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How to Ensure Your Electric Scooter Doesn’t Get Stolen?

Electric scooters have become a talk of the town among local commuters. Affordability, ease-of-use, and maintenance are top benefits making an electric scooter a common choice. These scooters are becoming more popular with the rise in petroleum prices. More and more people are investing in e-scooters. But unfortunately, we also see many cases of thefts around us. It is one of the common issues that commuters are facing these days.

How would you secure your e-scooter as its owner? There are different ways you can improve the security of your e-scooter. In this post, you will learn how to protect an e-scooter in public.

Protecting an Electric Scooter

E-scooters are much more affordable alternatives to regular scooters and bikes. On average, you can buy an e-scooter for around $300, approximately.

However, some high-end scooters such as DRIDER 10X would cost you more as they are premium quality, better features and greater speed. Regardless, which scooter buy, you still need to secure it. You can take several safety measures to ensure that your electric scooter doesn’t get stolen.

Here are some useful tips that you can follow to ensure your e-scooter stays safe:

1. Use Aftermarket Locks

E-scooters come with stock locks. Even if they are high-quality locks, thieves can still break them. In the market, you can find advanced, hard-to-break aftermarket locks.

They will cost you some money but will provide excellent protection. You can choose from different types of locks. The most common ones are:

  • Cable locks
  • Disk brake locks
  • Chain locks
  • U-locks
  • Grip locks
  • Folding locks

Whatever type of lock you choose, make sure that it is a top-quality product. Remember that the electric scooter lock is the primary protection measure you take. If it is not up to the mark, your e-scooter will be at a greater risk of theft.

2. App Authentication

Authorities can trace your e-scooter if you integrate your bike security with an app. The app involves authentication. It may also retain unique phone hardware ids.

Theoretically, authorities can mark the thief’s phone. Hacking an app or e-scooter is possible. However, it will require more effort and time than otherwise.

Moreover, hacking skills are also not very common. Therefore, normal thieves would not be able to do it. So, app authentication can be a great tool to secure e-scooters.

3. Choose the Right Outdoor Parking Spot

We advise you avoid parking your electric scooter outdoors. However, you still may have to park your e-scooter outsides at some point in time. When you have no other choice, choose the parking spot wisely.

Try to find parking location with:

Adequate Lighting

Remember that dark places help thieves work at their finest. So, try to avoid this possibility by finding a parking spot with proper lighting. Whether night or daytime, you must look for a place to park with good lighting.

Security Cameras

Thieves will never try to swipe an e-scooter if they know that the place is under camera surveillance. Luckily, you can find many public places where security cameras are active. When parking outside, try to find such areas.

It will be a great peace of mind to know that your e-scooter is under camera surveillance.


When no one is around, thieve will find it a perfect place to steal e-scooters. Breaking an e-scooter lock can be time-consuming and noisy.

Therefore, you must never park your e-scooter at a place where there is no foot traffic or onlookers. It is always the right idea to park your e-scooter somewhere visible from your destination.

4. Attach a Security Alarm

Attaching a security alarm is another critical theft prevention measure you can take. Some e-scooter models come with built-in alarm systems. If your e-scooter doesn’t have it, you must buy it from the market and attach it to your e-scooter.

The security alarm triggers when:

  • You forget to lock your electric scooter
  • Someone touches the e-scooter
  • Someone moves your e-scooter

When a thief tries to break the e-scooter lock, the alarm immediately notifies you and onlookers. These alarm systems produce loud sounds to draw people’s attention. Therefore, the thief will run away when the alarm triggers.

5. Tracking Device

Investing in a reliable tracking device could be another beneficial investment to secure your e-scooter. Therefore, we suggest you install a high-quality GPS tracking device.

With this device, concerned authorities and you can locate your e-scooter if someone steals it. Some tracking systems also notify you when someone touches your e-scooter.

Installation of tracking systems is easy, so you can do it without hiring a professional. Therefore, you also don’t need to pay additional installation costs.

Most tracking systems come with a mobile app. The app allows you to keep an eye on real-time information about the e-scooter.

6. Never Forget to Remove Keys

One mistake that commuters often make is that they leave the keys with their e-scooters. There are many models of e-scooters with key ignition systems. Thieves keep hunting for such opportunities in the market.

Never let them have this opportunity by forgetting your keys in the ignition switch. Therefore, always ensure that you have pulled out the key before leaving your e-scooter.

7. Never Compromise on Quality

One mindset is choosing low price over quality. However, the rational approach is to always opt for quality. When choosing an electric scooter lock or alarm, always prefer high-quality products. Remember that high-quality alarms and locks provide better protection.

Never select brands that are not common in the market. It is always the right idea to invest in high-quality security products. Otherwise, you will not be able to secure your e-scooter.

Final Thoughts

E-scooters are your perfect traveling partners for short distances. They are easy to use, affordable, and fun to use. However, thieves find these bikes easy victims. But, you can secure your e-scooters by following all the tips and suggestions we shared in this article.

Always invest in security systems and alarms known for quality and reliability. If you must park your e-scooter outside, find a place with appropriate lighting. Remember that taking these little steps will help you secure your e-scooter from thieves.

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