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NANROBOT D6+2.0: The Ultimate Choice for Off-Road and City Riders

Exhilarating Speed and Power

  • Dynamic Dual Motors: Dual 1000W motors deliver unmatched power for fast-paced city rides and off-road adventures.
  • Top Speed Excellence: A 40 mph top speed ensures you're ahead of the urban traffic.Read More

40 mph

45 miles*

2000 W (1000W x 2)

52V 26Ah

330 lbs

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Best All-Round Commuter Scooter in its Price Range


    The latest NANROBOT D6+2.0 model surpasses its predecessors with cutting-edge improvements in speed, comfort, and technology, offering the best ride experience to date.

  • Powerful and Fast

    Unleash the full potential of electric scootering with the power-packed performance that rockets to high speeds in seconds, delivering a rush like never before.

  • Hill Climbing Torque

    Master steep inclines with ease. The D6+2.0's robust motors provide exceptional torque, ensuring a smooth ascent on the steepest of hills without compromising on speed.

  • Long Range

    Go the distance with confidence. The enhanced battery life offers an extended range, perfect for long commutes or adventurous rides far off the beaten path.

  • Intuitive Controls

    Take command with ease. The scooter's intuitive controls are designed for a seamless riding experience, allowing for quick mastery and a more enjoyable ride.

  • Stylish and Durable

    Crafted for both appeal and resilience, the NANROBOT D6+2.0 showcases a sleek design and is built from high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Escooter rating
  • portability

    higher scores mean higher portability: lower weight & smaller footprint when folded

    Heavy & Bulky
    Ultra Portable
  • Power

    higher scores mean higher power: stronger acceleration & higher topspeed

    Rental Scooter
  • Range

    higher scores mean longer range: the amount of miles you can go on a full charge

    Extra Long

    higher scores mean better overall ride quality due to better suspension systems and larger tires (also better off-road capacity)

    Buttery Smooth
Fun Ride

Experience the joy of riding with the NANROBOT D6+2.0. Its responsive acceleration and dynamic handling make every journey an adventure.

Unique Design and Motor Power

The NANROBOT D6+2.0 stands out with its sleek, aerodynamic design, paired with formidable dual 1000W motors for an exhilarating ride.

Performance and Range

Designed for endurance and performance, this scooter boasts a 40-mile range and the ability to reach speeds of up to 40 mph.

Best in Class Portability

With its foldable design and lightweight frame, the NANROBOT D6+2.0 redefines portability without compromising on power.

Dual Suspension

Navigate bumpy roads with ease thanks to the advanced dual suspension system, ensuring a smooth and stable ride.

Reliable in the Rain

Don't let the weather stop you; the NANROBOT D6+2.0's waterproof construction means you can rely on it, rain or shine..

Classic Design

The timeless design of the NANROBOT D6+2.0 combines modern technology with classic aesthetics, making it a stylish choice.

Technical Specifications

Boasting top-of-the-line specs, this scooter features a 52V lithium battery, hydraulic brakes, and an intuitive LCD display.

Ride Further and Faster

Push the boundaries of distance and speed, taking your riding experience to new heights with the NANROBOT D6+2.0.

Portable and Practical

Effortlessly carry the NANROBOT D6+2.0 with you wherever you go, making it the perfect companion for the urban commuter.

Ride in All Conditions

From sun-soaked streets to rain-drenched roads, the NANROBOT D6+2.0 is built to perform in any weather condition.

Phenomenal Value

Offering unbeatable performance at a value that's hard to match, the NANROBOT D6+2.0 is an investment in quality and fun.


Best Value Commuter Scooter

  • All round talent at affordable price
  • 40 mph & up to 45 miles*
  • Sleek all-black design

Use Case

Portable Scooter For Inner City Rides

The NANROBOT D6+2.0 is a versatile all round talent, making it perfect for scooter beginners. A 330 lbs motor and large battery deliver great performance and make the NANROBOT D6+2.0 the best scooter in its price range. Front and rear suspension allow a smooth ride through the city and the quick folding mechanism lets you easily carry the scooter on a bus or train.


Model Name
Nanrobot D6+
Top Speed
40 mph
40 miles
1000W x 2
52V 26Ah
Charge Time
10 Hours
Braking System
Dual disc / hydraulic brake
Max Load
330 Lbs
77 Lbs
Smart Technology
LCD Dispaly
10 inch Off-road

Compare Escooter Products

Model LS7+ 60V LS7+ 72V N6 52V N6 72V D6+2.0 LIGHTNING 3.0 D4+3.0 D4+2.0 OXO OX Quick 4 Light 2
Range (Fastest speed) 45Miles 43Miles 40Miles 34Miles / 43.5Miles 40Miles 25Miles 40Miles 40Miles 68 miles 37-60 miles 36-44 miles 27 miles
Max Speed 55MPH+ 74.5MPH 40MPH 50MPH 40MPH 30MPH 40MPH 40MPH 40MPH 27 mph 24mph 21 mph
Motor 2400Wx 2 3000Wx 2 1000W x 2 1500W x2 1000W x 2 800W x 2 1000W x 2 1000W x 2 1000W x 2 1000W 600W 350W
Lithium Battery 60V 40AH(LG) 72V 32AH(LG) 52V 26.1AH 72V 24AH / 72V 30AH 52V 26.1AH 48V 18.2AH 52V 23.4AH 52V 23.4AH 57.6V 26 Ah Hero: 57.6V, 13 Ah | Super: 57.6V, 20.8 Ah Hero: 50.4V 13Ah | Super: 50.4V 16Ah 36V, 12.8 Ah
Net weight 330lbs 330lbs 330lbs 330lbs 330lbs 330 lbs 330 lbs 330 lbs 265 lbs 265 lbs 265 lbs 220 lbs
Tire 11" Off-road tires 11" Off-road tires 10" Off-road tires 10" Road tires 10" Off-road tires 8.5" Road tires 10" Off-road tires 10" Off-road tires 10 inch pneumatic tires 10 inch pneumatic tires 10 inch pneumatic tires 8.5 inch pneumatic tires
Max Load capacity 330 lbs 330 lbs 330 lbs 330 lbs 330 lbs 330 lbs 330 lbs 330 lbs 265 lb 265 lb 265 lb 220 lb
Charging time 10-12 h 8-12 h 10 h 8-12 h 8-12 h 8-10 h 8-12 h 8-12 h 13.5 hrs 7 hrs 7H 3-5 hrs
Waterproof IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IPX4 IPX4 IPX4 IPX4

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I love my D6+ 2.0
This scooter is so fast and very durable. I weigh 220 ilbs and the suspension works very well. I have more fun riding this with my son than my motorcycle. It’s extremely quick and has a lot of torque. The hydraulic brakes provide excellent stopping power. I definitely will be buying another one very soon.

This is my second purchase from e-scooter stores. The support team is very responsive and always quick to answer any questions I have. I am impressed by their professionalism and dedication to their craft. Thank you.

john kozlosky
Spygaget terrific

Guys were terrific a settling my issues with a bad scooter. The ease of use with a simpler more adapted version; and overall looks. Thanks for your business

Jaime Negron-Pachot


Must recommend

I'd recommend this to anyone who wants something with speed & accessibility

Good pickup

The scooter is so convenient. I usually ride about 7 miles everyday. It has good pickup speed and braking system. The built is strong and heavy. It is easy to balance.

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