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How Much Are Electric Scooters? – A Buyer’s Guide

How Much Are Electric Scooters? – A Buyer’s Guide

Electric scooters are the talk of the town these days. Modern-day electric scooters are convenient, lightweight, and practical. They are becoming a cost-efficient method of travel. As a kid or an adult, you can now buy from a range of electric scooters based on your preferences. Deciding how much electric scooters cost depends on various factors.

In this guide, we provide a clear cost breakdown of the scooter, ensuring you make the right decision.

Electric Scooter Costs: From Adults to Kids

Here’s everything you need to know.

Average Cost of an Electric Scooter

Several factors impact the price of an electric scooter, including rider-specific builds, software, electronics, battery range, motor type, and build quality. The table below shows the price range for entry-level, mid-range, and high-end electric scooters.

Entry-Level Mid-Range High-End
Kid’s Electric Scooters $60-$150 $150-$300 $300 or above
City Commuter Electric Scooters $250-$500 $500-$1,200 $1,200 or above
Off-Road E-Scooter $1,000-$1,500 $1,500-$2,500 $2,500 or above

Now that you're familiar with the basic types and their respective price ranges, let's have a more detailed price breakdown of these scooters. The table below shows the type, purpose, and basic features along with their respective cost range.

Type Purpose Cost Reason
Budget Entertainment <$300 Kid scooters, underpowered motors, sub-par braking, low-capacity batteries.
Budget General Commuting $300-$600 Excellent for short commutes, average quality, balanced price and features.
Mid-Range Hilly Commutes $600-$900 Great range, powerful battery, high motor power, excellent suspension system.
Premium Hilly/Bumpy Commutes $600-$1300 or above Big motors, good braking system, suspension system, powerful batteries.
Performance Hilly/Long Commutes $1200-$1600 Top features, turn signals, fast speeds, tubeless tires, hydraulic brakes, heavy.
Improved Performance Super-Long, Off-Roading Commutes $2000+ Premium features, long range, high speeds, dual motors, powerful batteries, excellent tires, smart styles, robust build.

Electric Scooter Categories

Electric scooters are an effective and efficient way to commute. They are legal in most countries and you do not need a license for them. Nonetheless, you should check with your state laws before purchasing an electric scooter.

Budget Electric Scooters <$300

You can easily find budget scooters for under $300. Most kid’s scooters cost less than $100, while a budget electric scooter for adults costs around $200. At this price, you should not expect high-end features. You will get low-capacity batteries, sub-par braking, and underpowered motors. If this is your first time buying a scooter, a budget scooter is a good start.

Budget Commuter ($300 – $600)

If you have more money and want something better than a low-featured scooter, choose a scooter in this category. Commuters are the most popular class of electric scooters, used for short commutes like going to the office, school, or college.

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Commuter scooters are balanced in terms of price, features, performance, and quality. They are not meant for steep hills, so it's better to stick to daily straight-road commutes.

Mid-Range Commuter ($600 – $900)

Adding more to your budget would let you buy a mid-range commuter. These scooters offer more motor power, range, and a larger battery. However, dual-motor electric scooters are not available in this price range.

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Mid-range commuters offer stability and comfort with some suspension systems.

Premium Commuter ($600 – $1300+)

With a $1000 budget, you can find premium quality scooters with great features such as excellent suspension, big batteries, large motors, and reliable brakes. However, they tend to be heavy, making them a bit cumbersome to carry around.

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Performance E-Scooters ($1200 – $1600)

Performance electric scooters are perfect for short commutes, offering impressive speed and long ranges. They usually have a minimum speed of 40 miles per hour on a single charge. These scooters come with tubeless tires, great suspension systems, hydraulic brakes, and LEDs. Some even have turn signals and broader decks for comfortable standing.

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Improved Performance E-Scooters ($2000+)

Improved performance electric scooters weigh more but offer advanced and sophisticated features. They generally have a long range, offering about 50 or more miles per charge. They also have an excellent suspension system and dual motors. The minimum speed they offer is usually 35 MPH. Additionally, you can enjoy hydraulically-activated disc brakes.

Key Factors Influencing the Price of Electric Scooters

When buying an electric scooter, several factors impact the price. These factors also help identify the right model. Here are some essential features to consider:

1. Battery

The battery is the powerhouse of an electric scooter, influencing its speed, range, and overall performance. Ensure the battery is easily portable and comes with a warranty. Look for batteries that are shockproof and waterproof. Also, consider the charging time, as some scooters require longer to charge.

2. Electric Motor

The motor power significantly affects the scooter's price. Adult scooters usually have hub motors, with power ratings starting from 200 watts to over 6000 watts. A 250-watt motor is suitable for average budgets, while mid-range scooters have 500-watt motors. If you need more power, look for 500-watt motors or higher.


3. Range

The range indicates how far the scooter can travel on a single charge. Manufacturers often overestimate the range, so consider a lower range than advertised. Choose a scooter that meets your travel needs.

4. Weight

The weight limit of a scooter affects its stability and speed. Most scooters have a weight limit of around 220 lbs. Higher weight limits may result in slower speeds and shorter ranges. Follow the manufacturer's weight limit guidelines for safety.

5. Top Speed

Speed is crucial for many commuters, but municipalities may have restrictions on scooter speeds. Consider the maximum speed offered by different models and choose one that meets your needs and complies with local regulations.

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6. Brakes

The braking system is critical for safety. Mechanical brakes, such as foot, disc, and drum brakes, are more effective than electronic brakes. Ensure the scooter has a reliable braking system for safe commuting.

Mechanical Brakes

Mechanical brakes include foot, disc, and drum brakes. Foot brakes require pushing down on the rear fender, while drum brakes are in the wheel hub and need less maintenance. Disc brakes offer the best stopping power and are found in high-performance scooters.

Electronic Brakes

Electronic brakes use motors to activate braking. They include regenerative and electric braking systems but are weaker and less responsive at higher speeds.

7. Lighting

Lighting is essential for visibility and safety. Most scooters have rear red and front white lights. Consider adding rear flashing red lights to your backpack or helmet for better visibility at night. Some scooters come with additional lighting for enhanced visibility.

8. Suspension

Suspension is crucial for a smooth ride, especially on uneven or bumpy roads. Ensure the scooter has suspension on both front and rear wheels, especially if it has airless tires.

Other factors to consider include wheel size and maintenance requirements. Choose a scooter that needs minimal maintenance to avoid future headaches.

Additional Costs After Purchase

After buying your dream electric scooter, consider the following additional costs:


Add personal touches to your scooter with accessories. Some accessories enhance the scooter's appearance, while others improve safety.


If your scooter exceeds 28 MPH, invest in a good helmet for safety.


Invest in a premium quality bag or backpack for transporting your scooter. During cold months, store your scooter in a garage or house where the temperature does not drop below freezing.

Note: Temperatures below 32°F can cause irreversible damage to the battery or motor.

Repair Kit

A repair kit is essential for regular maintenance. Keep a small repair kit with you while riding your scooter.

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Water Bottle Holder

A water bottle holder adds convenience and a personal touch to your scooter. It's an inexpensive accessory that enhances your riding experience.

Repairs and Maintenance

Electric scooters require minimal maintenance, but finding the right parts can be challenging. It's a good idea to order spare parts such as brake pads, tires, screws, bolts, and nuts. This may add to the initial cost, but it will save you from future headaches.

Final Thoughts

The prices of electric scooters vary by brand and model. It's essential to know how much you will be paying for an electric scooter. Consider the specifications such as top speed, motor type, weight limit, range, braking system, and battery. You will need to invest more for a top-notch model. Electric scooters are available for different age groups, so ensure you buy the right model for the commuter's age.

We hope this guide has answered your questions about electric scooter costs. If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the average cost of an electric scooter?

The average cost of an electric scooter varies depending on the type and features. Entry-level scooters for kids cost around $60-$300, city commuter scooters range from $250-$1,200, and high-end off-road scooters can cost $1,000 or more.

2. How far can an electric scooter travel on a single charge?

The range of an electric scooter depends on the battery capacity and the motor. On average, electric scooters can travel between 10 to 30 miles on a single charge. High-end models can offer a range of up to 50 miles or more.

3. Do I need a license to ride an electric scooter?

Most states in the USA do not require a license to ride an electric scooter. However, it's essential to check with your local laws and regulations as they can vary by state and city.

4. Are electric scooters safe for kids?

Electric scooters designed for kids are generally safe when used properly and under adult supervision. Always ensure your child wears appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.

5. What maintenance does an electric scooter require?

Electric scooters require minimal maintenance, but regular checks on the battery, brakes, tires, and overall condition are necessary. Keeping a repair kit and some spare parts handy can help with minor repairs.

6. Can I ride an electric scooter in the rain?

While some electric scooters are water-resistant, it's generally not recommended to ride them in heavy rain or through puddles as water can damage the electrical components. Always check the manufacturer's guidelines regarding water resistance.

7. How fast can an electric scooter go?

The top speed of an electric scooter varies by model. Entry-level scooters typically reach speeds of 10-15 MPH, while high-end models can go up to 40 MPH or more. Always ride at a safe speed and follow local speed limits.

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