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Can you charge your electric scooter using your electric vehicle?

Sometimes, we just want a smaller version of something we love just because they’re portable and user friendly. For example, we use our smartphones to check email instead of opening up our laptops or desktops; wear earbuds for walking about when headphones are too bulky – and we might zip around on our electric scooters when it’s not entirely practical to use our fully fledged electric vehicle (EV.) This could be on holiday at the beach or running errands to the shops. However, we don’t have to keep our electric scooters tethered to our home and hope they don’t run out of juice – we can actually keep our electric scooters fully charged, thanks to the battery on board our EVs. With more people embracing EV uptake, the ecofriendly scooter revolution may be powered by EVs!

How to charge an electric scooter

You can charge most electric scooters using a wall outlet or electrical socket that are common to all homes and offices. That means hooking it up to mains and charging it until an indicator light shows up “green” or fully charged. Some may have LCD displays or connectivity to smart devices to indicate current charge capacity. However, charging to 100% each time may not be ideal if you prize battery longevity; more on that later.

You should charge the battery even before it dies, to avoid unnecessary and untimely power outages mid-trip. This can be very inconvenient if you’re kilometres away from an outlet – or an EV! Also, waiting until your battery is fully drained before charging can also degrade the life of the battery.

Does your EV support bi-directional charging?

Many new EVs support some form of bi-directional charging – that means they not only draw power from electricity mains but can also be used as an independent power source. There are three variants of bi-directional charging – V2L (vehicle to load), V2H (vehicle to home), and Vehicle to Grid (V2G). V2H and V2G are technologies that allow the car to become a battery pack for surplus energy derived from solar panels, which either makes it a power source for the home or selling that electricity back into the grid. To charge electric scooters, your EV will need V2L – they may have a typical three-prong power plug somewhere on the vehicle or have an adapter for it. Make sure that your EV has this capability before giving it a try.

How long do electric scooter batteries last?

On average, electric scooter batteries last about two to three years in ideal conditions. This means it being charged within reasonable temperature ranges (0C to 40C), how often you use and charge your electric scooter, and whether you save on recharging cycles by charging to 80% or 90% instead of the full 100%.

To help it last the full three years, there are some tips you should be aware of. You should avoid charging an electric scooter in direct sunlight, as overheating the battery can cause the battery to degrade quicker. If you aren’t using your scooter for an extended period (a month or so) you should charge it to 80% and store it somewhere at room temperature. You should also charge it once a month if you don’t plan to use it often.

So yes – EVs can charge electric scooters – and have you cruising around in next to no time!

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