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Are Electric Scooters Allowed on Sidewalks in Florida?

Electric scooters or kick scooters are trending because of multiple reasons. Rising petroleum prices and awareness of sustainable travelling have contributed to its popularity. People worldwide, primarily in the USA and particularly Florida, are deeply motivated by the benefits of electric scooters. Cost-effectiveness is another striking feature that makes electric scooters a viable travelling option.

Riding, parking, and storing come in handy with e-scooters. Pairing it with public transport offers a manageable solution for longer routes. Besides the perky solution, riding electric scooters in Florida has an inherent feature that complies with the law. Many people are considering whether electric scooters are allowed on sidewalks in Florida.

Is it legal to ride an electric scooter on sidewalks?

The legalisation of escooters in Florida dates back to June 18, 2019. Different cities got the opportunity to regulate this milestone in their own way. For instance, in November 2021, Orlando allowed scooter riders to use sidewalks for riding purposes. Besides this, to encourage sustainable riding mechanisms, Miami-Dade introduced electric scooters from seven different operators as a pilot program. Unfortunately, overriding law by riders resulted in revoking rider permits of 5 operators. For the safety of pedestrians and riders, the speed should not exceed 7 miles per hour when riding on sidewalks.

As a general guideline for riding e-scooters in Florida, having a driver's license is not mandatory as long as the rider is over 16 years old. But he must hold a valid license plate for the Electric Scooter. The vehicle should be registered with local authorities. Luckily, e-scooter riders have the same privileges as bicyclists in Florida, like using bike lanes and having no insurance requirements. However, electric scooter riders must also fulfil riding responsibilities like bicyclists.

Limitations set by local Laws

  • E-scooters are permitted in bike lanes and public roadways but not on streets.
  • These scooters are not suitable for use on the streets. You cannot use Scooter in town parks, walkways, or roadways.
  • It also allows towns to limit the usage of e-scooters on specific sidewalks, parks, and streets outside of their jurisdiction.
  • Follow a straight line on the walkways.
  • An e-scooter is a single-occupancy vehicle. Carrying of passengers is no allowed unless your vehicle is designed and approved to do so

What more does Florida offer to electric scooter riders?

Florida has adopted a relatively relaxed policy on e-scooter riding. They do so by removing all other riding restrictions. You can ride freely, safely, and legally anywhere in the city. Remember to be cautious of the boundaries of 3 identified district zones. Electric scooters can attain a top speed of 30mph legally.

Scooter sharing is now an added tool for those who can't afford a personalized e-scooter in Florida. In crowded areas, use your smartphone to find out available electric scooters. Scan the code to make the payment for the ride. The charges are minimal, though. Upon scanning, you can easily unlock the vehicle. Always ride and park following necessary protocols.

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