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The Future of Electric Scooters: Trends in 30+ MPH Scooter Technology

The 30mph electric scooter market has witnessed exponential growth in recent years. All credit goes to the features like convenience, environmental friendliness, and, above all, budget-friendly. Ongoing economic situations indicate that the long-range scooter market has enough room for growth. Thus, we expect extraordinary technological progress and advancement in upcoming 30 mph electric scooter models.

Grabbing micro-mobility market

Electric scooters have steadily paved their way into the automobile market. However, it has now secured a specialized position in the micromobilty market due to its handy features. Electric scooters help in accessible communication with immense freedom. Let's discuss the trends we can expect in 30+MPH scooter technology.

30+MPH scooter technology will definitely offer better connectivity

Every individual these days falls for smart devices. Be it a smart TV, smartphone, or smartwatch. We can expect an intelligent electric scooter as well in the near future, offering

  • Seamless integration of smart devices with your electric scooter.
  • With a tap on the sophisticated app, you can lock, unlock, and check the battery levels of your electric scooter.
  • The 500W electric scooter might also feature GPS mapping and navigation systems.
  • Additionally, we may experience e-scooters syncing with traffic management systems in order to streamline traffic flows.

Customization will be an option.

Today, 30+MPH electric scooters that hail in the market possess specified features. They have prescribed batteries, motors, brakes, and tires. Imagine if you can redesign your electric scooter the way you want. Companies could provide this chance of modular designing to riders in the future.

Sophisticated sensors

It may still take a while for electric scooters to reach complete automation level. However, the idea of self-balancing is exciting enough. Manufacturers in the future might work on using even more sophisticated gyroscopes and sensors, enabling electric scooters to self-balance according to the body weight of riders. If electric scooters are enabled to adjust their center of gravity on their own, this possibility can turn into reality.

  • Incorporating sensors to detect and avoid hindrances
  • equipping long-range scooters with self-parking skill

Better speed and Range

Life is so fast that we want every device to work in the blink of an eye. We are very hopeful that electric scooters in the future will definitely have better speed and Range. Innovation in batteries may enable upcoming electric scooters to travel longer on a single charge.

Better Safety measures

Regardless of the model of the electric scooter, safety remains a top priority. We might experience innovation in suspension and braking systems in future scooters. The future might serve such safety systems.

Environmental friendly electric scooters

The modern world today validates the importance of environmental sustainability. Everyone needs to limit their carbon footprint. Aligning with this nature-friendly concept, manufacturers might prioritize using eco-friendly materials and production techniques.

Our next generation might experience more eco-friendly electric scooters than we do. New electric scooters might be made from biodegradable plastics and recycled materials. Moreover, it may employ sources of renewable energy in the manufacturing process a different infrastructure the world may see more electric scooters on the road in upcoming years. It will definitely call for significant modifications in infrastructure. We might have more designated electric scooter lanes, more charging stations, and parking facilities.

The human brain is very creative. It will be no wonder if we see different creativity in upcoming models.

Improved cargo space

We are forecasting a prominent increase in electric scooter demand. Manufacturers may also work on improving cargo carriers. They might equip it with a heating and cooling system to keep groceries fresh. Or they might give it more storage or sectioning for better functioning.


The trending electric scooters are already portable enough. For instance, DRIDER 8 weighs 42 lbs with a load-bearing capacity of 265 lbs. Now the point is, can a thin girl carry even this much weight while climbing stairs? The answer is it depends on the physical strength of the person. We may experience better portability as an add-on feature of upcoming 30+mph electric scooters.

Scooter sharing can be a good

As the world is progressing, minimalism is trending. The idea of having less is very comforting for people with meagre resources. Even affluent people look towards minimalism due to its practical approach. Instead of owning an automobile, why not share or subscribe to electric scooters? Doesn't that sound great? You can use the product as long as you need by paying subscription fees. The idea is workable for the following reasons.

Every electric scooter has a limited shelf life of 3-5 years. This calls for replacement after every couple of years. So if you are investing, let's say, $500 today, after a specific time, you need to reinvest. If you opt for scooter sharing, you are opting to pay as you go. Consequently, more people can share the same scooter for 3-5 years. Now, see the benefits of this approach.

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  • A smaller carbon footprint as one scooter will be catering to the needs of several people.
  • If you hire an electric scooter from a company on a weekly or monthly basis, you are stripping off the burden of vehicle maintenance.
  • You can switch to better models frequently.
  • You can divert your financial resources toward a meaningful cause you believe in
  • Disposing of the existing electric scooter will not be a trouble anymore.

Word of caution

Renting or sharing a transport vehicle is an entirely different experience from owning it. Sharing demands sacrifice and making timely arrangements. So, you will have to pursue a proactive approach if renting a scooter seems viable to you.


To date, the technological evolution of humans has been inspiring. Although the future is unknown, we can expect incredible innovations in electric scooters as well. Be it seamless connectivity, improved battery performance, sophisticated sensors, aspiring safety features, or sustainable energy usage, the future electric scooters will be more energy-efficient, nature-friendly, and user-friendly.

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