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Safety Tips for Riding 30 MPH Electric Scooters

Now that you have made a convincing purchase of a 30mph electric scooter, your happy hormones are likely to boost. You should kick it on the road the very next moment you own it. All this is very natural, but before pressing the throttle, did you equip yourself with important safety education?

If not well, get off the 500W e-scooter immediately because safety comes first. Fractures and joint dislocation are the two primary electric scooter injuries. Slight negligence can turn disastrous. So, follow the rule of thumb: prevention is better than cure. We strongly advise our readers to procure all safety gear before beginning a ride. Helpful safety tips for 30mph electric scooter riders are

Courtesy is a big no when riding an electric scooter

30 mph electric scooters are designed for a single-person ride. Many top-quality 500W e-scooters can bear a load of up to 265lb but for a solo ride. If the weight of two persons falls below 265lb, it does not mean that two people can take a simultaneous ride on it. Why/Because the electric scooter can quickly lose its balance, resulting in injury to you both. No matter whether your peer is stuck somewhere in traffic or your sibling badly wants to enjoy a ride with you. Excuse me with a sweet smile.

Better safe than sorry

Your new purchase can equally excite your peers. They can hardly resist hopping on the deck to feel the ride. Never let anyone hop onto your vehicle when in motion. We repeat, never. Missing focus for a fraction of a second while riding can bump either of you or both on the gravel or pavement. Hopping on an electric scooter when in motion is a big no-no.

Every time you ride a 500W e-scooter, wear safety gear.

Riding legislation changes from time to time and state to state in the USA. Previously, you could not ride an e-scooter in California without a helmet. However, helmet-less riding is legal now. But still, every vehicle has a chance of collision due to its mobility. For us, a helmet is a no-brainer because we can never compromise the safety of our readers. Possible care should be taken to protect the head and neck area. Remember! Prevention is always better than cure.

Then comes knee and elbow pads. They have secondary importance. Your clothing will also identify the need for these add-ons. For instance, if in winter you have fleece pants on, it looks uneasy to put knee pads. Your pants will already be providing sufficient cushion. However, the case can vary in summer. The same rule applies to elbow pads. Gloves are recommended. Oh yes, shoes are next in the queue. Never attempt an electric scooter ride barefoot. We prefer closed shoes with no laces at all or tucked in tightly within the shoe. A shoelace entangling in the wheel is risky enough to make you fall off the deck.

Clear the path for better traction.

  • A 30mph electric scooter is basically designed for clean, bumpless roads. However, it offers shock absorption and sustainability on bumpy paths as well. Yet the ride experience of a smooth road is never equal to a rough road. So, here are a few tips you can practice
  • Check the smoothest route to your destination, as it is said the broadest way is the safest way.
  • When leaving your place, make sure to avoid any hurdles and obstructions.
  • When practicing for the first time, always choose an open space with minimal chances of loose debris, wet sand, sudden animal encounters, and the abrupt appearance of playing kids.
  • If you see any low-hanging branches on the road, clear them, too, for safe practice.
  • Always practice at a lower speed.

Remember 3 D rule

when on the road while drifting any vehicle, remember this golden 3D rule.

  • D for distraction
  • D for disaster
  • D for death

Every rider or driver holds an immense responsibility when on the road. A slight loss of focus can prove fatal for you or the other. It really costs nothing to be mindful when on the road. Unfortunately, today, we are so consumed by our handheld gadgets that we need help to get rid of them, even on the road. This point is undebatable. Give constant reminders to yourself that your phone will not sneak out of your pocket when on the road.

All brand in electric scooters sellers make sure to safe your data

Maintaining the upright positioning of the e-scooter is necessary

30mph electric scooter is a sleek vehicle. It usually comes in neutral colors. So, during traffic hours, it can easily blend with other on-road vehicles. It may become easier to spot it if it is upright in position. The need for correct positioning is even more during dark hours. Make sure you maintain correct positioning, followed by the use of tail lights and headlights. Extended lights at the handlebar can be a good add-on, too.

Know local riding laws and road signs.

Always keep yourself aware of prevailing legislation relevant to 500W electric scooters. Only knowing is not enough. Be responsible enough to follow these laws, too. Otherwise, be ready to face the music.

Interpretation of road signs is necessary, too, as it clearly tells areas allowed or prohibited for riding. Additionally, it also depicts road conditions ahead. So you can save yourself from probable mishap.

Everything requires maintenance

Nothing in this world is maintenance-free. Every 500W electric scooter comes with a shelf life of 3-5 years on average. However, you can add a few more years to this with regular maintenance. Follow an e-scooter maintenance routine to minimize repair and maintenance costs. Always park in a safe shade. The displays of DRIDER 8, although, give resistance to rainwater. Yet, it does not mean you will test the product by exposing it to harsh conditions. The top speed and range of the scooter also depend on how well you maintain the 30mph e-scooter. The better you maintain it, the longer it will serve, for information on the maintenance of electric scooters read here.

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