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DRIDER 9: The Best Folding Electric Scooter
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DRIDER 9: The Best Folding Electric Scooter

Price: $1099.00

When it comes to the best folding electric scooter, nothing can compete with DRIDER 9. This budget-friendly scooter comes with a powerful 600 watts motor and an impressive range of 34.9 miles. The 48V battery and the top speed of 45.7 km/h further add to its appeal. Although DRIDER 9 is a popular scooter, its predecessors—DRIDER 7X, DRIDER 8 Max—are also well-regarded.

Nonetheless, it is a scooter worth having, especially when you are on a budget. The scooter offers features of a high-end scooter without causing a dent in your pocket.


  • No handlebars that would loosen up
  • Newer models are present in the market
  • Dual suspension along with brakes
  • Excellent lights
  • Balanced commuter 
DRIDER 9 Folding Electric Scooter
Technical Specifications of the finest electric folding scooter
Tested Top Speed: 45.7 km/h Tested Range: 34.9 km Weight: 18 kg
Max Rider Weight: 100 kg Water Resistant: None
The Performance Summary of Lightweight folding scooter
0 to 24 km/h: 4.2 seconds 0 to 32 km/h: 7.1 seconds 0 to 40 km/h: 11.8 seconds
Additional Features
Top speed: 45.7 km/h Braking distance 24-0 km/h: 3.1 meters Range: 34.9 kilometers
Hill climb: 13.6 seconds
DRIDER 9 Acceleration


The amazing folding electric scooter is lightweight with a strong 600W rear motor, thus providing an impressive acceleration up to 18 MPH. The scooter is able to achieve its top speed of 15 MPH in just 4.2 seconds, 20 MPH in 7.1 seconds, and 25 MPH in 11.8 seconds.

This means that DRIDER 9 is faster than some of the old designs and models such as DRIDER 7 or DRIDER 7X. What's more, is that the scooter comes with a motor that is quiet at speed, however, it becomes noisier as you decrease the speed. Anything below 10 MPH, you would clearly hear the humming. Once you accelerate above 10 MPH, the motor does become quiet.

Hill Climb

Another great feature of DRIDER 9 is its ability to climb hills smoothly. The 10 percent grade is pretty impressive, it allows lightweight riders to climb less steep hills efficiently.

However, if the rider is heavy and the hill is steep, it would be challenging for this lightweight folding electric scooter to climb effortlessly. It takes around 13.6 seconds to climb a hill at an average speed of 10 MPH.

Top Speed

For a scooter that comes with a 48V battery, it really has an impressive top speed of 28.4 MPH Thus, making it if not the fastest electric scooter, but definitely a decently fast scooter. For most people cruising at 15 to 20 MPH would be enough.

However, if you are looking for something faster, check out the fastest electric scooters available.


The amazing folding electric scooter for adults comes packed with an LG-Branded lithium-ion cell for the battery. DRIDER 9 covers around 21.7 miles of the real world with a single charge. The route used for determining the range includes frequent stops, rough roads, and hills.


To ensure the safety of the users, DRIDER 9 comes with an outstanding braking system. The front disc and the rear drum brakes provide complete control to the rider. The strong combination of disc and drum brakes makes the scooter extremely reliable and safe.

The scooter lets you come down from 15 MPH to a complete halt in 10.2 feet because of the impressive brake system. Generally, a scooter's stopping distance ranges from 15 to 25. So, therefore DRIDER 9 has a good braking system.

Ride Quality of the Folding Electric Scooter

Unlike many other scooters in the same range, DRIDER comes with pneumatic tires that ensure a smooth ride even on extremely bumpy roads. This would not have been possible with smaller tires.

Moreover, the DRIDER 9 comes with a front and a rear spring suspension. Even though the suspension does not offer a lot of travel, yet it ensures a balance of spring/stiffness. Thanks to the suspension, the scooter is an excellent choice for paved roads. At the same time, it performs decently on light uneven surfaces.

DRIDER 9 Folding Electric Scooter: Features


Portability is the key feature of DRIDER 9. It has an amazing three features that help in reducing the scooter size and improving its portability along with compactness for storage.

DRIDER 9 comes with solid folding type handlebars. This allows the users to fold the handlebars, however, they can easily unfold them as required. To avoid scooter collapses, you should avoid metallic tab and hinges mounted on the scooter.

The hinges mounted onto the scooter deck and the anodized metallic results in collapses of the entire scooter. In addition, the adjustable stem collapses as well. This allows all riders of different heights to enjoy good ergonomics without sacrificing compactness.

A 48v electric scooter battery may add to its weight, however, the DRIDER 9 is extremely lightweight despite an outstanding battery and sturdy built. Coming in at just 40lbs, the scooter is perhaps the lightest scooter for commuting.

Therefore, it would not be a problem for an average adult to occasionally carry DRIDER 9 around. To add a cherry on top, the folding electric scooter for adults becomes extremely compact once you fold it. The folding dimensions are 43 inches x 7 inches x 14 inches.


The cockpit display of DRIDER is simple and elegant. It provides gear, speed, and odometer, and battery information. For brake operation, you have the hand levers. There is a power and mode button present on the LCD speed display.

In addition, the cockpit incorporates an index finger throttle trigger. The rider has complete control over the “P-settings” of the scooter including the acceleration settings and the regenerative braking strength via the LCD display.

To ensure maximum balance there is ample space for positioning your hand. Moreover, the folding handlebars help keep this design compact for portability and storing purpose.

DRIDER 9 P-settings

There are different P-settings of DRIDER 9. The scooter uses the QS-S4 style throttle in order to customize the P-settings.

Enter the P-Setting

Step-1: Turn your Scooter on.

Step-2: Hold the Power buttons along with the Mode Button

Step-3: To navigate through P-settings, you need to use the Power button.

Step-4: To make changes to the values, use the Mode button.

P-Setting Function Settings Default
P1 LCD Brightness 1:Low 2: Mid 3:High 3
P2 Speedo-Meter Units 1:mph 2:kph
P3 Battery Voltage 48
P6 Wheel Diameter 8
P7 Motor Magnets 28
P8 Power Level 1:Slowest 100:Fastest 100
P9 Start Mode 0:Zero-start 1:Kick to start 0
P15 Automatic Scooter Voltage Shut-down
P17 Cruise Control 0: off 1:On 0

The Folding Scooter Electric Lighting System

An amazing thing about DRIDER 9 is that the portable and budget-friendly scooter comes with both rear and front lighting.

What more is that amazing swag lighting that the scooter offers? On both sides of the scooter, you would see LED strips that light up the road as your rider around. This ground effect further adds to scooters' elegance and design aesthetics.

The lighting is bright enough to offer visibility in the dark hours of the night. Also, the ground effects ensure that people on the road are able to detect you at a good distance, thus increasing the overall safety of the rider.


The DRIDER 9 has 8.5 inches of pneumatic inner-tube air-filled tires. These huge tires allow the rider to enjoy a smooth and sturdy ride even on bumpy roads. Once on the go, you are not likely to encounter a problem with these tires.


The DRIDER 9 comes with a wide 20.5-inch x 7.7-inch deck. The generous deck space offers comfortability and stability to riders of different shapes and sizes. So, even if you are among the few who have extra-large feet, you would not have a problem standing and riding DRIDER 9.

Since there is nothing attached to the rear of the deck and it has four inches of ground clearance, thus your feet get additional space to hang over the edge.

Build Quality

If you are looking for a folding electric scooter that has a clean design and a solid build, you will not find it better than DRIDER 9. Since this affordable scooter has been around for a long time, thus it has gone through many iterations to meet the newer demands of the customer.

With every upgrade, the scooter becomes smarter, better, and reliable. Among the numerous different up-gradation, the most prominent one is using the LG batteries instead of the old ones.

The scooter offers durability due to abundant stamped metal parts and heavy bolts. To further add to its appeal, the scooter does not have ultra-loud motor, annoying rattling sounds or loosely coupled components. All, and all, the excellent build of the scooters make it an excellent choice especially when you want a scooter within budget. Learn more about our policy

Our Take on Best Folding Electric Scooter

The DRIDER 9 is an excellent premium quality electric scooter that you should invest in. Its balanced nature makes it the perfect choice for your daily commutes. The scooter is unique and one of a kind.

So, if you are searching for a scooter that offers the best but is under $1200, DRIDER 9 is your best shot.  So, if you are looking for reliable, great speed, excellent range, and sleek design DRIDER 9 would be your best friend.

DRIDER 9 Specifications

DRIDER 9 Specifications
Motor: 600 W Range : 40  KM Battery: 48V 13Ah LG
Battery position: Under the board. Top Speed: 39 km/h Weight Limit: 100 kg
Tires: 21.6 cm Pneumatic (Inner Tube) x 2 Suspension: Front and rear spring suspension Brakes: Front Disk Brakes, Rear Drum Brakes
Lights: Front headlights, rear brake lights, blue atmospheric lights under deck Display: LED display dashboard Dimensions: 39” by 40.2” by 42”
Folded dimension: 109 x 18 x 36 cm Weight: 18 kg Drive: Front & rear wheel drive
Adjustable handlebars: Foldable handlebars. Climbing angle: 10-12 degrees Frame: Steel frame.
Wheel Material: Solid rubber Wheel Size: 8.5 inches
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