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Are Electric Scooters Street Legal Across the USA?

Electric scooters are the new normal in modern cities of the world. Especially in the USA, many people prefer electric scooters over bikes and even cars. This is because of the convenience and economy offered by this vehicle. Well, talking about the USA, if you ask, "Are electric scooters street legal?" the answer is not very simple.

Some states allow you to commute freely on your electric scooters, but others might be restricted. But then there are still others where it is prohibited. So, let's look at the laws around electric scooters and their operational requirements in the USA.

Are Electric Scooters Street Legal?


Besides, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, and New York allow e-scooters with certain restrictions. For instance, you can only ride on-access highways like interstate roads. It is worth noting that there are new laws in place in some states.

So, it is vital to be aware of the developments to avoid financial and mental toll. Here, we will explain the regulations you might need to consider regarding e-scooters.

Registration and Insurance

Many states require you to register your electric scooter in the United States, with some even asking for a title. Nevada stands out as the only state that mandates an inspection. Meanwhile, North Carolina only asks for DMV registration. Interestingly, most areas where electric scooters are allowed on the road don't require insurance, except for Illinois, which mandates coverage.

Speed Limit

When it comes to maximum speed, it depends on where you are. Unless your state specifies otherwise, the default speed limit across the US is 15mph. Seven states, including Arizona, Iowa, and Michigan, set it at 20mph, while Colorado and Florida have it at 25mph. So, this is what you need to consider here. In case of violation, you may end up paying fines.

Protection gear

When it comes to road safety for yourself and others, wearing appropriate protective gear, like a helmet, is essential when riding. Many states and cities enforce helmet use for e-scooter riders, with fines for non-compliance. Some states, such as Indiana and Virginia, require eye protection based on age and location. Again, these laws are in place only to avoid any unpleasant incidents on the road.


Regarding licenses, life becomes relatively more manageable if you have an e-scooter. Yes, most states don't require one for electric scooters, except for specific cities like Alabama, where a motorbike license is necessary. If you are in Kansas or Tennessee and have a driver's license, you are safe, but in Texas, they only require a permit for scooters over 750W.

Age Restrictions

Age restrictions vary across states, with some setting a minimum age of 16 while others, like Utah, allow riders as young as 15. So, knowing your local laws before setting them is always better.

Parking practices

Let's talk about safe parking practices. Different states are unanimous in this regard, i.e., they don't let you park freely in public areas or streets. However, to address the safety concerns of scooter riders regarding reliable parking lots, the government is taking necessary steps. When commuting in cities, riders can park near a street or pavements. But the primary condition is that your scooter does not obstruct passersby.

Being a responsible rider, one must ensure the correct position of the scooter while parking. Besides this, keep handicapped ramps, entrances, and driveways clear by parking at a reasonable spot. You can park alongside public bike racks.

There is no straightforward answer to whether electric scooters are legal in the USA. Although they are trending single occupancy vehicles, governing laws vary across states. You can freely ride your e-scooter in some places, while there are restrictions or outright bans in others. It's crucial to be aware of the laws in your area regarding registration, speed limits, protective gear, license requirements, age restrictions, and parking regulations to avoid any legal or safety issues. As the popularity of electric scooters continues to rise, staying informed about the evolving regulations will ensure a smooth and hassle-free riding experience.

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