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Top tips and Tricks to get the best of DRIDER 8 MAX

Sudden stutters of an electric scooter are good enough to spoil your mood or perhaps the entire day. Imagine you have lined up commitments for the day ahead and suddenly your DRIDER 8 MAX chokes in middleway. Although in this world nothing is immortal we can do what is possible at our end for a better life experience. Keeping glued to this article will  provide you with effective tips and tricks, from maintenance to riding an electric scooter that goes 20mph

Maximize Your DRIDER 8 MAX: Essential Tips for Optimal Performance

We have got you covered

Electric scooters are simpler vehicles as compared to scooters powered by internal combustion engines. But still, it has multiple parts like the braking system, tyres, battery, display panel and the aluminium assembly to be taken care of. Just like our own health regular maintenance checks can add safety and reliability to your ride. So what are you waiting for let's discuss  effective tips for this electric scooter with 20mph

Battery cleanliness has significance

Use a damp microfibre or cloth to avoid buildups of grim and solid particles. Doing so will enable DRIDER 8 MAx’s battery to dissipate heat efficiently thus preventing the piling up of corrosive particles

Tight connections are always the best

Dangling cords or loose wires besides a safety hazard also contribute to power losses. Thus, deteriorating the overall efficiency of the battery. Secure connections and see the difference in the operational efficiency of scooters that go 20mph

Be aware of the weight-bearing capacity

Different 20 mph e-scooters give you different load-bearing capacities. You can try adding a preload to adjust the suspension according to the rider’s BMI. Avoid testing the load limit of DRIDER 8MAX by taking along unnecessary items on your journey.

Scheduling your charging routine

To achieve a financial economy on electricity bills, set alarms for charging during off-peak hours. It's better if you can suspend activities related to 20 mph electric scooter in the meantime. A common mistake people make is they put their electric scooters on charge and keep plugging and unplugging frequently. As soon as they see the battery is some percentage up suddenly they realise the urge to use an electric scooter. This charging practice is acceptable for once in a blue moon. However, charging your electric scooter technically the correct way holds immense importance. Once the device is plugged in let it charge for a given amount of time. As the indicating light signals about full battery bars disconnect your device, DRIDER 8 MAX does not like overcharging. Scheduling charging at night is a good idea as charging operations remain uninterrupted.

Try a few more tips on maintaining battery life

  • Counterfeit charrgers are a big no.To get the best out of your 20 mph electric scooter only use OEM, original equipment charger
  • Never think of charging your DRIDER 8MAX at places that might get a hint of moisture
  • Charging at spots exposed to sunlight can call for battery explosion. Better avoid it
  • A dry place with room temperature is a perfect charging spot.
  • Always insert the charger in the wall socket first. In case of unexpected voltage, only your charger will rip off and not the entire vehicle
  • Giving a rest time of a minimum of 5 minutes is mandatory before turning on your 20 mph electric scooter.

Now that you have a lot of knowledge on taking care of your scooter’s battery you might need to know some unique ways to spice up the look and feel of your Max scooter

Customisation can add a kick to your riding experience

Customization can grant your electric scooter a style statement peculiar to your personality. You can try any of the following options

A phone mount is a game-changer

You can simply scale up your riding experience with DRIDER 8 MAX by installing a phone mount. Sounds pretty simple yet many riders overlook it. Focus is the key to safe riding. A phone mount lets you to listen calls, and music or use other navigation apps while keeping your hand free

Style with light

Undoubtedly front and rear lights are a necessity for riding in low light or night conditions. What you can do is, add flashing steady or strip lights to stand your electric scooter

Upgrading tyres and battery is a plus

Remember DRIDER 8 MAX stretches to 19-20 miles on a single charge. This range is dependent on battery specs. You may choose to upgrade the range and performance of your electric scooter with an improved battery. But better batteries are heavier. So you need to strike a fine balance between battery weight and rider’s weight to avoid burnout of DRIDER8 MAX health.

Similarly, you can upgrade your electric scooter with better tyres. Although the current tyres of DRIDER 8 MAX are 10-inch pneumatic, there is always room for improvement. You can pick a tyre with even better traction and puncture resistance ability

Shop for handlebar grips

To add a personalized touch try putting handlebar grips. As per your discretion you can pick among rubber, silicone or foam. Besides customization putting handlebar grips is a safe move.

To ride safely you need to know local laws first

In the USA there is no rule of thumb regarding riding practices as every State has its particular legislation. So it is important to contact your local DVM to know precisely your limitations. However, highlighting safety measures involve

  • Wearing protective gear
  • Observing traffic laws
  • Riding defensively
  • Respecting pedestrians, avoid riding on sidewalks even if laws allow
  • Intimating others about your intentions to turn or stop using verbal or hand gestures
  • Using mindfulness while riding on shared paths
  • Keeping ways of the elderly and disabled clear by not parking on their way
  • Maintaining a certain speed limit
  • Only take your vehicle on the road when the brakes are working fine
  • Using dedicated bike trails and paths

Abidance is free negligence is costly

Abiding by the law is free, it adds to overall road safety. However, drifting away from the law even for the slightest moment can pose fines and penalties. Additionally, you are putting your life and other’s life at risk which is absolutely a big NO! You can surely have a safe and enjoyable riding experience with DRIDER 8 MAX if you comply with the law and follow our tips and tricks.

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