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How Much Are Electric Scooters Cost – A Buyer’s Guide

Electronic scooters are the talk of the town these days. Modern-day electric scooters are very convenient to ride, lightweight, and practical. They are becoming a very cost-efficient method of traveling these days. As a kid or an adult, you can now buy from a range of electric scooters based on your preferences. To decide how much are electric scooters depends on various factors.

In this guide, we are going to provide you with a clear cost breakdown of the scooter. Thus, ensuring that you make the right decision.

How Much Are Electric Scooters – From Adults to Kids

Below is everything that you need to know.

Average Cost of an Electric Scooter

There are several factors that have an impact on the price of an electric scooter. Some of these factors include rider-specific builds, software, and electronics, battery range, motor type or build quality.  The table below shows the price range for entry-level, mid-range, or high-end electric scooters.

Entry-Level Mid-Range High-End
Kid’s Electric Scooters $60-$150 $150-$300 $300 or above
City Commuter Electric Scooters $250-$500 $500-$1,200 $1,200 or above
Off-Road E-Scooter $1,000-$1,500 $1,500-$2,500 $2,500 or above

Now that you have become familiar with the basic types and their respective price range of the electric scooters. Let’s have a look at a more detailed price breakdown of these scooters. The table below shows the type, the purpose of the scooter along the basic features that they will offer along with their respective cost range.

Type Purpose Cost Reason
Budget Entertainment <$300 Kid scooters, Underpowered, sub-par braking, underpowered motors, low capacity batteries.
Budget General Commuting $300-$600 Excellent for short commutes, Average quality, , Balanced price, and features.
Mid-Range Hilly Commutes $600-$900 Offers great range, great battery power, high motor power, great suspension system.
Premium Hilly/Bumpy Commutes $600-$1300 or above Big motors, , heavy, good braking system, suspension system, powerful batteries.
Performance Hilly/Long Commutes $1200-$1600 Excellent features, turn signals, fast at 40 MPH or above, tubeless tires, hydraulic brakes, Heavy
Improved Performance Super-Long, Off-Roading Commutes $2000+ Premium features, long range ( 50 MPH to 80 MPH), hydraulically activated disc brakes, great speed, dual motors, powerful batteries, excellent tires, smart styles, comfort and robust

Electric Scooter Categories

Electric scooters are a powerful way to commute effectively and efficiently. They are legal in most countries and you do not need a license for them. Nonetheless, you should check with your state laws before making a purchase of the electric scooter.

Budget Electric Scooters <$300

You can easily find different budget scooters. These scooters are usually under $300. Most of the kid’s scooters would not cost you more than $100. Whereas, a budget electric scooter for an adult would cost you roughly $200.

At this price, you should not expect features out of the world. You would get low-capacity batteries, sub-par braking, and underpowered motors. If you have a small budget and this is your first time buying a scooter, we recommend that you invest in a budget scooter. You will find several companies and models that fall under this particular category.

Budget Commuter ($300 – $600)

If you have more money and you are looking for something better than a low-priced, low-featured scooter, then choose a scooter that falls in this category. Commuters are the most popular class of electric scooters. They are majorly used for short commutes including your office, school, or college.

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Commuter’s scooters are balanced in terms of price, features, performance, and quality. Commuter scooters are not meant for steep hills. Therefore, to ensure the robustness of the scooter, it is better to stick to your daily straight-road commutes.

Mid-Range Commuter ($600 – $900)

Adding more honey to your tea would lead to a sweeter tea. The same is the case here, adding a few more dollars in your budget would let you buy a mid-range commuter. It is a better option for people who are looking for something more than a budget commuter.

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A mid-range commuter would offer you more motor power, range, and definitely a larger battery. However, you will not be able to enjoy a dual-motor electric scooter at this price range. You might enjoy the suspension systems in some of these scooters. Overall, these commuters would offer stability and comfort.

Premium Commuter ($600 – $1300+)

If you have a $1000 bracket, you would be able to find a premium quality scooter. This scooter would incorporate some of the finest features. You will be able to enjoy a great suspension system, big batteries, large motors, and excellent brakes.

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Although, these scooters are safe, however, do bear in mind that they would be heavy. Most of these scooters would weigh more than 40 LBS or so. So, carrying it around would be a little bit of a hassle.

Performance E-Scooters ($1200 – $1600)

If you want a scooter that is perfect for short commuting, you need to buy a performance electric scooter. These scooters offer impressive speed and long ranges. Any scooter that falls under this particular category usually offers a minimum speed of 40 miles per hour on a single charge. Visit Here for more info

They also come with tubeless tires, great suspension systems, hydraulic brakes, and LEDs. Some of them even have turn signals and broader decks for you to comfortably put both your feet on the deck.

Improved Performance E-Scooters ($2000+)

When it comes to performance scooters, only the best of the best can be part of this category. We agree that performance scooters weigh more than any other scooter. However, the features that they offer are way more advanced and sophisticated.

An improved performance electric scooter generally comes with long-range, they offer about 50 or above miles per single charge. They have an excellent suspension system and dual motors. The top speeds vary for every scooter, but mostly, the minimum speed that they offer is 35 MPH. Also, you will be able to enjoy the hydraulically-activated disc brakes.

Key Factors that Would Have an Effect on the Price of the Scooter

When buying an electric scooter, there are certain factors that every buyer must not neglect. These factors have a direct impact on the price of the scooter. Also, they play a huge role in identifying the right model. Here are some essential features that you must pay attention to.

1. Battery

The battery of an e-scooter is like its powerhouse. It may be surprising for you to know that the electric scooter’s speed also depends on the battery wattage. Apart from that, the battery also triggers navigation in a rough ride. However, the main role of the electric scooter’s battery is to provide enough running hours. Therefore, the battery of electric scooters is a key factor behind how much electric scooter cost. It is also an important factor in terms of deciding which electric scooter you should buy.

It is essential to make sure that you can easily carry the battery of the electric scooter. Also, make sure that the battery comes under warranty. Electric scooter batteries can be shockproof and waterproof. Depending on your use, you need to decide which type of battery should be perfect for your use case. Such factors are important because they prevent possible damages under certain situations. To be precise, it will ensure good battery health.

Before you buy a new electric scooter, also take a look at its charging time. It is one of the key factors to answer the question of how much are electric scooters. Some electric scooters require longer than desired to charge their battery. Look for an electric scooter that’s battery requires less battery charging time. However, you must also ensure that it helps you with enough running hours according to your use.

2. Electric Motor

Answer to how much are electric scooters also depends greatly on the electric motor power. Adult e-scooters come with hub motors. These motors are BLDC (brushless direct current) electric motors fixed into the wheels’ hub.  Electric scooters come with one or dual motors, depending on different power requirements. Power consumption, measured in watts units, is taken into consideration for rating electric motors. Powerful motors require greater wattage (for instance 600 watts or more). Generally, motor power begins from 200 watts that go as up as 6270.

If your budget is average, you should look for electric scooters with motors with 250 watts or similar. A mid-range electric scooter will have a 500 watts motor. If you can afford more, a 500 watts motor electronic scooter is another great option. Therefore, how much are electric scooters also depends on your budget and requirements.


If you are an adult, you must look for at least 250 watts motor electric scooter for daily traveling. If you live in a steeper hills area, you should consider more powerful motors, such as 500 watts. Remember that more motor power means you can commute faster without any hurdles.

3. Range

The range an electric scooter can cover with one charge also decides how much electric scooter cost. It is also the average time that the electric scooter requires to cover a specific distance. We can predict the range of an e-scooter through the measurement of traveled distance after a complete charge. Therefore, you must know how much distance the electric scooter will cover after a full charge.

Remember that manufacturers always talk big about their electric scooters or products. It is always the right approach to consider less than what the manufacturer claims about their product. For instance, if they say their battery offers 18 miles range, you should consider it like 12 or 12 miles.

The range of a vehicle depends on the travel requirement of commuters. Therefore, it should help you decide what range of electric scooters you need. Remember that it is one of the most crucial factors you need to consider before buying your new e-scooter. Moreover, it is also a critical factor in knowing ‘how much are electric scooters.

4. Weight

Weight limit is the max weight a commuter scooter can bear. It is another big factor in how much is a electric scooter cost. Weight limit also helps in determining how stable the right would be on the electric scooter. Usually, e-scooters come with an approximately 220 lbs. (100kgs) weight limit. Therefore, it is essential that you choose an electric scooter according to your weight limit requirements.

It is also critical to know that more weight limit results in slower commuting. If the weight is higher, the ride will be slower, offering less range than lighter rides. For safety concerns, it is essential to follow the guidelines of the weight limit given by manufacturers.

5. Top Speed

Speed is another crucial factor for many commuters. How much does a electric scooter cost depend heavily on the top speed it offers. However, it is also important to notice that municipalities have certain restrictions and guidelines about driving on sidewalks and pedestrians. Therefore, you must take this factor into account while looking for a commuter scooter.

Remember that riding a commuter scooter is a different thing than riding on your bicycle or a car at the same speed. They will provide different feelings because of acceleration and tires. Traveling through urban traffic is different than traveling on a bike lane. When looking for a new electric scooter, you must pay attention to the maximum speed it provides.

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Different manufacturers offer different electric scooter models with different top speeds. If you want more speed, you need to invest more. If your budget is limited, you can prefer a commuter scooter with average speed. However, it all depends on your speed requirements.

6. Brakes

The answer to how much do the electric scooters cost also depends greatly on the type and quality of the braking system. Often people neglect this factor, but it is critical in ensuring the safety of the commuter. Therefore, it is essential to pay special attention to this factor. You must ensure that you get exceptional control over the commuter scooter while riding it. Remember that brakes are just as important as they are when it comes to bicycles or cars. There are two categories of e-scooter brakes that are as below:

Mechanical Brakes

Mechanical brakes depend on the physical mechanism for slowing down the electric scooter. This mechanism includes foot, disc, and drum brakes. You need to push down your feet on the rear fender to activate foot brakes.

Front brakes are not as active as disc or drum brakes. Drum brakes are present in the hub of wheels. They require less maintenance than other types of braking systems. Moreover, they can also perform well in a wet environment.

Disc brakes come with the best stopping power. They are lighter and available in high-performance and higher-end commuter scooters. These brakes are the most effective types of brakes and hence require you to spend more money.

Electronica Brakes

Electronic brakes use motors to activate braking and they include strictly regenerative and electric braking systems. Regenerative and electric brakes are extremely weak. These brakes will not respond well if you are moving at a 15 MPH or more speed. Therefore, mechanical brakes are the best braking systems if you are looking for a safe braking mechanism.

7. Lighting

Lighting is another key factor behind how much does the electric scooter cost. An electric scooter usually comes with a rear red light and a white front light. When riding in the dark, it is essential to turn on both rear and front lights. Unfortunately, electric scooters are not very visible at night because of their design. Therefore, you can also add some rear flashing red lighting to your backpack or helmet. Some latest models of electric scooters are also coming with additional lighting in an attempt to make them more visible in the dark.

8. Suspension

Choose a specific model and ask the seller how much is the electric scooter? After telling you the cost, they will justify the price by sharing the technical specifications, including suspension.  Just assume that you are commuting on an uneven, bumpy road and there are many scoops and terrains. The electric scooter will only be able to offer a comfortable and smooth ride if the commuter scooter has suspension.

Reliable suspension is a must for commuters who want to travel long distances regularly. Therefore, you need to make sure that the both, front, and rear wheels of the electric scooter have the suspension. If you are buying airless tires electric scooter, the need for suspension becomes so crucial. It will ensure you a smooth and safer drive.

Apart from the above-discussed factors, there can also be a few more important considerations. Wheel size, for instance, is another important factor to keep in mind. Maintenance is another essential factor to consider before buying a new e-scooter. Make sure that the e-scooter you buy needs minimal maintenance to avoid future pain.

Now, you know all deciding factors behind how much are the electric scooters. Therefore, you must consider all these factors before investing in a new electronic scooter for yourself or your kid. Otherwise, you may end up buying an electric scooter that is not worth it according to your requirements.

Additional Cost After the Purchase

Now that you have finally bought your dream electric scooter, it is time to focus on some of the additional costs that you would have to pay after the purchase. Below, we have listed these additional costs


Like any other transportation vehicle, you would love to add your personal touch to your electric scooter. For that purpose, you would invest in multiple accessories. Of course, some of these accessories would to add color and cool factor to the scooter, whereas, others would to be for safety purpose.


If you scooter offers a seed more than 28 MPH, we recommend you invest in a good helmet. Of course, you can hurt your head on a lower speed scooter, however, there you have a chance of to step off the electric scooter in time especially when the scooter is moving at 20 or 28 MPH.  


You might have to invest in storage for you scooter, especially when you have to transport it. You would either need a premium quality bag or backpack. In cold months, you have the option of storing your scooter in your garage or you house, provided the temperature does not dip below freezing.

NOTE: Anything below 32F might cause irreversible damage to the battery or the motor.

Repair Kit

Another great investment is a repair kit for your electric scooter. This is an important thing for the month maintenance of the electric scooter. You have the option of keeping a small repair kit on your person, while you are driving the scooter around.

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Water Bottle Holder

Adding a water bottle holder not only adds a personal touch, but it also offers convince.  This inexpensive accessory offers a hands-free, comfortable and better riding experience.

Repairs and Maintenance

Although, electric scooters do not require a lot of maintenance, however, finding the right parts can be challenging. It is always a good idea to order a few spare parts such as brake pads, tires, screws, bolts, and nuts. This might add a bit to the initial cost, but it would save you from the later headache of tracking the required parts.

Final Thoughts

Prices of electric scooters vary from one brand to another and one model to another. It is essential to know how much for a electric scooter you will be paying. Electric scooter specifications, such as top speed, motor type, weight limit, range, braking system, and battery are the most important ones. Remember that you will have to invest more money if you want to buy a top-notch model of an electric scooter. These commuter scooters are available for different age groups. So, you must make sure that you are buying the right model according to the commuter’s age.

We hope you have now got the answer to your questions, how much money is a electric scooter. If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

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