider while buying the best 30 mph e-scooter. A high-powered motor serves two motives readily.

  • Ascending on hills
  • Improved acceleration

5. Portability and Weight

Usually, portability and weight have an inverse relationship. Less weight means more portable and vice versa. However, sturdiness is another consideration. Pick a lightweight model that is easier to carry upstairs and in other locations. But your vehicle may tip over on acceleration. So you need to select that 30mph electric scooter that offers a great deal of sturdiness with portability. If you browse smartly, you can quickly grab a 30mph e-scooter that caters to all your concerns.

6. Build Quality:

Never compromise on the build quality, as your life is at stake. Cheap built Quality can put your mental peace at a halt since it will wear and tear soon. Before buying a 500-watt e-scooter, the best idea is to review customers' reviews. Once you are satisfied, only then add it to the cart.

7. Tires

Well, again, you need clarity about your preferences when analyzing tires. Riding experience and tire maintenance is a trade-off. If you want an effortless ride, pneumatic, known as air-filled tires, can serve the purpose. However, it requires regular maintenance. Alternatively, you may encounter a slightly different experience with foam-filled or solid tires, but the good thing is they are very low-maintenance and durable. The size of the tire is another important consideration. Larger tires provide coverage to jolts and bumps better than smaller tires.

8. Brakes and suspension

Brakes are an integral part of any automobile. Be sure that the 30mph e-scooter you choose possesses powerful brakes like a drum or disc brakes. Some reliable e-scooter manufacturers also install regenerative brakes to make the product more productive.

It is also a great idea to check the suspension of the e-scooter. If the suspension system is sound enough, control and comfort come naturally. Also, such vehicle becomes reliable on bumpy roads.

9. Safety comes first

Always be skeptical about the safety features of electric scooters. It has horns, reflectors, and front and rear lights. The e-scooter should be reliable in nighttime commutes as well. A kickstand is also necessary; otherwise, you would be in trouble while parking.

10. Weight-bearing capacity of 30mph e-scooter

We recommend first weighing yourself on a scale to know your body weight. Sometimes, we still feel light in our imagination, but reality might contrast this. Once you complete this step, shortlist the e-scooters and check which e-scooter gives maximum weight-bearing capacity. You will know how much margin you have for the additional cargo besides your body weight.

11. Legislation

Every state has its peculiar legal requirements for 500-watt e-scooters. However, fundamentals like age, safety gear, etc., remain constant. Knowing them will give you awareness about your rights and obligations when riding your e-scooter.

12. Affordability

Most of the time, we find an inverse relationship between Quality and price. Cheap products commonly compromise on Quality. However, some reliable manufacturers deliver a reasonable quality at a satisfying price. Carry a cost-benefit analysis before you pick the e-scooter. It is a must.

13. After Sales Service

Look for the best manufacturer that owns you even after purchase. Warranty claims are usually boring to read, but it is highly recommended to read them to know when and how to claim. Warranties are generally a sigh of relief.

14. Real-time users

Love is blind, we agree, but it should not be blind for vehicles. Because a wrong choice can be a mood spoiler, join relevant communities and groups on social media to see the feedback. Always be open to accepting the truth and honest reviews.

Prefer that vehicle that gives a practical, safe, and comfortable ride.

Best Picks of 30 mph e-scooter in 2023

A range of 30 mph e-scooters is available online. However, every model caters to a different segment of individuals. So, we are enlisting the top 6 models of 500-watt e-scooters to choose from. Always carry out due diligence in picking the right store and right product.


Price Tag

The product currently comes with a price tag of $1249.

True to its name

As the name suggests, this product is extraordinary regarding speed. NANROBOT LIGHTNING 2.0 comes with an 800w motor. In dual drive, it adds to 1600 w. This robust motor accelerates riding to 30mph or 48km/h. The motor’s full potential is even beyond this. This vehicle features a Dynavolt battery of 18Ah and 48 V. If you opt for Turbo mode, you can enjoy a range of 20-25 miles. But if you are interested in more mileage, select ECO mode.

Break a Leg

Break a leg with this NANROBOT LIGHTNING 2.0. This product has been meticulously designed to deliver maximum efficiency. The product is well-equipped with high-grade shock absorbers at the front and the rear.

Additionally, it features 8” solid tires. Both these features are coupled together to give a smoother riding experience that is pleasurable, too. Furthermore, the available disc brakes at the front and rear provide outstanding braking capability.

Moreover, the sophisticated handlebars give an improved ride control. Buyers may also enjoy the perks of a comfy seat if they opt for it.

A pocket-friendly pick,

NANROBOT is known for its exceptional qualities that stand out. It dominates the 30 mph e-scooter market segment due to unmatched qualities, high-tech features, and, last but not least, cost-effectiveness. Buying this product will enable you to get hold of an e-scooter with a reliable acceleration and suspension system.

Model NANROBOT Lightning 2.0
Motor 1600W (800W X 2)
Battery 48V 18Ah Lithium-Ion
Range 25 miles*
Top Speed 30 mph
Load Capacity 265 lbs
Tire Front and Rear Solid Tire Net Weight 30 KGS
Tire Size Wide Wheel 8 Inch Gross Weight 37 KGS
Brakes Front and Rear Disc Brakes Package Carton 7-Ply Brown Carton*2
Suspension Front and Rear Spring Suspension Carton Size 123x31x58 CM(LxWxH)
Lights Headlights, Front Beam Lights, LED Lights, Brake Lights, Turn Signal Loading Qty 120 Units/20FT; 280 Units/40HQ
Loading Capacity 265lbs


  • The added benefits of this product include its lightweight, making it portable and handy.
  • The product meets all safety standards and delivers a comfortable, stable ride.
  • Cost-effective
  • Riding this product gives you a whole new, exciting experience.
  • The product comes in two versions, with seats or without seats.


  • The price tag may be slightly higher.


Price Tag

The product comes with two price tags of $1799 and $1399, respectively. The price of OX will depend on the battery variant you select. The Li-ion 60V battery comes with two options
- OX Hero ($1399): 13Ah –30 miles range (Chinese cells, 6-8h charging) - OX Super($1799): 23Ah —46 miles range (LG cells, 10-12h charging)

A brilliant all-rounder

INOKIM Ox Super is a brilliant all-rounder in every respect. From build quality to actual performance, the vehicle delivers an unparalleled experience. The product is the epitome of excellence, as diligent attention is paid to the smallest detail. This 30 mph e-scooter will not rip a hole in your pocket because of its easy maintenance. You can enjoy this automobile for many upcoming years.

Better and longer range

This product is ideal for riders targeting the quality-filled long-range ride. The extraordinary design and automatic stress-free handling give OX an edge over competitors.

The air-filled or pneumatic tires are a bonus, although they require constant maintenance. The suspension is adjustable and incorporates flexibility in the product. Thus, OX rides equally well in urban, intra-city, or urban commuting.

High-powered motor

OX has a high-powered motor at the rear of the 30 mph e-scooter. Although the power rating of this brushless hub motor is 800W (1300W peak), it is pretty surprising that it is noise-free. Ox delivers an exhilarating riding experience running at the maximum speed of 30mph. The deck is spacious enough to provide a comfy stance even if you are overweight. Thumb throttle enables you stress-free navigation for longer routes. This vehicle is handy as it hardly takes seconds to fold.

Brakes and suspension

Drum brakes are on the front side. However, disc brakes are installed on the rear side. Both these brakes are powerful enough to cater to sudden jolts and bumps. Furthermore, you will find LED lights at the front and rear for a safe drive at night time. For improved safety, you can get additional headlights. That is a personal choice. The suspension management of this vehicle is up to the mark, and you can feel that in a smooth ride.

Model INOKIM Ox Super
Motor 800W base 1300 peak
Battery 60v 23Ah, 60v 13Ah
Range 45 miles
Top Speed 30mph
Load capacity 265lbs
Vehicle weight 62lbs
Tires 10" x 2.5" air tires Box Weight 76lbs
Drive Rear wheel drive Box size 49.25x12x23.5
Suspension Adjustable OSAP polymer front & rear Folded 48 x 23 x 22 inches”
Charging Time 11-13h with incl. charger, 4-5h with opt. fast charger unfolded 48 x 23 x 51 inches
Physical Brakes front drum & rear disc brake Throttle thumb throttle + palm ring
Lights front and rear LED Display INOKIM display


A few other additional features are listed below that make it a suitable pick

  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Advanced design of the product. It can be handled with a single arm as well.
  • The board height is adjustable to sync with your body height. Also, it syncs well with your preferred riding style.
  • User-friendly thumb throttle for smoother navigation.


  • Both variants cross the $1300 mark. It may not be pocket-friendly for people tight on budget.

ZERO 9 E Scooter

Price Tag:

The product comes with an affordable price tag of $899.

Product Diversity

The product Zero9 is diverse enough to handle individuals with dynamic lifestyles. This 30mph e-scooter has features that make traveling a hassle-free experience. Each electric scooter is crafted to deliver long-range commutes with high speed.

Build Quality

Zero has a high-grade quality built from durable materials. Despite being portable, the product is sturdy enough to withstand pitfalls. This stable product can be your travel partner for many years.

Additionally, you can enjoy the perks of a 12-month warranty post-purchase.

Battery capacity

ZERO9 is a 48V electric scooter whose maximum range stretches to 25 miles. A 13Ah battery is the current source for this e-scooter. However, the battery itself is powered by a 600-watt hub motor. The perfect combo of motor and battery works together to deliver maximum output.

Riding experience:

The riding experience of any 30 mph e-scooter mainly depends on several factors. Brakes, suspension, tires, and everything contribute to the overall feel of the ride. Fortunately, ZERO9 has 8-inch air-filled or pneumatic tires that provide a smoother experience.

Moreover, the rear side of ZERO9 has a dual spring suspension. This suspension, besides comfort, offers additional support for the scooter to drift through rough patches.


Safety should remain the primary focus whenever you hunt for any vehicle. Buying is out of the question if it is unsafe, no matter how lucrative other features may look.

ZERO9 complies with all safety and security standards and can be an ideal pick.

Lights: The front LED lights enable riders to navigate easily at night. The rear LED light marks your presence for the riders behind you. So you are well-seen even at night.

Brakes: Both rear and front brakes should be functional enough to stop at the spur of a second. Zero has disk brakes at the front and drum brakes at the back. Both these brakes that can freeze in a second make ZERO suitable for populated areas.

Sophisticated Electronics

It's fun to ride ZERO9 with friendly and fantastic displays. An LCD screen mounted on the handlebar indicates battery level, speed, and other important considerations. Then comes LED headlights at the front and brake lights at the rear. The product also features sidelights. Thus, your overall visibility is immense with ZERO as you are visible from 3 angles.

Model ZERO 9
Top Speed 25mph
Power 600 W base/800 W peak
Battery 48V 13Ah
Vehicle Weight 42lbs
Range 25miles
Load Capacity 220 lbs
Tires 8" rear solid, 8.5" front air Throttle trigger throttle
Drive Rear wheel drive Display QS-S4 (on throttle)
Suspension Front spring & rear dual spring Box weight 47 lbs
Charging Time 5-6h with incl. charger Box Size 41.25x9x16.5
Physical Brakes rear drum brake + regen Scooter Weight 42 lbs
Electrical Braking adjustable regen. braking Folded 38.6 x 7.1 x 14.6 inch”
Lights front and rear LED Unfolded 42.5 x 23.2 x 46.8-inch


A few additional features make this product a suitable pick, which are listed below:

  • Affordable price range
  • The quick folding mechanism and light weight make it portable
  • Compact
  • Maintenance-free rear drum brake
  • Greater visibility due to triple front and dual rear LED lights


  • You can only travel long with an electric scooter with charging points along the route.


Price Tag

The product comes with two price tags depending upon the chosen brakes. Regular brakes will cost you $1699, while hydraulic brakes will cost you $1799.

Standard features

The fundamental working of D X10 comes from the charging mechanism. It comprises a dual motor for functioning. This 1000W 52 V electric scooter also features dual suspension, making it a compelling ride for both on- and off-road. With a single charge, the range of D X10 stretches to 40 miles. It can speed up to 40mph. Indeed, it is an incredible vehicle that has revolutionized the e-scooter industry. Speed and range depend on the selected variant, as each model offers different specs. Another variant of D X1 can provide up to 60mph.


DX10 is powered by a dual hub motor with a power rating of 1000 watts. Both motors work in sync with each other to improve the overall power of the product. Mathematically, the combined effect of two motors should generate 2000 watts. But 3200W is the maximum output because both motors work together to create power synergy.

An electric scooter with better performance

DRIDER X10 has a charm due to its exceptional built quality. The highlighting features of this high-performing vehicle include practical suspension, an outstanding deck, better load capacity, reasonable speed, and a battery backup.

Anti-skid performance

DX10 features 10 X 3.0” inch sturdy pneumatic tires. Besides a smoother riding experience, these air-filled tires provide a firm road grip. So you can safely rave even on slippery roads. The product is also equipped with front and rear spring suspension that can withstand bumps and pitfalls of the road. Spring suspensions add reliability to this product. Dual shock absorption makes this vehicle safer than its peers.

Product variation

D X10 offers three different variants. One of them is a 60V variant that is speedier as it offers more significant acceleration. The rest of the two are 52V versions. Each variant has its class and provides a safe and enjoyable ride.


Hydraulic disc brakes play a crucial role in the mechanics of any vehicle. Their central role is to stop the 30mph electric scooter. DX10 features front and rear hydraulic brakes. The dual disc brakes and ABS provide instant stopping in case of a sudden happening. Disc brakes also excel in the dissipation of heat. Thus, you can stop anytime.

Weight & Load Capacity

This intelligent electric scooter is portable enough since it weighs around 77 lbs. The maximum load capacity is 330 lbs, but the recommended weight remains around 265 lbs. These are generalized figures for DX10. A precise model will determine the exact weight and load capacity.

Night Time Visibility

DX10 comes with LED headlights and taillights. Thus, your street presence is now apparent at night with this excellent e-scooter.


While comparing the features of DX10 with any of its competitors, you will surely notice that DX10 offers maximum features at a given price. The cost-benefit analysis will reveal that this DRIDER X10 is the most affordable choice with the given price tag. It offers excellent range and speed.

Model DRIDER 10X
Motor 2 X 1000W
Battery 52V 18Ah
Range 35-40 Miles
Top Speed 40 MPH
Load Capacity 330lbs
Tire 10X 3-inch pneumatic tires Waterproof Rating IP54
Charger 1.7A charger Light Front white LED light / Rear red LED light
Vehicle weight 77lbs Frame MAterial 6061 aluminum alloy
Brake Dual hydraulic+ABS Climbing Angle 30+ degrees
Display QS-S4 LCD Charging Time 8-9h (single charger) / 4-5h (two chargers)


D 10X effortlessly qualifies as an all-rounder e-scooter. A few more reasons to finalize this purchase include

  • The Compact design and almost 10 lbs less weight than its peers.
  • The dual hydraulic suspension provides better steering.
  • Front and rear fenders keep your attire safe from mud splashes.
  • The expansive deck lets you stand comfortably, keeping both feet side by side.
  • Dual locking clamps make folding and unfolding quick and more manageable.


  • If you have a single charger, you can not ride this electric scooter for one-third of the day as this duration will be consumed for charging. Young people are typically impatient, and this charging span may frustrate them.


Price Tag

The product comes with a price tag of $599 only. Sounds interesting! Let’s see what features this product offers.

Excellent Performance

DRIDER 8 is a perfect blend of affordability and practicality. It is an ideal pick for eco-friendly individuals who wish to make this earth a sustainable place by mitigating carbon footprint. Despite being affordable, the product provides an outstanding range of 30 miles on a single charge. You can now travel more in one go as this e-scooter saves you from frequent charging hassle.

The top speed is 30 mph. This 30mph e-scooter serves the commutation purpose of daily travelers in all the best possible ways. For racing enthusiasts, this electronic scooter can fulfill their wishes too. The exhilarating ride is undoubtedly a thrilling experience, and your heart will feel the extra pump.


DRIDER 8 has a 48V 13Ah battery and a 500W motor to supply power.

Sleek Design

Today, aesthetics also play a deciding factor for any purchase besides functionality. DRIDER 8 qualifies for this requirement as well. The compact and elegant design makes this electric scooter 30 mph the trendiest vehicle.

Swift Charging

If you are that hyperactive soul that frequently craves road adventures, DRIDER 8 is the best choice. It requires only 6 hours to charge, and you can be back on the trip after that.

Built Quality

This unique scooter has an efficient design. The build quality is exceptional as it comprises durable materials. Riders can efficiently ride it outdoors on rough terrain or plain roads. The robust structure of the electric scooter 30 mph can support up to 220 lbs.


The product is a safe choice as it ensures all safety measures. The brakes and dual suspension system contribute to a tension-free ride. The shock absorbers are integrated with the steering column on the front side. The puncture-proof wheel further validates the reliability of this product. Rest assured that this electric scooter at 30 mph will not bore you to tears.

Adjustable Seat

The steering wheel and seat height are easily adjustable according to the rider's height. This feature provides added comfort each time you travel.

Model DRIDER 8
Top Speed 30mph
Power 500W
Battery 48V 10Ah, 48V 13Ah
Vehicle Weight 42lbs
Range 25 miles
Load capacity 265lbs
Tires 8" rear solid, 8.5" front air Charging Time 5-6h with incl. Charger
Drive Rear wheel drive Throttle Trigger throttle
Physical Brakes rear drum brake + regen Display QS-S4 (on throttle)
Electrical Brakes adjustable regen. Braking Lights Front and rear
Suspension Front spring, rear air Waterproof Rating IP66


A few more features that convince you to buy this scooter include

  • Convenience on the go. A padded seat gives you a cushion on long routes. A spacious basket is also available to hold your valuable belongings.
  • It is foldable and easily portable. It can easily fit in a car’s trunk.
  • The LED display constantly updates you regarding real-time data on speed, range, battery, etc.
  • High-performing compact electric scooter
  • There is less vibration in the ride because of the rear hydraulic suspension.


  • Solid tires may give less smoother
  • The product relies on a single-motor mechanism

Fluid Mosquito

Price Tag

This portable electric scooter comes with a price tag of $949.


The product Fluid Mosquito stands true to its name because of its exceptional portability feature. A lot of riders enjoy thrilling scooter experiences on the road. But only some individuals find it a tedious job to carry it along in case they have to climb stairs to their workspace. Fluid mosquito is compact and very lightweight. It saves you from parking hassles as you can carry it anywhere.

Convincing Power & Range

Although light, it delivers excellent performance in speed and range. This electric scooter is powered by a 500W(700W peak). Thus, you can navigate in hilly areas as well. Fluid mosquito primarily targets shorter distances, yet it can effortlessly achieve 25+mph.

The recharging time for this 500W e-scooter is around 5 hours.

Tripple Braking Mechanism

The electrical brakes involve technological progression. These brakes recharge are capable of recharging your battery during your ride. You can apply a step-on or drum brake to cease your electric scooter.

User-friendly controls:

The cockpit of Fluid Ride is equipped with a smooth, glossy thumb throttle. Also, a colour display constantly monitors and displays battery charge, range, and speed. You should know local laws regarding speed limits before drifting your scooter. LED displays are a great tool to keep you aware of your top speed.

Safety first

Fluid Mosquito comprises the headlight, bright tail light, and reflectors present on the lateral side of the vehicle. The rear light brightens twice on applying brakes to ensure on-street presence. Thus alerting traffic behind and saving you from crashes.

The dual-integrated suspension system alleviates the safety level. The shock absorbers soak bumps, providing a firm road grip. Hence improving the overall safety of the scooter and delivering a smooth riding experience.

Model Fluid Mosquito
Top Speed 25+mph
Range An average of 24 miles
Battery 48V 9.6Ah
Power 48V 500W motor (700W peak output)
Vehicle Weight 29lbs
Load Capacity 265lbs
Tires Solid tires Waterproof IP X 5
Drive Front wheel drive Display Colored centre
Brakes Regenerative electric braking (throttle) Throttle Thumb throttle
Suspension Dual spring based suspension Lights Bright front and rear LEDs
Charge time 5-6h with incl 2A charger Controller 18A Controller
Box size 44 x8.25x15inches Box Weight 35lbs
Folded 41
Unfolded 44.25 x15.75x45.5 inches


Some features worth noting include

  • The Presence of solid tires that are easier to maintain
  • The existence of harmony between mechanical and electrical components makes Fluid Mosquito an easy-to-handle ride
  • IP X5 waterproof rating, making it a viable option for riding in rain well
  • Five gears are present to choose from according to your desire
  • Compact and foldable enough that you can secure it under your desk without hassle

Comparison of Super Six 30mph electric Scooters

Price $1249. $1799 and $1399, respectively $899 Regular brakes $1699, hydraulic brakes $1799. $599 $949
Top Speed 30 mph 30mph 25mph 40 MPH 30mph 25+mph
Range 25 miles* 45 miles 25miles 35-40 Miles 25 miles An average of 24 miles
Battery 48V 18Ah Lithium-Ion 60v 23Ah, 60v 13Ah 48V 13Ah 52V 18Ah 48V 10Ah, 48V 13Ah 48V 9.6Ah
Power 1600W (800W X 2) 800W base 1300 peak 600 W base/800 W peak 2 X 1000W 500W 48V 500W motor (700W peak output)
Vehicle Weight 67lbs 62lbs 42 lbs 77lbs 42lbs 29lbs
Load Capacity 265lbs 265lbs 220 lbs 330lbs 265lbs 265lbs
Tires Front and Rear Solid Tire Wide Wheel 8 Inch 10" x 2.5" air tires 8" rear solid, 8.5" front air 10X 3-inch pneumatic tires 8" rear solid, 8.5" front air Solid tires
Drive Rear wheel drive Rear wheel drive rear wheel drive Front wheel drive
Brakes Front and Rear Disc Brakes front drum & rear disc brake adjustable regen. Braking Dual hydraulic+ABS rear drum brake + regen Regenerative
Suspension Front and Rear Spring Suspension Adjustable OSAP polymer front & rear Front spring & rear dual spring Front spring, rear air Dual spring based suspension
Charge time 11-13h with incl. charger, 4-5h with opt. Fast charger 5-6h with incl. charger 8-9h (single charger) / 4-5h (two chargers) 5-6h with incl. charger 5-6h with incl 2A charger
Lights Headlights, Front Beam Lights, LED Lights, Brake Lights, Turn Signal Front and rear LED front and rear LED Front white LED light / Rear red LED light Front and rear Bright front and rear LEDs
Throttle Thumb throttle + palm ring trigger throttle Trigger throttle Thumb throttle

The table above gives a comprehensive overview of the performance of 30mph electric scooters. Everyone has different sets of preferences. But on a general note, we find DRIDER 8 as a go-to option. The price tag remains the top reason. DRIDER 8 is $599, while DRIDER X10 and INOKIM Ox are double or triple-priced. It is a proven fact that the lifespan of an electric scooter is 3-5 years, depending on how well you maintain it. So, why not invest wisely? Pick DRIDER 8; you can update the electric scooter easily after a few years. The picture-free wheel is another add-on. It gives you peace of mind when you know that the tire of your electric scooter won't go flat. DRIDER X10 charges in 8-9 hours with a single charger. The charging time stretches to 11-12 hours for INOKIM Ox. This charging time is seriously very long. DRIDER 8, however, facilitates you by charging in 5-6 hours. So DRIDER has won our hearts as it is a cost-effective and user-friendly option.

Top 13 Practical Riding Tips for 30mph Electric Scooter

No matter what product you select. Fortunately, the same riding tips apply to every case. Buying your favorite 30mph electric scooter can be a crazy experience. But hold your horses! Bear in mind the following riding tips for a smoother experience. The newness of the 500W electric scooter may overwhelm you, so calm yourself down and follow all necessary measures for the ride.

No question on safety gear:

Wearing appropriate safety gear is a no-brainer. It comprises a helmet to prevent the head from injury and gloves for a firm grip on handlebars. Also, it saves hands from sunburn. Knee and elbow pads provide cushion to respective body parts. Last but not least, proper shoes for riding. Avoid wearing dark-colored clothes when riding at night, as it impairs visibility. Just imagine someone wearing a black dress and black safety gear. Will you be able to spot the rider? Of course, never. We suggest you wear reflective or fluorescent clothing to ensure maximum visibility to others.

2. Electric scooter inspection:

Every time you leave for a commute, constantly inspect your vehicle. Check tire pressure and loose or dangling wires. Pay attention to if any of the components do not fit in place. The better you maintain your 30 mph electric scooter, the better it will serve you in upcoming years.

3. Safe practice:

Getting immediately on the road after buying your favorite electric scooter is a silly idea. Knowing the controls better to practice them in a safe boundary would be best. Depending on your prior riding experience gives the electric scooter sufficient time to familiarize yourself with it. Remember to test brakes and acceleration.

4. Observance of Laws:

Keep yourself updated about native electric scooter laws before getting on the road. It includes certain age restrictions, wearing safety gear, and specifying no-go areas. But still, these laws can vary from place to place. Having a firm grip on road signs is also a good idea to avoid any hassle. Always follow traffic rules.

5. Even weight management:

Watch YouTube tutorials or product guide videos to know how to stand on the deck and grip handlebars so your electric scooter doesn't tip over. If you use a 30mph electric scooter to procure groceries, ensure the weight is within the prescribed load capacity. Heavier loads hinder scooter stability.

6. Ride with Open Eyes and Ears

Mindfulness is an essential prerequisite for riders and drivers on the road. Minor negligence can put many lives at a halt. Even if you are a music lover and carry headphones along, only play music at a moderately quiet level. Why? Because then you won't be able to hear what is happening in your surroundings. Many times heavy traffic is coming behind. Ignorance of surroundings may sometimes result in crashes.

Additionally, keep your eyes on road conditions. There could be pitfalls, debris, small children, or older adults crossing the road. So, mindfulness is of utter importance.

7. Speed according to your skill

Even if your electric scooter can hit a mark of 30mph, it is optional to reach that limit consistently. Always accelerate according to your riding experience. Takes turns carefully while reducing speed. Ride carefully in dense areas. Keep a safe distance from others.

8. Take care of your Lanes

Always ride in designated lanes

9. Brake gently

Applying sudden brakes can sway a 30mph electric scooter. If the suspension and brake system is efficient enough, even then, your body can swing, and you may fall. Apply brakes smoothly

10. Working LED Lights

Headlights, tail lights, and lateral lights should always be in working condition to boost visibility. At night and in low-light areas, it is a must. If the lights are not working, we recommend you not to ride as it can be hazardous for you.

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