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DRIDER 8 Electric ScooterA perfect blend of exhilarating speed and eco-conscious practicality. With its top speed of 30 MPH and an exceptional 25-mile range, this scooter caters to thrill-seekers and daily commuters alike. Bid farewell to refueling hassles and embrace swift charging, all wrapped up in a sleek, foldable design. Get ready to elevate your riding experience with the DRIDER 8!

DRIDER 8 Electric Scooter

Your Ultimate Ride for Thrills and Practicality!

Are you in search of an electric scooter that combines speed, range, and convenience? Look no further than the DRIDER 8. Here's why it should be your top choice:

1. Lightning-Fast Speed: If you're an adventure-seeker, the DRIDER 8's top speed of 30 MPH will get your heart racing. It's perfect for adults who crave an exhilarating ride.

2. Extended Range: Say goodbye to range anxiety. With a remarkable 25-mile range on a single charge, this scooter is your ticket to exploring more without constant recharging.

3. Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient: Tired of refueling and oil changes? The DRIDER 8 is environmentally friendly and wallet-friendly, reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money.

4. Quick Charging: Don't wait around for hours to get back on the road. The DRIDER 8's battery recharges in just 6 hours, so you can keep moving.

5. Strong and Versatile: Designed for riders of all sizes, the DRIDER 8 can carry individuals weighing up to 220 lbs. Its robust build ensures durability and confidence on any terrain.

6. Safety First: With a reliable drum brake system, safety is a priority. You can ride with peace of mind, knowing you have excellent stopping power.

7. All-Terrain Traction: The 16-inch wheels with deep tread patterns provide outstanding traction, whether you're on sand, gravel, or rough terrain.

8. Tailored Comfort: Customize your ride with an adjustable seat and steering wheel, ensuring your comfort during every journey.

9. Convenience Features: The DRIDER 8 comes equipped with a spacious basket for your belongings and headlights for nighttime rides.

10. Real-Time Data: Stay informed with the on-board display, showing your speed and battery level in real-time.

11. Smooth Ride: Enjoy a comfortable journey with dual rear spring suspension and a well-padded seat, even on bumpy roads.

12. Legal and Foldable: Classified as a moped, you won't need state license plates. Plus, its foldable design makes transportation and storage effortless, fitting in your car's trunk.

Make Your Move: Experience an extended battery life, impressive engine performance, and join the ranks of satisfied riders who've chosen the DRIDER 8 for its exceptional features and superior performance.

Your Adventure Awaits: Whether you seek thrills or a practical way to get around, the DRIDER 8 is the answer. Make it your ultimate choice today!

30 mph

25 miles


48V 13Ah

42 lbs

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Best All-Round Commuter Scooter in its Price Range


    The urban electric scooter with improved design, upgraded hydraulic rear suspension, more power, and improved anti splash mud guard.


    The rear 48V 600W scooter motor with a 20A controller delivers max output of >800W, top speed of 30 mph, and tackles up to 10% inclines.


    Classic design with durable materials make for a durable and long lasting electric scooter.


    The high efficiency Li-ion battery delivers a range of up to 30 miles (13Ah).


    Handlebar and the front stem fold down quickly to take the scooter on a train or store away at home. 40 pounds can still be carried with ease.


    Bright LED head and tail lights, regenerative braking, advanced display throttle combination with loads of info and customizations.

Escooter rating
  • portability

    higher scores mean higher portability: lower weight & smaller footprint when folded

    Heavy & Bulky
    Ultra Portable
  • Power

    higher scores mean higher power: stronger acceleration & higher topspeed

    Rental Scooter
  • Range

    higher scores mean longer range: the amount of miles you can go on a full charge

    Extra Long

    higher scores mean better overall ride quality due to better suspension systems and larger tires (also better off-road capacity)

    Buttery Smooth
Drider 8 Max for Adventure Seekers


Best Value Commuter Scooter

  • All round talent at affordable price
  • 30+ mph top speed & up to 30 miles range
  • Sleek all-black design

Use Case

Portable Scooter For Inner City Rides

The Drider 8 is a versatile all round talent, making it perfect for scooter beginners. A 600W motor and large battery deliver great performance and make the Drider 8 the best scooter in its price range. Front and rear suspension allow a smooth ride through the city and the quick folding mechanism lets you easily carry the scooter on a bus or train.
Portable Scooter For Inner City Rides

Most Reliable In The Rain

While we did not invest in an IP rating for the Drider 8, it is the scooter from our portfolio that has the least problems with water damage. The display is IP66 rated. The two fenders do an excellent job in keeping the water down. And the deck openings are protected with silicone.

Intuitive Cockpit

The display with three riding gears allows for ample customizations such as zero start and cruise control. It comes with a smooth to operate thumb throttle. The maintenance free rear drum brake is effective and triggers brake lighting. Triple front and dual rear LEDs ensure good visibility at night. We recommend a handlebar height headlight like the DRIDER flash for extended night rides.

Best In Class Portability

The grip above the rear wheel allows for an easy pick up of your scooter without foling it down. The scooter folds down in seconds, the steering column locks in place for easy one-handed carry. For a minimal footprint you can collapse the handlebars as well.

Dual Suspension

In this price range, dual suspension is a rarity. The Drider 8 delivers a smooth and stable ride even on rougher road conditions. For an optimal stance, you can adjust the handlebar height to your liking. And you can use the rear handle as your foot rest.

Classic Design

The matt black finish with subtle branding makes for an understated look. It's rather classic in design but due to its outstanding reliablity with many riders reporting thousands of miles, we are shying away from changing any of the proven components

Compare Escooter Products

Range (Fastest speed) 25 Miles 40.4 Miles 40 Miles 30 Miles
Max Speed 30 MPH 20 mph 40+ Mph 26 mph
Motor 600W 500W 1000W X 2 2x500W
Lithium Battery 48V, 13 Ah 36V, 15 Ah 52V 18 AH 48V 15Ah
Net weight 42 lbs 18.7 kg 70 lbs 54 lbs
Tire 8.5-inch pneumatic 10-inch tire 10 x 3 in pneumatic tires 8" x 3.9" never-flat foam filled
Max Load capacity 220 lb 220 lb 330 lb 220 lb
Charging time 5 h 5 Hrs 5 h 5 Hrs 8-9h 8-9h
Waterproof IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54
Top Speed

30+ mph


600W base / 800W peak


27+ miles


48V 18Ah (499 Wh)


42 lbs


8" rear solid, 8.5" front air


rear wheel drive


front spring & rear dual spring

Charging Time

5-6h with incl. charger

Weight Limit

265 lbs

Physical Brakes

rear drum brake + regen

Electric Braking

adjustable regen. braking


front and rear LED


trigger throttle


QS-S4 (on throttle)


38.6 x 7.1 x 14.6 inch”


42.5 x 23.2 x 46.8 inch

Scooter Weight

42 lbs

Box Size


Box Weight

47 lbs

Since range of electric scooters varies greatly by riding style and rider weight, here are some examples for this particular model so you can judge:

30 miles

Optimal Conditions (165 lb rider, 15 mph constant speed, 13Ah variant)

This is the range you can get under optimal conditions. Usually manufacturers quote this type of range. We expect real world range to be lower since you will not go at constant slow speed.

26 miles

Real World (165 lb rider, aggressive riding, 13Ah variant)

This range has been tested by electric-scooter.guide under real world conditions. Quick acceleration, multiple stops, some inclines. All ESG range tests are done by the same rider and on the same circuit.



Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Cathy Schreiner
Drider 8 E-scooter

We bought the Drider 8 E-scooter for our 14-year-old daughter who absolutely loves the scooter. It goes really fast and smooth. It’s very easy to drive and is real solid, heavy duty scooter. We would recommend this scooter to anyone looking for an awesome scooter!!!!

Lite, Fast, & Reliable

I like how I can remove the rear fender to clean it thoroughly. I always give my scooter a cleaning after using it in the rain. The scooter is fast, light, and a reliable means of transportation for me. I can do light grocery shopping with it. I can carry it up and down the subway stairs quickly, easily, and safely. Most of all, I can fold it up and tuck it away, anyplace that I carry it along with me.


DRIDER 8 is a very good scooter and the ride is smooth! I haven’t drive it for long but so far so good. Good quality and it has enough power to handle trails and some hills. I received the scooter well packaged and in excellent condition with no damages. I appreciate the Drider customer service and their support. If you need a portable and practical scooter for your daily use or just to have fun, this will be a good option. The speed is good and it has multiple options to chose from using the scooter lcd control. I was able to get 24mph and it was very steady. Overall is a solid scooter and easy to move around!

Thank You

Perfect scooter

The D 8 is a perfect scooter for commute and Recreation!!!

Worked Extraordinarily

Everything was delivered fine and worked extraordinarily. They certainly respond. Received a response 2-3 days later. There is nothing bad to say. Overall, this is good. The only thing, as they didn't change my address when I called and asked them to do it before they sent me.

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