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Are Electric Scooters Street Legal in Florida

Every electric scooter rider is curious: Are e-scooters street-legal in Florida? So, the answer is absolutely yes. Florida's electric scooter laws are necessary to comprehend for both residents and visitors who want to get enjoyable rides on the streets with electric scooters. 

This article will help you to know about the legalization of electric scooters, where scooters are allowed to ride, the dos and don’ts of electric scooters, and legal regulations that could affect your tour while you are in Florida. Hold on! When riding electric scooters, you must maintain rules and regulations for your safety and others. 

Legalization of Electric scooters in Florida

In 2019, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passed a bill that ensured the legality of electric scooters. Electric scooters are mainly known as e-scooters. Florida is a very advanced state in the USA, which adopted the current innovation of electric scooters early on. As it is a cheap, fun mode of transportation, it is legal to ride in the streets conveniently. 

Florida E-Scooter Laws: Legal Guide for Street Riding


Rules and Regulations for Electric Scooters in Florida

As mentioned above, electric scooters were legal in Florida in 2019. The laws set up  for legal riding in the streets are as follows:

  • The electric scooter rider must be 16 years old or above. 
  • No requirement for a license for an e-scooter rider but registration of the vehicle is mandatory 
  • Rules and regulations for Cyclist are the same as those for e-scooter riders in Florida.
  • At one time, one rider can enjoy a ride. 
  • There is no need for insurance for electric scooters.
  • If your electric scooters allow the 30mph speed limit, you can ride in the streets. You cannot ride electric scooters on sidewalks or any private property. And if you ride on sidewalks, you get a penalty according to Florida Statute 316.1995.SS
  • Electric scooter riders must wear helmets to get rid of sudden incidents.

Mandatory to Follow Traffic Rules in Florida!

State Uniform Traffic Control in Florida” claims that electric scooters are a mini mobility mode of transit. It is a two-wheeled electronic vehicle that only specializes in one rider. The average electric motor power must be 750 watts. The rider must use an electric scooter weighing 170 pounds, and the maximum speed for the rider must be less than 20 miles per hour.

Need To Do After Electric Scooter’s Incident

Even incidents can happen when riding electric scooters. So, if you suffer in any type of two-wheeled motor accident, don’t worry. There are many medical care centres available in Florida for instant recovery. God forbid if you encounter any unfortunate e-scooter accident in Florida you have a way out. You have access to the recovery path by consulting professionals from health care to legal advisory.

Concluding Up!

To summarize the above discussion, you must follow every rule designed for electric scooters in Florida. It's not all about getting rid of penalties or heavy fines. The primary purpose is to care about your safety and others. Furthermore, you must follow protective regulations to ensure the safety of every other road rider in your surroundings. 

Florida’s electric scooter laws are elementary to comprehend, simple, and accessible to remember. However, some restrictions are more common sense like wearing protective gear, riding on streets and using reflective headlights. You might also wonder are electric scooters allowed on sidewalks in Florida? Well, the rules for riding on roads or sidewalks are straightforward and easier to understand. That's why Floridians enjoy stress-free rides on their favourite e-scooters.
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