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Finding The Right Scooters

Electric scooters are the modern way of a simple, effective, and effective commute. Use it once, and you will never regret investing in one. They are practice, portable, fun, and emission-free. Their advantages and pros made us buy one!

However, to ensure that we make the first investment the right one, we did thorough research. We checked different brands, models, and features. Finding the right electric scooter in the US was a daunting task.

All we could find was some basic models offering basic functionalities on a couple of websites. There were no reviews for these models, and some of them that seemed okay were out of stock. So, what to do? Who to trust? And where to go? After all, all scooters are complex and sellers exaggerate their features to increase sales!

The Journey of Drider

To make the right decision, we took some bold steps. Instead of relying on the models available to us in the US, we tried out a couple of models straight from manufacturers in China. We did try different models from different manufacturers to get a good idea s to what should a scooter feel, look and have.

After a lot of disappointment, we finally were able to get our hands on the finest scooters in town by Drider. Their models ZERO 9 E Scooter and DRIDER 9 E Scooter are the best that you can ever have.

This lead to the creation of Drider electric scooters, and since we have been successfully delivering scooters that would become your perfect travel partner.


Today we have become the leading electric scooter provider. We now offer a massive curated selection of electric scooters to meet everyone’s needs. Regardless of the type of scooter you want, may it be a lightweight scooter, or a full-performance off-road scooter, you will find everything with us!

From the beginning till today and even in the future, our objective would be to bring your only the BEST scooters. We always uphold our quality, and provide you with fast and reliable customer service.

Based in 3400 COTTAGE WAY, STE G2 #6009, SACRAMENTO California 95825, United States we have a wide range of networks to ensure that you can reach out to us easily!

Our Cause

We thrive to make things easier for you. With an electric scooter, you can now move around with ease and convenience. You can turn your small errands, make short-distance trips or even go to your nearby workplace in a more refined, and improved way.

Our electric scooters are would help you contribute towards a greener environment, as you would be using less of the gas-powered vehicle and more electric scooters!

A Green Future

More and more people have become inclined towards products and services that are environmentally friendly. Some are planting trees, others are using recycling things, and we are selling as many electric scooters as possible to cut down the consumption of gases, petrol, and emission. Thus, thriving to make a greener environment!

Faheem Daha Founder of Drider

To ensure the quality of each and every scooter, we personally make them go through rigorous testing. We guarantee performance, quality, and of course, a lot of fun! We have an open approach thus ensuring that you find the best scooter and you thoroughly enjoy it!

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