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Table of Contents
  • DRIDER 10X: A Heavy Duty Electric Scooter

  • Best Electric Scooter for Commuting at High Speed

  • Features of the Best Dual Motor Electric Scooter: DRIDER 10X

  • Our Take on 10X Scooter and Its Variants

DRIDER 10X: A Heavy Duty Electric Scooter

Price: $1,699

DRIDER 10X is a heavy duty electric scooter that offers the best in every category that matters, including range, speed, motor, and battery. It is the perfect scooter that you would replace your four-wheeler with. You would not even miss your old vehicle as the scooter offers great speed, excellent range, and premium built.


  • Dual Motor Electric Scooter
  • Amazingly Smooth at High Speeds
  • Easy Folding Mechanism
  • Premium build quality
  • Zero Stem Wobble
Technical Specifications
Tested Top Speed : 58.1 Km/h Tested Range : 41.9 Km Weight : 36 Kg
Maximum Weight of the Rider : 149 KG Water-Resistant : IP67

Best Electric Scooter for Commuting at High Speed

The DRIDER 10X is a scooter for people who love the thrill of speed. Being the king among scooters, DRIDER 10X offers a top speed of 40 MPH. To add the cherry on top, there is no wobbling and the rider would be comfortable and safe.

The scooter has the ability to go from zero to its maximum speed in no time. A feature that very few scooters offer. The powerful dual motor scooter allows you to effortlessly ride the streets as well as enjoy off-road adventures.

The scooter is a complete package! The power, the speed, and the built might be too much for beginners to handle. However, if you are an expert, it is perhaps the best scooter for you. However, the scooter is more towards the heavy side, thus transporting it can be a bit of a challenge.

Is it a Good Fit for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

To be precise, YES, it is the perfect scooter for heavy adults. The scooter is fully capable of handling riders that are above 90 KGs. It has the ability to withstand load capacity up to 149 KGs. DRIDER 10X is meant for taller and heavier people as its favoring pneumatic tires, tall handlebars, oversized decks, and suspension makes it an epitome among its competitors.

We Love DRIDER 10X's Power and Speed

So, with DRIDER 10X, you will not have to worry whether it can propel you over the hill and through the rough city roads. The potent scooter is powered with a 2,000W motor that would take you anywhere regardless of your weight or your build. Its good looks, flashy lights, and study pulse further add to its charisma. It is a scooter that looks royalty when riding among other scooters.

Handlebars can be troublesome

The deck to handlebar height of DRIDER 10X is 38.6 inches. Although, we believe it to be an ideal height, however, it might be troublesome for someone who would prefer something shorter or for very tall people. Nonetheless, tall riders can tuck down a little to fully enjoy the top speed of the scooter.

The Three Variants

The option to customize 10X as per your requirement is something that makes this scooter extremely special. Two of the variants come with a 52V battery, whereas the third comes with better speed, higher acceleration, and a 60V powerful battery.

See the table below for detailed differences among the different:

Specifications 10X 10X 24Ah 10X 60V
Battery 52V 18Ah 52V 24Ah 60V 21Ah
Motor 2 x 1000 2 x 1000 2 x 1200
Range 35-38 Miles 55-60 Miles 50 Miles
Top Speed 35-38 MPH 35-38 MPH 40 MPH
 Load Capacity 330lbs 330lbs 330lbs

Acceleration of the best scooter for heavy adults

DRIDER 10X is a natural choice especially when you are investing in a scooter that offers top-speed between 35 to 40 MPH with rapid acceleration. The dual motor electric scooters can reach the top speed of 40 MPH in a couple of seconds.

If you want us to be specific, the scooter would take about 12.1 seconds to reach its fastest speed. Thus, making this one of the most powerful dual motor off road electric scooter. Different variants of 10X have different acceleration, but the 10X, 60V, 21 Ah version is superfast. It is way ahead of its counter version in terms of speed and acceleration.

Here is the acceleration of all three variants

Acceleration 10x 10X 24Ah 10X 60V
0 to 15 MPH 2.8 s 2.5s 1.7s
0 to 20 MPH 4.3s 3.6s 2.6s
0 to 25 MPH 6.2s 5.1s 3.8s
0 to 30 MPH 10.5s 7.9s 5.3s
0 to 35 MPH Not Tested Not Tested 7.7s
0 to 40 MPH N/A N/A 12.1s

Top Speed of the Heavy Duty Electric Scooter

If the variants and acceleration did not impress you so far, we can assure you that its top speed would blow the whistle. DRIDER 10X is among the few scooters that can offer a top speed of 40 MPH while having a heavy rider on top.

The dual electric motor scooter – 10X (23 Ah) -- has the high-precision Racelogic GPS tracked the top speed of 58.1 Km/h with a rider weighing not more than 74 Kg whereas the 10X (18 Ah) has a top speed of 57.2 Km/h. This speed is 1.6 Km/h less than its previous variant.

The 10X 60V offers the highest top speed of 67.6 Km/h. Impressive right? With these kinds of top speeds, along with the travel efficiency these scooters offer, do you really think buying a four-wheeler is a smart choice for your daily commutes and off-road adventures?

speed 10X, 18 Ah, 52V 10X, 23Ah, 52V Best(10X, 21Ah, 60V)
Top Speed 57.3 Km/h 58.1 Km/h 67.6 Km/h

Hill Climb

A company would advertise the top, speed, acceleration, and range of scooters for an ideal situation. However, in real life, the roads are not that smooth and straight. The uneven roads, challenging terrains, slopes, and much more would have an adverse impact on the range and the speed of the scooter.

Therefore, it is important to know the performance of a scooter uphill before investing your money. The 10X was able to perform exceptionally for a 60 m long, 10 percent grade hill climb and with a rider weighing 74 Kg. The scooter completed the challenge in just 8.8s, passing our test with flying colors.

The great thing is that both the 23 Ah, and the 18 Ah, had the same results. However, the 21Ah version showed better results. See the table below for comparison.

10X, 18 Ah, 52V 10X, 23Ah, 52V Best(10X, 21Ah, 60V)
Time 8.8s 8.8s 7.5s
Average Speed 24.8 Km/h 24.8 Km/h 29.0 Km/h


The range is another important aspect of a dual motor scooter. Of course, different variants of the 10X offer different ranges. The 10X 60V being the best in terms of speed and acceleration also outstands out when it comes to range.

The 23Ah has a respectable 41.9 Km of range, whereas the 28 Ah has a 38.5 Km. Greatest of all, the 10x 60V variant offers an impressive 42.2 km of range at a speed of 30 km/h. Thus, making it the perfect choice for people who want to buy a scooter that does 40 MPH.

The range of the scoter increases when we set the performance setting at its highest. The scooter is able to deliver a range of 53.8 km with a rider weighing 74 Kg. This is perhaps one of the most impressive ranges a scooter has to offer.

10X, 18 Ah, 52V 10X, 23Ah, 52V Best(10X, 21Ah, 60V)
Range 38.5 Km at 28 Km/h 49.1 Km at 29 Km/h 42.2 Km at 30 Km/h

Note: All scooters are tested with the least conserving mode, on the same urban loop with the same number of stops and a rider that weighs 74 Kg.


A scooter that offers notable top speed needs to have an exceptional braking system. After all, you need much more to stop a dual elec. motor scooter. All the variants of 10X come with dual disc brakes along with regenerative braking systems.

In case, you are not familiar with the regenerative braking system, it basically converts the kinetic energy that is produced when you use the brakes to recharge the scooter's battery. The 18 Ah comes with disc brakes that are cable-activates, however, the other versions have a more sophisticated braking system.

The other two versions use dual hydraulic disc brakes that have 160 mmm rotors. These massive brakes require no additional adjustments and they are powerful enough to provide you complete control of a dual motor off road electric scooter.

The hydraulic brakes on the 10X, 23 Ah version are extremely strong. They are able to stop this powerful dual motor off road scooter from 24 Km/h in just 3.6 meters. The brakes are strong enough to lock both the wheels to ensure a quick halt. They have a decent feel, are very responsive, and are easy to control

Since the 10X 18Ah, comes with mechanical disc brakes, thus it overs complete halt over 4.8 meters. This is still impressive and better than many dual motor off road scooters.

See the table below for the dual hub motor scooter braking test.

10X, 18 Ah, 52V 10X, 23Ah, 52V Best(10X, 21Ah, 60V)
24 Km/h Braking Test 4.8m 3.6m 2.6m

Note: It might be challenging for a beginner to control the brakes.

Ride Quality of the Foldable Electric Scooter for Adults

We cannot be more impressed by the ride quality of all three variants of the supper 1000 watt electric scooter. The dual motor scooter in full boogie mode demand that you hold on to it. A little less control on the scooter will throw you off in no time.

The dual spring suspension along with enormous pneumatic air-filled tires (25.4 cm x 8 cm) ensure a comfortable ride even on the toughest terrains. The front and rear spring socks do not let the ride feel the bump in the road. The trash, road debris, potholes are simply no match for this powerful dual motor offroad electric scooter.

When you summon the scooter it would go, regardless of whether you are ready or not. The dual suspension makes the scooter super stable. It also reduces fatigue by making the ride extremely comfortable.

What sets the 10X scooter apart is the way in which the dual suspension system, air-filled tires, and the big brakes work together so seamlessly, thus letting you transition from a full-throttle to a complete halt with zero drama.

What more is that the different variants of 10X electric scooter offer different features, thus evolving with the need of the rider?

Folding Mechanism of the Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

With every upgrade, the 10X improves the quality of its ride and built. It reduces the annoyances such as the stem wobble and the noise. For instance, the 2020 design upgrade of the 10X comes with a welded components, thus eliminating stem creaking during rides.

Rugged Stem Clamp

Unlike other scooters, the rugged stem clamp of all three variants of the 10X is of premium quality. It stiffens up the stem, thus making it extremely easy to acquire the optimal clamping. This leads to almost complete elimination of the stem wobble.

Unfastening the stem can be daunting, however, it keeps the stem rock solid. The only downfall is that the rugged stem folding does not come inbuilt with the scooter. On the contrary, you will have to pay some extra bucks for this must-have accessory.

Features of the Best Dual Motor Electric Scooter: DRIDER 10X.


Of all the things, this dual electric motor scooter does well, portability might not be its strong suit. It is more towards the heavy side. Its 80 lbs do not make it a piece of cake. You simply can't put the scooter in the back of an Uber or walk a short distance while carrying it. The scooter isn't simply meant for this purpose.

You would need to have a car truck to carry it around. After folding the scooter, its dimensions are 127 cm in length, x 69 centimeters width x 51 centimeters height. It still is a big scooter. Also, it does not come with a locking stem system, so to lift the scooter you would have to lift it from the base and not the stem.

Double Electric Scooter Folding Mechanism

The inbuilt folding mechanism might not appeal to you, therefore, you can go with the smaller folded footprint. All you would have to do is upgrade your 10X scooter from the standard fixed handlebars to the folding handlebars by paying a small amount.

The folded handlebars are straight instead of curved at the point where they affix to the stem, thus they will give a slightly different feel to your ride.

NOTE: Mostly with folding handlebar design, the folding mechanism results in the handlebars loosening up a bit. This might not be a safety concern but does become a nuisance. 

Sometimes one of the handlebars of the scooter gets wiggle, the reason being, the 10X handlebars are a bit difficult to engage. Another thing to bear in mind is that the straight folding handlebars are not an ideal choice for racing.

So, if you like to enjoy the top-speed of 10X scooter, we recommend that you go with the stock curved handlebars. Another thing that requires an upgrade is that the voltmeter and key-start ignition in place makes it a bit difficult to use the holding handlebars. The reason being these components prevent handlebars from folding tight.

Loading DRIDER 10X into a SUV or a Struck

It may be compact, but it definitely isn't small enough to fit in the truck of a standard two or four-wheeler. You would either have to go with an SUV or a truck bed to transport the scooter. You can easily load the scooter into the truck after folding it.

To lead the scooter, bend your knees, first lift the back wheel of 10X and place it onto the rear vehicle's wheel. At the same time, hold the scooter by the rear bar while keeping the handlebars down with the other hand.

After achieving the leaning position, you would have to lift 10X's front wheel and then horizontally flush with your car at the same time, you slide the scooter inside the car. Doing this will prevent you from bearing the entire weight of the scooter.


All the variants of 10X – 40 mile range electric scooter – come with a stylish, easy-to-use, well-designed, and functional cockpit. The current 10X have curved handlebars at 67 cm and they provide complete control due to their wideness.

The grip of the handlebars has become meatier and ergonomic. Thus, making it easier to hold on while you are a 2000w electric scooter at its top speed. The grips provide outstanding hand support because they firmly clamp to the handlebars. They do not rotate as is the case with most electric dual motor scooters.

The height from deck to handlebar is 102.4 cm. Since the stem is fixed, thus there is no telescoping. It is important for riders under 196 cm to try this height to ensure whether it is comfortable for them or not.


The 10X comes with a QS-S4 LCD that displays all vitals of the dual motor scooter. You can see the mode, odometer, battery readout, and speed of the scooter. With the P-settings, it is possible to control the performance feature of the scooter.

Trigger Throttle

To use the trigger throttle control attached to the LCD, you would need your index finger. Riders with longer commutes might think it to be uncomfortable, however, it is totally up to the preference of the rider.

The great thing is that the scooter comes with a plug-and-play cabling, thus offering trigger throttle customization. In case, you are not comfortable with the index finger use for trigger throttle, you can always switch back to the thumb throttle. Also, it is possible to swap or upgrade other electronic components as per your requirement.

Dual Disc Brakes Control

To control the dual dis brake system, you would use the sturdy thick hand levers. The pushbuttons are present on the left side of the handlebars. You use them to control the eco/turbo mode as well as the single/dual-motor option.

Lastly, the key-start ignition enhances the overall look of the cockpit. This does not allow the scooter to be powered by a car. So, it means you can leave the scooter outside for your short trips.


The 10X 23 Ah variant comes with an immobilizer alarm. However, it is an accessory that you would have to pay extra for. The alarm system incorporates two remote key fobs and a motion-activated system. Since the components need soldering, it is best to get the alarm installed before the shipping process.


The 10X scooter comes with powerful front LED headlights that would illuminate your pathway during the dark hours of the night. The rear light would notify other road users that you are either about to slow down or halt.

In addition, the scooter comes with reflectors on both the front and the rear fender. To further enhance the rider's safety, the scooter is equipped with reflectors along the deck sides.


The 10X comes with humongous pneumatic inner-tubes tries having 2.5 cm diameter x 8 cm diameter. These premium quality tires provide comfortable riding even on the most challenging terrains and road bumps.

The suspension system along with wide tires contributes greatly to the feeling of stability on this scooter especially when the rider is increasing or decreasing the speed quickly. You can easily change a tire tube as the tires come with a split-rim.

The tires have the ability to soak up the imperfection in the road, thus giving you the confidence to push it to its maximum limit.


The 10X, 2x 1000w electric scooter, comes with a wide deck size, it offers stability to the rider standing on it. The deck has 48.8cm x 22.9cm of standing space to offer. What's more, is that scooter offers a sturdy metal fin at the rear of the deck that lets you stand on it. Thus, resulting in additional standing space.

Build Quality of Electric Scooters for Big People

A scooter that is designed for heavy adults is going to have a solid built. Every component of the scooter is sturdy and robust. The pivots, bolts, and swing arms are durable and oversized. The suspension system is outstanding and the steering is tight.

The powerful motor is extremely quiet even when you are riding at its top speed. Since the build is all thick and metal, thus the scooter is bound to be heavy. To further enhance the overall build quality of the scooter, you can add different accessories to it.

Our Take on 10X Scooter and Its Variants

Features of DRIDER 10X and its Variants
Motor : 2400 W, 1000W, 1000W Range : 35-40 Miles Battery : 60V 21Ah, 52V 24Ah, 52V 18Ah
Battery position : Under the board Top Speed : 35-40 MPH Weight Limit : 330 lbs.
Tires : Tubeless tires Suspension : Dual swing arm, front, and rear spring suspension. Brakes : Front and rear disc brakes
Lights : Rear LED brake light, front headlights Display : LCD Digital Display Dimensions : 50.4 x 38.6 x21.3 inches
Folded dimension : 50.4 x19.7 x 21.3 inches Weight : 80 lbs. Drive : Front and rear-wheel drive.
Adjustable handlebars : Foldable handlebars, adjustable stem Climbing angle : 20 degrees Frame : Aluminum alloy
Wheel Material : Aluminum alloy Wheel Size : 10 x 3 inches

If you are looking for a powerful 2000w electric scooter that offers an impressive range and extremely comfortable ride, you better invest in DRIDER 10X. As the scooter tends to offer an outstanding range, great top-speed, and more power.

The solid build quality is another factor that adds to its appeal. What more is the customization of the scooter? You can add features like an alarm to enhance the safety of your scooter. In short, you can make the scooter as you like it to be.

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