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E-scooters have become a versatile transportation mode in the recent era. The design and features of an e-scooter make it a perfect choice for every lifestyle.

From going off-road to traveling within the city, these bikes offer a comfortable and reliable experience. They are not only fun to ride, but can also be a perfect commuting partner in many ways.

If you are planning to buy an electric scooter, this article will help you understand different popular uses of it.

Top 6 Uses of an E-Scooter

There are many uses of e-scooters, making them a worth buying transportation solution. However, we will discuss the 6 most popular uses to help you understand who can benefit from these bikes. Let’s take a quick look at its popular uses.

1. Going to Office

Those who don’t like traveling in public transport to go to the office can use electric scooters. These bikes are getting extremely popular among office workers.

An e-scooter becomes an ideal choice, especially when your office is located in an urban area. You can take an electric scooter on public transport if the office is miles away. You can just fold the electric scooter up and get it onto the train or bus.

Every year, approximately one million commuters use electric scooters to ride to their workplace. These bikes are a healthy and eco-friendly transportation mode. Therefore, you can choose an electric scooter, if you need an affordable and reliable commute partner for work.

2. Commuting to University or School

Electric scooters such as DRIDER 8, DRIDER 9 Pros are a perfect transportation solution for college and high school students. The main advantage a student has is that he doesn’t need a driving license to use an electric scooter.

Moreover, these bikes cost significantly less than cars and other conventional bikes. Therefore, students find these bikes a perfect commute partner when it comes to affordability. You can easily buy an e-scooter for around $250. Moreover, the maintenance cost of electric scooters is also low.

A student can easily reach the campus using an electric scooter where a car can’t because of its size.

Furthermore, the rider will also commute to the campus faster because of the compact size of the bike. When all things favor the electric scooter, why should students look for other transportation modes?


3. Camping or Road Trips

Camping and road trips are always fun. It will be a perfect decision to use a portable transportation mode like electric scooters for such events. You can fold them and get into your car or RV. After reaching the destination, you can unfold your electric scooter and have fun.

However, the quality and durability of the bike matter a lot when it comes to road trips and camping. Remember that there will be rough trails or terrain. Therefore, you must choose a highly durable and reliable e-scooter model for camping and road trips.

4. Along Boardwalks or Beaches

People living in coastal cities find it a healthy activity to have long walks alongside beaches. Most of these areas have pedestrian-friendly and bike boardwalks at the coasts. Electric scooters let you enjoy a great view without putting in a lot of physical effort.

There is always massive traffic around the beach parking areas. Those using electric scooters can quickly move away from that crowd.

It doesn’t only help you avoid a lot of hassle, but also saves time. Therefore, using electric scooters along boardwalks or beaches is always a rational decision.

5. Shopping and Routine Tasks

Electric scooters are also a perfect choice for your weekly tasks or shopping. For instance, you can commute on your electric scooter when mailing packages or picking up a few items.

Using your car for such tasks means you will have to find parking. Moreover, you will also be stuck in traffic. With an electric scooter, you can run in quickly and get things you want.

Electric scooter’s storage space is the only concern. However, you can carry a backpack or small bag for purchasing items. You cannot carry groceries for the week on an electric scooter. But, it is adequate to transport a few items of routine use.

6. Riding to Your Gym

Usually, people are lazy going to their gym from their cozy couch. They make several excuses for not being a regular gym-goer.

Using an e-scooter, you can quickly get to your gym without making a massive effort. These bikes have approximately 40 miles/hour speed. Therefore, you can quickly commute between the busy roads of the city to reach your gym.

Apart from the above uses, you can also use these scooters for fun. You can use yours to travel through your neighborhood. It is the most convenient and affordable way of traveling in the city and even off-road.

Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Scooter

Before you buy an electric scooter, there are several things you should keep in mind. First of all, think about why you need an electric scooter.

For instance, you will need a more rigid or durable scooter if you plan to move through rough areas. If you need it for fun, an ordinary electric scooter should be good enough. Below are some important considerations to make before investing in an electric scooter.

  • Technological specifications
  • Quality
  • Features and style
  • Top speed
  • Range
  • License requirements

Most electric scooters come without any license requirements. If you are a student, you must inquire about it before buying one. It is also essential to know any laws & regulations about e-scooters in your area.

Some areas have a few restrictions on riding electric scooters. You must understand all such rules before you start riding your electric scooter.


E-scooters are rising in popularity among commuters who want affordability and ease of use. These scooters are environment-friendly and don’t require a lot of maintenance.

You can use an e-scooter for offices, universities, schools, camping, road trips, shopping, etc. For whatever purpose you need an electric scooter, make sure you invest in a reliable and highly durable model.

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