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Take the lead: Switch to electric scooters to mitigate Carbon footprint

The transportation industry has a significant impact on the global carbon footprint as it attributes a whopping 29% to the total greenhouse effect. With each passing day, tons of toxins and petrochemical residues are worsening the health of our environment. The sole category of cars produces around 4.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide. This is alarming as it is triggering a swift climate change. Today we can not negate the need for an efficient mode of transportation as it has become part and parcel of our lives. However, it is the need of the hour to take the initiative and switch to an eco-friendly alternative, a reliable electric scooter.

Buying an electric scooter is undoubtedly a convincing purchase as the carbon emission rate is merely 125 grams/Km. This vehicle has no stigma of polluting the environment as well. Cars on the contrary are adultering our planet daily. Though impossible, if all urban commuting switch to electric vehicles like electric scooters we can potentially achieve a sizeable reduction of 30% in carbon footprint from urban emissions. Additionally, we can see our roads more clearly as electric scooters are petite enough to cause any congestion. Switching to a smarter choice- an Electric scooter, traffic jam issues could be greatly resolved.

Switching to Electric scooters is not an easy walk

Adopting an aggressive strategy to adopt electric scooters for regular commutation is full of challenges. Meeting the rising demand is the foremost obstacle in switching to sustainable commutation mode. Development of infrastructure, production of batteries and other electrical components, assembly of electric scooters, and safe riding practices are a few highlighted challenges. There are many others on the list. It is worth pondering that establishing production units for electric scooters itself imparts greenhouse gas emissions. Let's discuss some facts below for a better understanding

Water requirement: Electric scooters typically feature Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium, the fundamental element of this battery requires an enormous amount of water for its extraction. Today when water reservoirs are depleting one kg of Lithium extraction needs 2400 litres of water.

Greenhouse Effect: Another important component of electric scooter batteries is cobalt. It is usually mined in regions where the Government has relaxed environmental policies. Though your region may remain carbon free it is still impacting another region of the world as cobalt mining produces substantial CO2.

Deforestation: The third important ore for electric scooter battery components is graphite. For mining purposes sometimes deforestation needs to be carried out. To procure 1kg of graphite for human needs our mother nature has to sacrifice 0.0014 square metres of forest.

Identifying and acknowledging the issue is the foremost step towards problem-solving. Figuring out innovative solutions and hunting eco-friendly collaborations can greatly aid in unleashing the absolute potential of electric scooters. For that matter finding the companies aiming for technological advancements coupled with sustainable practices should remain the top priority. A combined effort should be made to curb deforestation, minimizing water consumption and reducing carbon footprint during mining.

How you can take the lead in mitigating your carbon footprint?

Usually, we assume that it is solely the Government's responsibility to adopt all carbon-mitigating measures. We overlook our contribution thinking how one electric scooter or mindful practice can impact globally. The fact is we are responsible only for our actions. Mindful practices have a ripple effect. Once you start doing something positive for your environment you will see many people with similar mindsets joining the cause and bringing the change. Here is what you can do

Prefer Sustainable Providers

Always hunt for e-scooter companies that target carbon footprint mitigation by employing reusable components from used batteries. Thus stripping off the whole procedure of mining and procuring metals and conserving natural resources. Additionally, such companies are adopting modern waste management techniques to sort precious metals from e-waste.

Buying from electric scooter providers dealing with refurbished scooters could be another alternative. Such scooters are no burden on the environment as refurbished scooters have low to zero impact on the environment in comparison to scooters manufactured from scratch. Moreover, The rider can get personalized carbon-free rides at a lower price.

Sustainable providers are working on battery manufacturing techniques and processes to mitigate the greenhouse effect. Employing green energy at manufacturing hubs is a good contribution to the environment.

An electric scooter is your travel buddy

Partnering with electric scooters for short trips can benefit you and the environment. For longer trips using public transport can expedite your greener earth movement. Planning short and long trips this way can save Earth from multiple individual carbon footprints which would occur otherwise if single-occupancy vehicles were used. Additionally, you can save a lot of bucks that can assist you in days of recession.

Be a responsible rider

It is always a good idea to grasp safe riding and parking practices. This is for the safety of both riders and pedestrians. Besides riding in designated lines, following traffic rules and taking care of passers, it is essential to be watchful while parking too. Park sensibly away from car parking zones and walkways reserved for people with disabilities and impairments. Your good manners and safe riding practices can stand you out in public giving a dose of motivation to switch to greener commutation mode.

Raising demand for infrastructure Development

Limited infrastructure hinders several riders from switching to electric scooters, a sustainable vehicle. Raise your concerns with local statutory bodies to provide dedicated riding lines for electric scooters emphasising their benefits like low carbon emission, efficiency, reduced traffic congestion etc.

Be an ambassador of policies and initiatives aiming at establishing electric charging stations employing renewable energy. Your active participation is a big step in mitigating the carbon footprint on our environment.

Spreading awareness

Every one of us should take every possible step in our capacity to address global warming. Pursuing friends and family about the potential benefits of adopting electric scooters is an encouraging move. Enlightening them about the pros of electric scooters and introducing carbon footprint calculators for self-accountability may prove the first drop of rain that can bring change. Leading by example has always been more fruitful than preaching.

Remember curbing global warming is only possible with all the collective efforts mentioned above. One step reinforces the efficacy of the other step. Every time you take out a car think that if you switch to an electric scooter you could have done possibly good to the environment. Think and plan mindfully for a cleaner and greener future.GoodLuck!

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