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NANROBOT N6 - A Detailed Review

Feature Nanrobot N6 (52V) Nanrobot N6 (72V)
Battery 52V 23.4Ah LG 72V (capacity not specified, likely higher)
Motor Power 2 x 1000W 2 x 1500W
Top Speed Up to 40 mph Up to 50 mph
Range Up to 40 miles Up to 43 miles
Charging Time Around 10 hours Estimated 8-12 hours
Weight 82 lbs Not specified, likely heavier due to larger battery
Price $1899 $2600 (according to reviewer)
Suspension Dual Suspension Dual Suspension
Throttle Index Finger Pull Throttle Index Finger Pull Throttle

Other Features

Folding Mechanism (3 seconds) Yes Yes
Hydraulic Disc Brakes Yes Yes
Lighting System (headlight, taillight, turn signals, deck lights) Optional Optional
Display Yes Yes
Adjustable Brake Levers Yes Yes
Color-changing deck lights (optional) Yes Yes

Introduction to Nanrobot N6

Nanrobot is a top-of-league electric scooter with great speed, impressive range, and an excellent build. The scooter's sleek design and great color combination make it stand out. The scooter is available in 2 different battery versions; you can choose the one you like.

We aim to make you a pro in buying and identifying an electric scooter like a Pro, so here is a detailed review of the Nanrobot 6 that would cover every aspect of the electric scooter. In case, you want to learn about other scooters, here is our Ultimate Guide on Electric Scooters.

Unveiling the Nanrobot N6

The scooter is one of a kind; its first glance made an impression. The subtle black color with Nanrobot printed in black and white on the stem and deck gives it an attractive and graceful look.

The red rear and deck lights further add to its grace. All in all, the scooter is something that would surely stand out!

Weight and Portability

The scooter is extremely portable. Its 3-second folding mechanism lets you turn the scooter into a compact one.

When folded, the size of the electric scooter becomes 53.1 x 26.5 x 19.9 inches. The scooter weighs 82 lbs (52V battery) version and 92.6 lbs (72V battery) version.

Power and Performance

Motor and Battery

Nanrobot N6's battery and motor are its strengths. In terms of battery, the scooter offers two versions: a 52V version and a 72V version.

Also, both versions come with different motors. With a 52 V battery, you would get dual, 1000-watt motors. On the contrary, the 72 V battery version offers dual 1500-watt motors.

With a dual 1000-watt motor, this amazing adult electric scooter offers a top speed of 40 MPH. On the other hand, the 2 x 1500-watt motor scooter would allow you to drive at a maximum speed of 50 MPH.

Likewise, regarding range, the version with a bigger battery outperforms its other version. The 52 V scooter offers an impressive range of 40 miles, whereas the 72 V battery lets you ride for about 43 miles on a single charge.

Regardless of the battery version you are buying, the scooter is a powerhouse. It will offer you the thrill that you are looking for.

Charging Time

As per our test, we noticed that you need about 10 hours in order to charge the Nanrobot scooter with a 52 V battery.

In the case of a 72-volt battery, you need around 8 to 12 hours to charge the scooter fully. Of course, the charging is faster in this version of the scooter than in the other one.

Ride Quality and Handling

Another great thing about this scooter is its amazing ride quality, even when riding it on tough terrains. As per our testing, we rode the scooter on a bumpy road, but it did well. Of course, we did feel the big bumps, but for a small hurdle, the ride was pretty smooth.

Handling the scooter also seems simple and easy. No complication attached! The scooter handlebars are strong and sturdy. They are easy to manipulate. The stem is also steady, and there is no wobbleness to it.

Suspension and Comfort

The scooter is good for you in this regard as well. It comes with a dual suspension system that offers a comfortable ride.

Not only this, but the scooter's suspension system offers customization. It lets the rider adjust suspension (KKE) as per the road condition or their preference. Thus, it ensures complete comfort for the rider, even when riding on rough terrains!


Nanrobot N6 comes with 10-inch road tires that offer a smooth ride. Their tread pattern reduces rolling resistance, and, at the same time, it lets you increase the speed on flat terrains.

The combination of an adjustable suspension system and 10" wide road tires make the scooter a literal ride. Every ride on this amazing scooter becomes an adventure!!

Braking System

A scooter this great would never compromise on the braking system. This is among our favorite scooters in terms of brakes.

The scooter comes with dual hydraulic brakes that would help you make an emergency stop. These brakes have a firm grip on the road and stop instantly!

Safety Features

Nanrobot comes packed with amazing safety features. It has a lighting system that ensures visibility on the road, even under bad lighting conditions.

The scooter has a headlight that is bright enough to illuminate the road in front of you. It comes with a taillight that would let anyone from behind know your presence.

Then, we have the amazing turn signals to let people on the road know where you plan to go. Not only this, but these are also deck lights that will make it easy for others to identify you!

Of course, the scooter comes with a horn, which is a great way to let others on the road know that you are there. However, for the usage of horns, you would have to check your state's traffic laws, as there are certain states that do not allow horns.

Additional Features

To make the scooter future interesting and engaging, the Nanrobot N6 comes with a display that offers complete control of the scooter. It also provides detailed information regarding the health of the scooter.

Information regarding the battery and overall health of the scooter is readily available on the LCD of the electric scooter.

Not only this, you can now easily connect your scooter with a smartphone.

Throttle and Brake Lever Design

Nanrobot N6 comes with an index-finger pull throttle. Also, the throttle is doing its job to perfection, but it has an overall old design. That is something we are not a fan of! However, in order to max the throttle out, we would have to get into the P-settings.

Since everyone does not have enormous hands or tiny hands, having adjustable space between the handle grip and brake levers is a great option. Nanrobot N6 does not disappoint you in this regard either.

The scooter offers the ability to adjust your brake level closer to or further away from your dial. After all, the objective of the scooter is to ensure a smooth and steady ride!

Summary of Key Points

  • It is a powerful scooter that has an impressive range and a sleek design
  • Comes in two different battery versions (52V and 72V). Both versions offer different ranges and top speeds.
  • The dual suspension and 10inches tire offer a comfortable ride even on bumpy roads.
  • The scooter comes packed with safety features, including a lighting system, hydraulic disc brakes, and a horn.


  • Strong and Sturdy Build
  • Different Battery Versions
  • Safety at its best
  • Impressive Range
  • Great Speed


  • Throttle Design is outdated
  • Heavy


If you are planning to buy a scooter, you will not find a better one than Nanrobot N6. This feature-rich, affordable scooter is one of the best electric scooters in the market. It comes with a good range, a great battery, and an amazing design.

What are you waiting for? Go grab your own electric scooter today from here!

Nanrobot N6 Electric Scooter FAQ

What is the maximum speed of the Nanrobot N6?

The top speed of Nanrobot depends upon the battery version. The 72 V battery version offers a maximum speed of 50 MPH, whereas the 52 V version lets you ride up to 40 MPH.

What is the range of the Nanrobot N6?

Like the speed, the range also depends on the battery version of the scooter. The 52 V battery version would offer a range of 40 miles. On the contrary, the 72 V battery would offer an impressive range of 43 miles.

Is the Nanrobot N6 comfortable to ride?

The scooter comes with dual suspension and 10-inch road tires that would make the ride comfortable overall, even on tough terrains.

Is the Nanrobot N6 safe?

The scooter does not compromise the safety of the rider. It comes with different safety features, including hydraulic disc brakes, a headlight, deck lights, turn signals, and a tail light. Also, you have a horn in it!

How long does it take to charge the Nanrobot N6?

For the 52 V battery, you need 10 hours for charging. For a 72V battery, it would take about 8 to 12 hours for a full charge!

Does the Nanrobot N6 fold?

Yes, the scooter folds in just 3 seconds.

Does the Nanrobot N6 connect to a smartphone?

Nanrobot N6 does offer smartphone connectivity.

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