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INOKIM Light 2

Color* :
Black 10.4Ah (NEW V2022)
White 10.4Ah (NEW V2022)
Orange 10.4Ah (NEW V2022)
Green 10.4Ah (NEW V2022)
Blue 10.4Ah (NEW V2022)
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A true people's favorite, the INOKIM Light 2 perfectly combines portability and performance in an aesthetically designed package. Perfect for anyone who wants reliable and safe transportation in urban environments. Lightweight and easily foldable for loading in your trunk or taking it on bus and train.

Designed for short to medium commutes at moderate speed, the 350W motor delivers a top speed of 21mph. Small inclines can be tackled with ease. The large 10.4Ah high efficiency Li-Ion battery lasts for up to 20 miles. Re-charge anywhere in 4-5 hours.

INOKIM puts safety first: high quality materials, dual drum brakes, front and rear LED lighting as well as smooth and consistent acceleration ensure you will have a safe riding experience.

If you need reliable transportation and long lasting quality, look no further. INOKIM designs scooters for daily use. With proper maintenance and care, your scooter will last you for many years.

Now available in the 2022 version with improved water-resistance (IPx4) and never-flat rear tire for better maintainability.

21 mph
350W base / 650W peak

36V 10.4Ah (374 Wh)

20 miles

220 lbs

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Ultra-Portable Performance with Gorgeous Design


    The perfectly designed folding mechanism enables quick folding to a compact size for maximum versatility.


    At only 30 lbs., you will not break a sweat if you need to carry your scooter around.


    The 350W rear motor delivers smooth acceleration and a top speed of up to 20 mph.


    With a range of 20 miles, it is one of the longest range ultra-portable scooters on the market today.


    The spacious board with low center of gravity provides excellent stability. The two air tires compensate for bumps on the road.


    Designed for the daily commuter, this scooter will last you for thousands of miles with the proper maintenance.

Escooter rating
  • portability

    higher scores mean higher portability: lower weight & smaller footprint when folded

    Heavy & Bulky
    Ultra Portable
  • Power

    higher scores mean higher power: stronger acceleration & higher topspeed

    Rental Scooter
  • Range

    higher scores mean longer range: the amount of miles you can go on a full charge

    Extra Long

    higher scores mean better overall ride quality due to better suspension systems and larger tires (also better off-road capacity)

    Buttery Smooth


More than just good looks

  • Sleek lines, subtle branding, and vibrant colors
  • quick folding for maximum portability
  • low sitting deck for stability and comfort


Enhance your Lifestyle With a Versatile Companion

With only 30 lbs, the INOKIM Light is truly versatile. Use it for your commute, to run errands, or just to ride out for some fun. Fold it up to take on a train or put into your trunk. Wherever life takes you, your INOKIM Light will be your reliable companion.
Portable Scooter For Inner City Rides
Top Speed

21 mph


350W base / 650W peak


20 miles


36V 10.4Ah (374 Wh)


30 lbs


8.5" x 2" front air / rear never flat


rear wheel drive


air tires provide good suspension

Charging Time

5-6h with incl. charger

Weight Limit

220 lbs

Physical Brakes

front & rear drum brake

Electric Braking



front and rear LED


thumb throttle + palm ring


INOKIM display


37.4 x 14.2 x 9.8 inches”


42.5 x 41.3 x 18.1 inches

Scooter Weight

30 lbs

Box Size


Box Weight

40 lbs

Since range of electric scooters varies greatly by riding style and rider weight, here are some examples for this particular model so you can judge:

20 miles

Optimal Conditions (165 lb rider, 15 mph constant speed)

This is the range you can get under optimal conditions. Usually manufacturers quote this type of range. We expect real world range to be lower since you will not go at constant slow speed.

16 miles

Real World (165 lb rider, aggressive riding)

This range has been tested by electric-scooter.guide under real world conditions. Quick acceleration, multiple stops, some inclines. All ESG range tests are done by the same rider and on the same circuit.

Compare Escooter Products

Model OXO OX Quick 4 Light 2
Range (Fastest speed) 68 miles 37-60 miles 36-44 miles 27 miles
Max Speed 40MPH 27 mph 24mph 21 mph
Motor 1000W x 2 1000W 600W 350W
Lithium Battery 57.6V 26 Ah Hero: 57.6V, 13 Ah | Super: 57.6V, 20.8 Ah Hero: 50.4V 13Ah | Super: 50.4V 16Ah 36V, 12.8 Ah
Net weight 265 lbs 265 lbs 265 lbs 220 lbs
Tire 10 inch pneumatic tires 10 inch pneumatic tires 10 inch pneumatic tires 8.5 inch pneumatic tires
Max Load capacity 265 lb 265 lb 265 lb 220 lb
Charging time 13.5 hrs 7 hrs 7H 3-5 hrs
Waterproof IPX4 IPX4 IPX4 IPX4

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Marine Takhmasyan
Met expectations

This is very easy to assemble. It does have some weight to it but that makes it durable. I’m not a fan of needing the app initially but everything else is 5 stars. Very quiet yet powerful. Amazing scooter.

MidiMark/Natural Printing
Awesome Beast!

Got it for the Christmas, Its great Works well, if you are heavy the scooter will go slower but thats expected after doing much research if you want uphill speed to be good it will cost double the price.

Karen Carson
Haven’t been able to use scooter yet

The scooter itself is amazing. It’s fast, sturdy and really fun to drive. I bought it great discount on Christmas, but I’d say it provides the value for money I was looking for. I did have some issues with connecting the app in the first place.

Nisere Bell
Best fun i ever had

Bought two DRIDER UM-2 for me and my love. Actually they are beyond my expectation. Powerful, sturdy, easy to handle and long mileage range. A lot of fun when riding along the trails in big parks where it is impossible to walk through by foot. Hope they will last long.

Zenaida Bennett
Very fine and fun

I love my new scooter. I can drive it under light rain. It¡¯s easy to use, safe, and solid. The only problem is that it¡¯s too heavy. Other wise, 5 stars !

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