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Top Electric Scooters for Adults 2023 - Unleashed the Power of Ultimate Electric Scooters

When it comes to scooters, finding the perfect blend of convenience, range, power, and speed is a daunting task. However, this amazing electric scooter is a dream come true for scooter enthusiasts. It has top-notch specifications, and it is a robust and premium-quality scooter.

What Factors To Consider When Buying a Scooter

Power and Speed

These scooters offer impressive speed. It most definitely is not for faint-hearted people. The scooter offers a top speed exceeding 30 mph; it's built for those who are in for an adrenaline rush during their daily commute. The scooter comes with a robust 600 words best power, speaking at install a sink 800 words. Thus, you can mute the urban Street with it in class.

Impressive Range

For a scooter to stand out, it needs to have an impressive range. Most scooters on our list have the capacity to provide a remarkable range of 20 miles on a single charge. The power of a 48 V battery is something that people look forward to. With these kinds of scooters, you can confidently navigate the city or explore new routes without constantly worrying about recharging it.


Even though most scooters are extremely robust and sturdy, they still are surprisingly lightweight. They generally weigh around 42 lbs, therefore, making them perfect scooters to carry on to public transport or stow away at home. Due to its study belt, the scooter can withstand rigorous use.

Smooth Ride

The scooters that come with an 8.5-inch front air tire and 8-inch rear solid tire ensure a smooth and solid ride. This combination of front along with rear dual spring suspension ensures a comfortable ride even on brought terrains and bumpy roads.

Safety Measures

Great scooters ensure the safety of the rider in almost every situation possible. For that purpose, the scooter is equipped with a rear drum brake and a regenerative braking system. It has reliable stopping power and extra front and rear LED lights to enhance road visibility and the rider’s visibility under low light conditions.

Best All-Rounder Electric Scooters for Adults 2023

DRIDER 10 X Electric Scooter

PRICE: $1,699.00


If you're looking for an electric scooter that combines high-speed capabilities with exceptional range, we firmly believe that this scooter acts out as a top-tier choice. This high-performing electric scooter has impeccable quality and is a favourite of riders who crave extraordinary features.

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Feature / Specification Details
Motor: 2 x 1000 W Tires: 10” x 3” Tubeless Tires
Battery: 52V 18Ah Suspension: Front and rear hydraulic Suspension
Range: 35-40 miles Brakes: Front and Rear Hydraulic disc brakes
Top Speed: 35-40 Mph Lights: Rear LED brake light, front headlights
Weight Limit: 330 lbs Display: LCD Display + Key Switch

Variants to Suit Your Needs

The D 10 X electric scooter comes in three variants two of which have a 52V battery version and the third has a 60V battery version. Which of these variants offers impressive performance? It is but natural that the 60V variant would shine in terms of acceleration and speed. The diversity provides the rider the choice to choose a model that would best suit their preferences

A True Workhorse with Dual Motors

Drider 10X comes with numerous features, but the most prominent one is its dual motor setup. Each motor packs a punch of 1000W, and together they produce 2000W. What's more is that the scooter can reach a peak value of a staggering 3200 W. There is nothing there is no denying that this powerhouse scooter tends to deliver accelerating components.

Speed and Range

The scooter is built for speed and it offers a top speed of 45 mph. However, do keep in mind the actual speed depends on the specific models and certain factors such as load, surface, etc. The scooter also has an impressive range of about 35 to 60 miles on a single charge. This range tends to comfortably accommodate various riding needs!

Build and Load Capacity

A scooter does not weigh more than 80 LBS and it has a solid build. The good thing about the scooter is that it with stand load capacity of 330 LBS, in other words, 150 kgs. This shows its robustness and durability.

Hydraulic Brakes for Safety

The D 10 X does not compromise on safety! It features two sets of hydraulic disc brakes Dash front and rear! The brakes enhance stopping power while providing the riders with reliable control over their scooter.

Spring Suspension for Comfort

The scooter features 10-inch pneumatic wheels that incorporate a spring suspension system. This suspension system features a smooth and comfortable ride even when riding the scooter on uneven surfaces.

Features and Impeccable Value

The next most unique features are the integrated shock absorbers, hydraulic suspension, and LED display. These elements are a great way to enhance the quality of the scooter. They provide the rider with a great riding experience.


  • Exceptional Speed
  • Great Range
  • Powerful Motors


  • Weight
  • Price

INOKIM Quick 4

Price: $1699.00

Specifications Details
Handlebars: High-quality cast aluminum handlebars for durability Handlebar Grips: Grips provide excellent grip and stability
Thumb Throttle: Upgraded thumb throttle with rubber insert for comfort Brake Levers: Brake levers with rubber strips for superior grip
LED Display: Clear LED display with modern aesthetic Frame: Stylish and industrial design with silver and black finish
Red accents on swingarms, stem lever, and tension cuffs
Deck Size:Relatively small deck size (15.5 inches) with grip tape Tires: Two 10 x 2.5-inch pneumatic tires for comfort and traction
Build Quality & Durability:High-quality construction with precision and weld-free finish Water Resistance: Lacks water-resistant rating
Weight:Weighs 47 lbs, relatively light Suspension: Front spring and rear rubber suspension for comfort
Load Capacity:220 lbs weight limit Portability and Folding: Folds and unfolds in 15 seconds
Assembly:Minimal assembly required Ride Quality: Comfortable ride with responsive suspension and grip
Performance & Safety:Top speed of 25 mph, decent acceleration Maximum range of 43 miles, 28 miles in powerful settings
Handles moderate inclines (15 degrees) Sealed drum brakes for responsive braking
Charge Time: Approximately 7 hours to charge the 52V 16Ah battery Extra Features: Central Control Unit and LCD display for customization
Park mode for safety Telescopic stem and folding handlebars for portability
Automatic LED lights for low-light conditions Unique thumb throttle feature

The brake levers are thoughtfully designed, featuring rubber strips for superior grip. At the center of the handlebars, the LED display stands out as one of the best in its class, offering clear information and a modern aesthetic.

The scooter's frame continues INOKIM's tradition of exceptional styling. From the slender stem to the smooth rear fender, the Quick 4 exudes an industrial charm that sets it apart. With a silver and black finish complemented by red accents on the swingarms, stem lever, and tension cuffs, this scooter delivers a premium appearance and smooth edges, consistent with the INOKIM brand.

Deck Size

However, the Quick 4's deck presents a notable drawback. Among the scooters we've tested, it boasts one of the smallest decks, measuring just 15.5 inches. This limited deck size negatively impacts the riding experience, causing discomfort and awkward foot placement, especially at higher speeds. In comparison, other scooters, such as the EMOVE Cruiser, offer significantly larger decks, providing a more comfortable and practical stance for riders.

Nonetheless, the deck's grip is commendable, thanks to the grip tape that covers its entire length, ensuring a secure footing.


The INOKIM Quick 4 features two 10 x 2.5-inch pneumatic tires mounted on split rims. Pneumatic tires contribute to a comfortable ride, offering excellent traction and shock absorption. The increased contact area enhances stopping power, even though the scooter doesn't employ the most advanced braking systems. These tires also enable agile maneuverability, making it enjoyable to carve through corners.

Compared to its competitor, the VSETT 8R, the Quick 4 has the advantage of dual pneumatic tires, whereas the VSETT 8R has a solid rubber rear tire. While air-filled tires require more maintenance, they provide superior performance and comfort, compensating for the lack of a shock-absorbing rear tire on the VSETT 8R.

Build Quality & Durability

INOKIM is known for its premium build quality, and the Quick 4 lives up to this reputation. The scooter is constructed with precision, evident in every joint, lever, and switch. The stem and base are forged from a single piece of aluminum alloy using CNC machinery, ensuring a high-quality, weld-free finish. This construction results in a durable scooter suitable for everyday use.

However, one area where the Quick 4 falls short is water resistance. It lacks a water-resistant rating, which is essential for a scooter marketed as a commuter option. This deficiency in weather protection is a common issue across all INOKIM scooters.

Load Capacity and Scooter Weight

The Quick 4 weighs 47 lbs, which is relatively light compared to other scooters in its class. It features a front spring and rear rubber suspension system, providing additional comfort compared to its predecessor, the Quick 3. The more powerful 52V 600W motor and the larger 52V 16Ah battery contribute to the increased weight compared to the Quick 3.

However, the Quick 4's load capacity is limited to 220 lbs, which is less than some of its competitors. Scooters like the VSETT 8R and Mantis Base offer higher weight capacities, providing more versatility for riders of various sizes.

Portability and Folding Mechnasim

The Quick 4 excels in terms of folding speed, taking only 15 seconds to fold and unfold. It offers practical features such as folding handlebars, a telescopic stem, a rear handle, and a user-friendly folding mechanism.

While it's not the lightest scooter, making it less suitable for extended periods of carrying, it remains compact enough for easy transportation on public transit and storage under desks or in car trunks.


The INOKIM Quick 4 comes nearly ready to ride out of the box, requiring minimal assembly. You'll need to unfold the scooter, adjust the handlebar height to your preference, secure the stem clamp, and ensure that the brake levers, throttle, and scooter controls are fastened securely.

Ride Quality

The Quick 4 offers a comfortable and secure riding experience, handling urban terrain and bumps with ease. Its suspension, featuring a front spring and rear rubber components, absorbs shocks effectively. The handgrips, inherited from the INOKIM Ox and OxO models, contribute to the scooter's comfortable ride, providing excellent grip and ergonomics.

The thumb throttle adds to the riding comfort, offering a unique feature not commonly found on other scooters. The reliable drum brakes, along with the low-maintenance design, ensure responsive stopping power.

However, the deck size poses a significant drawback, forcing riders to adopt an uncomfortable and unnatural foot stance, especially at high speeds.

Performance & Safety

Top Speed

The Quick 4 can reach speeds of up to 25 mph, placing it in the middle of the pack compared to other scooters in its price and weight range. While it doesn't excel in top speed, it offers a balance between performance and practicality. Scooters like the Mantis Base and Varla Eagle One outperform the Quick 4 in speed, reaching 40 mph, but they come with their own trade-offs.


In terms of acceleration, the Quick 4 performs decently but is not the fastest in its class. It takes 4.7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 15 mph and 12.3 seconds to reach 20 mph. If speed and acceleration are top priorities, scooters like the Mantis Base or EMOVE Cruiser offer better performance.

Maximum Mileage

The Quick 4 boasts a maximum range of 43 miles, with a realistic range of 28 miles in powerful settings. Its Samsung battery is of high quality and offers longevity. However, the EMOVE Cruiser surpasses the Quick 4 in terms of mileage, providing an additional 19 miles of range, making it a better option for longer commutes.

Hill Climbing

The Quick 4 handles moderate inclines well, with an estimated maximum hill climbing incline of 15 degrees. While it's not a hill-climbing powerhouse, it can handle most urban inclines. For more demanding hill climbing, dual-motor models like the Mantis Base or scooters with larger motors like the EMOVE Cruiser are more suitable.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

The suspension system of the Quick 4 is a strong point, offering excellent shock absorption for urban terrain. It features a unique combination of a front spring and rear rubber suspension, delivering a comfortable ride. While it may not be as soft as some other scooters, it strikes a good balance between comfort and support.


The Quick 4 comes equipped with sealed drum brakes that provide responsive braking. These brakes offer reliability in wet conditions and require minimal maintenance. While they perform well, alternatives like the EMOVE Cruiser and Mantis Base feature semi-hydraulic brakes that provide even shorter stopping distances.

Charge Time

Charging the Quick 4's 52V 16Ah battery takes approximately 7 hours, which is standard for a battery of this size. The use of Samsung cells ensures high quality and long-lasting performance, offering peak performance over numerous charge cycles.

Extra Features

The Quick 4's cockpit features a Central Control Unit and an LCD display that allows for customized performance configuration. It offers a user-friendly interface for adjusting settings such as maximum speed, lights, park mode, and units of display (km or miles).

One unique feature is the park mode, which automatically disables the throttle if the fscooter remains powered on and idle for 30 seconds or more. This safety feature prevents unintentional acceleration.

The telescopic stem allows for adjustable handlebar height, catering to riders of different heights. The folding handlebars enhance portability, making the Quick 4 suitable for public transport and compact storage.

The scooter's LED lights, including front and taillights, turn on automatically in low-light conditions. However, the front lights' low mounting position may require additional external lighting for improved visibility during nighttime rides.


  • Sturdy Build
  • Strong Battery
  • Long Range


  • Small Deck Size
  • Lack of official IP-rating

Horizon Electric Scooter

Introducing the Horizon Electric Scooter, a versatile and budget-friendly option for adult riders seeking a dependable mode of transportation. Designed to cater to various commuting needs, this scooter provides an excellent alternative for those looking to upgrade from entry-level models. In this article, we'll explore the Horizon Electric Scooter's specifications, performance, and its pros and cons.

Specification Details
Motor: 500W base / 800W peak Tires: 8" rear solid, 8.5" front air
Dimensions: 42.5 x 23.2 x 46.8 inches Battery:Lithium-ion 48V 10.4Ah / 13Ah
Suspension: Front spring & rear dual spring Folded Dimensions: 38.6 x 7.1 x 14.6 inches
Range: 20 miles (10.4Ah) / 25 miles (13Ah) Brakes: Rear drum brake + regenerative
Weight: 40 lbs (10Ah) / 42 lbs (13Ah) Top Speed: 23-25 mph
Lights: 3 front and 2 rear LEDs Drive: Rear wheel drive
Weight Limit 265 lbs / 120 kg Display: Advanced display with throttle
Battery Position: Under Board

Performance and Features

The Horizon Electric Scooter is designed to excel in urban environments, making it an ideal choice for daily commuting. Its robust 500W brushless hub motor, capable of reaching peak power outputs of 800W, effortlessly tackles inclines and hills with gradients of up to 15%. With a top speed of 23 mph (37 kph), this scooter offers a satisfying balance of power and efficiency.

One of its standout features is its availability in two battery versions, offering a choice between a 20-mile (32 km) range with the 10.4Ah battery or an extended 25-mile (40 km) range with the 13Ah battery. The slight variation in weight between the two models corresponds to their respective battery capacities. Recharging takes approximately 5-6 hours, ensuring a quick turnaround between rides.

The Horizon Electric Scooter employs a dual suspension system, combining an air-filled tire on the front and a solid one on the rear. This unique setup minimizes the risk of flat tires while maintaining low maintenance requirements. The scooter handles road conditions admirably, delivering a comfortable and fatigue-free riding experience even during longer journeys.

For braking, the scooter features a rear drum brake and a regenerative brake. A lever on the left side of the handlebar controls the regenerative brake, activated with a gentle pull, while a firmer pull engages the rear drum brake. Despite its relatively lightweight design, weighing 40 or 42 pounds (18 or 19 kg) depending on the battery version, it folds compactly into dimensions of 38.6 x 7.1 x 14.6 inches (98 x 18 x 37 cm). This makes it easy to carry onto public transportation or stow away discreetly.

An advanced LCD display, coupled with LED lights and durable construction, ensures a long lifespan for the Horizon Electric Scooter. Many experts regard it as the best budget electric scooter for everyday urban use.


  • Long Range
  • Strong Power-to-Weight Ratio
  • Very Practical & Foldable


  • Board Deck is Narrow

Best Light Weight Electric Scooter For Adults


PRICE: $1,099.00


This Ultra-portable scooter has everything that you might be looking for in a scooter. Ranging from telescopic stems to chunky rear fenders and everything in between is designed to keep comfort, portability and functionality in mind.

Learn More

Feature / Specification Details
Model: INOKIM LIGHT 2 Overview: Ultra-portable and comfortable scooter
Designed for experienced riders Design: Sleek and compact handlebars made of aluminum
Tilted handlebar grips for comfort Thumb throttle for easy and extended use
Responsive LCD display for stats and settings Frame: Thin telescopic stem and chunky rear fender
Available in multiple colors: orange, green, blue, white, black Deck: Spacious deck for comfortable riding
Deck size: 15.5 inches x 2.8 inches Ground clearance: 2.2 inches
Wheels: 8.5-inch pneumatic front tires Never-flat tire at the rear
Build Quality and Durability PX4 water resistance rating
Excellent build quality with a focus on details Weight and Load: Lightweight design, weighs only 30 lbs
Supports a load capacity of up to 220 lbs Folding and Portability: Simple and sleek folding mechanism
Stable when folded for easy transport Rider Quality: Lacks suspension system for bumpy roads
Top Speed: Offers a top speed of 21 mph Acceleration: - 0 to 15 mph in approximately 5.7 seconds
Maximum Mileage: Impressive 24-mile range on a single charge Hill Climbing: Comfortable incline capability around 10°
Suspension: No suspension; relies on pneumatic tires Braking: Front and rear drum brakes for effective stopping
Charge Time: Quick recharge in just 5 hours LCD Display: Display offers riding modes, speed adjustments, brightness control, and cruise control
LED Lights: Reflective headlight and brake lights Automatically turn on in low light conditions
Optional Seat Attachment: Available for longer rides

The company design along with the telescopic stem, handlebars and folding mechanism, makes it extremely easy to carry around.


The Lighting 2 comes with sleek, compact, and easy to you use handlebars. The handlebars are made using aluminium which is similar to the one used for the stem. This adds to the quality and gives the cockpit a premium feel. Since the handlebars are tilted slightly backwards, does it give them a more rhythmic feel

Everything seems perfect, but one thing that we have a problem with is the form handle grips. Although these hand grips do their job perfectly, in my personal opinion we prefer the rubber ones.

Next is a thumb throttle, it is another great feature the scooter offers. This is one of the best of its kind, and because of its placement, grey, and shape it is extremely easy to hold it for longer periods of time.

Last but not least, the LCD display makes the scooter stand out. It is right next to the throttle, and it fulfils its purpose in every possible way. This easy-to-use device allows you to keep a close eye on your writing statistics. It lets you change settings including adjusting the top speed and others and it is extremely responsive.


Being a fan of incoming styling, we are not disappointed with what lighting to has to offer. The scooter comes with a thin telescopic stem, junky rear fender, and great deck space. The red accents on the handlebars and the sleek branding along with the lime green cables make the look of the scooter very aesthetic.

Of course, how could we forget about the five color options? The scooter is available in orange, green, blue, white, and black. This is one of the few scooters that offer a wide range of colors, generally, scooters come in either one or two colors.


Overall, the lightning deck is amazing. Even though it might seem like an ultra-compact scooter, but there's ample room for the rider to comfortably ride for a longer ride. This is more than enough, especially when we compare it to other high-end electric scooters. The deck is about 15.5 inches and about 2.8 inches thick. It offers great grip and keeps you firmly planted at all times.

Moreover, the deck comes with a ground clearance of just 2.2 inches. This is low, and it comes with both its advantages and disadvantages. On the upside, the low deck let you get this sensation that you are surfing along the city streets. The disadvantage is that either you build a speed to clear the curb, or you will have to stop.


This is another department where the light to electric scooter impresses us. The scooter comes with 8.5-inch pneumatic tires at the front and a never-flat tire at the rear. The addition of this new tire technology has helped the scooter to close the gap between solid rubber tires and airfield tires.

Build Quality and Durability

The company is famous for its superior build quality. Light 2 is no different! It comes with excellent build quality. The scooter comes with a PX4 rating resulting in having to be protected from splashes of water from all directions. Super build quality is oozing out of every bolt, lever, and joint.

The reason behind its luxurious build is that it is not an OEM production model. In case you're not familiar with what OEM stands for, it means original equipment manufacturer.

The company vertically integrated this amazing scooter, meaning that it put every component that the scooter uses from its own production hub. They created every opening from scratch.

Weight and Load

Scooter is as it’s name suggests! It weighs just 30 LBS and is extremely portable. You can get it around without so much of a hassle. Moreover, the scooter can withstand a load capacity of 220 LBS.

A rule of thumb is to choose a scooter that can support 40 LBS more than your weight to get the ideal performance. In case you're planning to buy Lighting 2, make sure that you fall within the 180 LBS weight range. In case you were more than that, it's better to look for alternatives.

Folding and Portability

The electric scooter comes with a Portable and a folding mechanism that is simple and sleek. It led to for the scooter within seconds. Moreover, the folding mechanism is sturdy and stable. You will not end up with wobbly stems once you start folding your stem regularly.

Rider Quality

The scooter has all the credentials to deliver a good level of ride quality. However, there is one aspect where the scooter is lacking. Despite being a premium scooter, it does not have any sort of suspension system in place. Not even a bad one. Therefore, if you're riding on extremely bumpy roads you might feel the brunt.

Top Speed

Being a fast and light scooter, the lighting 2 offers a top speed of 21 mph. This is enough for people who want to add a little thrill to their daily commuting. It also helps you reach places quickly and effectively!


Even though the scooter comes with the highest top seats when compared to its weight class, it is slow at pulling off the start line. It comes with a sluggish acceleration. It would take about 5.7 seconds to reach from 0 to 15 mph.

Maximum Mileage

The scooter has a decent top Speed, and a low startup speed, but it definitely has a great mileage. The scooter can offer 24 miles with a single charge this is great in comparison to all of the scooters falling within the same category.

Hill Climbing

It comes with a slightly lower hillclimbing incline. As per our results we have seen that the scooter is able to comfortably incline around 10°.


Unfortunately the scooter does not have any sort of suspension in place. It completely relies on its flush air filters at the front and never-flat tires at the back to soak up the bumps in the road. This is enough cushioning while riding the scooter on smooth rides, however, once you take it off the road you will feel the bumps.


The scooter comes with an okay braking system. These systems are effective and have low maintenance. It has a front and rear drum brakes.

Charge Time

This is one of our favourite aspects of the scooter. It does not take a lot of time to recharge the scooter. On the contrary, you just need five hours for the scooter will be fully charged and you will be back on the road in no time.

LCD Display

Even though we believe that the design of the display is slightly outdated, it serves its purpose to perfection. It lets you choose between three different riding modes ranging from 6 mph and gradually increase to full speed. It also offers the facility of changing the speed limit and adjusting the brightness of the display. You can also adjust the statistics of the cruise control features.

There is a thumb throttle right next to the display. Although it's comfortable to use, you can enjoy the feature of cruise control. It means that if you are riding your scooter for 10 seconds without any change in speed, the cruise control feature will kick in and you can take your hand off the throttle. And enjoy the amazing riding experience.

LED Lights

The scooter comes with amazing LED lighting links set up. At the front, there is a reflective headlight and at the rear, there are brake lights. Other of lights turn on automatically when the it gets dark outside. The sensor for this is embedded into the thumb throttle.

Ultimately these lights might not be enough to illuminate the road, therefore, we recommend that you invest in additional lighting.

Optional Seat Attachment

If you have been planning to ride your scooter for longer periods of time, we recommend that you go with the absolute attachment that easily hooks onto the scooter deck. Put it there, sit on it, and enjoy riding the scooter everywhere you go.


  • Powerful Battery
  • Impressive Range
  • Excellent Top-Speed
  • Light Weight


  • Design is Outdated

Best Long-Range Electric Scooters for Adults

Wolf Warrior


It is the perfect example of an advanced electric scooter technology. It comes with twin motors that make this scooter monstrous. What’s more is the impressive range, the amazing features and the robust build. It is a top-choice for all scooter enthusiasts!

Whether you're navigating city streets, conquering off-road trails, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, the Wolf Warrior scooter sets a new standard for electric scooters and caters to riders who demand the best in performance and quality.

The scooter is a true powerhouse in the world of electric scooters, and its exceptional features set it apart as a top-tier option for both commuting and adventurous riders. This scooter is designed to deliver unmatched performance, durability, and versatility, making it a force to be reckoned with in the electric scooter market.

Dual Motors

The Wolf Warrior scooter boasts a dual-motor configuration that is nothing short of impressive. Each motor offers a formidable 1200W base power, which can peak at an astonishing 5400W when you unleash its full potential. This dual-motor setup provides the scooter with an incredible amount of power, ensuring it can tackle a wide range of terrains with ease.

Tubeless Tires and Excellent Suspension

Equipped with 11-inch tubeless tires, the scooter offers a stable and comfortable ride. These tires not only provide excellent grip but also offer enhanced puncture resistance compared to traditional pneumatic tires. The scooter's suspension system is equally impressive, featuring front hydraulic suspension and rear springs. This combination allows for a smooth and controlled ride, even on bumpy or uneven surfaces.

LG Li-ion Battery and Impressive Range

The scooter is known for its exceptional range, capable of covering an astonishing 70 miles on a single charge when operating in eco or single-drive mode. This remarkable range is made possible by the high-capacity LG Li-ion battery, featuring a 60V rating and an impressive 35Ah capacity. With this scooter, range anxiety becomes a thing of the past, and you can embark on longer journeys without worry.

Hydraulic Brakes and Thrilling Top Speed:

Safety is a top priority, and the Wolf Warrior scooter addresses this with its front and rear hydraulic brakes. These brakes provide reliable stopping power, ensuring you can bring the scooter to a halt quickly and effectively, even at high speeds. Speaking of speed, the scooter can reach an exhilarating top speed of 50 mph, delivering an adrenaline-pumping experience for those who crave excitement and speed.

Dual-Wheel Drive

The scooter features a dual-wheel drive system, with both front and rear wheels powered independently. This setup not only enhances traction and stability but also provides exceptional control, particularly when navigating challenging terrain or executing tight turns. You'll feel confident and in command as you maneuver through various riding conditions.

Generous Weight Limit

With a weight limit of 330 lbs (150 kg), the Wolf Warrior scooter accommodates a wide range of riders, making it suitable for adults and teenagers alike. Its sturdy and durable build ensures longevity, and its rugged design conveys a sense of strength and reliability. Whether you're commuting or embarking on off-road adventures, the Wolf Warrior is up for the task.

Comprehensive LED Lighting

Enhancing safety and visibility, the Wolf Warrior scooter is equipped with front, side, and rear LEDs. These lights not only illuminate your path but also make you more visible to others, enhancing safety during nighttime rides. The scooter also features a Minimotors display and throttle system, providing essential ride information and control at your fingertips.

Compact Folding and Portability

Despite its powerful performance and robust features, the Wolf Warrior scooter remains relatively portable. When folded, it measures 59 x 11 x 19 inches, allowing for convenient storage in tight spaces or easy transport in the trunk of a car. Its folding mechanism is user-friendly, making it hassle-free to prepare for your next adventure.


  • Versatile
  • Powerful
  • Dual Motors


  • Heavy


Price: $1399.00

Feature / Specification Details
Model: Inokim OX Design and Features: Sturdy build and affordable price
Big tires for improved stability Strong battery for extended mileage
Suitable for entry-level riders Acceleration:500W electric motor
Acceleration to 15 mph in 4.9 seconds Reach 20 mph in approximately 8.4 seconds
Hill Climb: Capable of tackling steep inclines Suitable for heavy riders
Top Speed: Decent top speed: 30 mph Achieves approximately 28.1 mph
Range: 62Wh lithium-ion battery pack Real-world riding range of 22.3 miles
Braking: High-quality cable-activated rear drum brakes Durable and robust braking system
Ride Quality: Penny Matic tires for comfort and smooth ride Front and rear suspension for added comfort
Portability: Lightweight: 40 lbs Compact folding mechanism
Multiple mechanisms to reduce size Cockpit: LCD display with scooter health info
Mode button, power button, throttle button Gear, battery level, trip odometer, and speed info
Adjustable gear settings Wide handlebars for stability
Telescopic neck for handlebar height adjustment Lights: Deck lights, forward-facing fender lights
Rear red lights Decently bright lights, positioned low
Tires: 8.5-inch pneumatic front tire Solid airless rear tire
Deck: Usable deck space: 19.3" x 8.2" Ground clearance: 5.2 inches
Adjustable deck and bar height (36" to 39") Comfortable deck space for riders of all sizes
Build Quality: Solid and durable construction Adjustable foldable mechanism for longevity
Powerful motor, great range, and deep battery capacity

The INOKIM Ox comes in two different variants: The Hero and the Super. Both these models are of premium quality and they offer the best features in town. These powerful, and feature-rich scooters would make your daily commuting exciting! Although, the scooter is a bit expensive, it is worth the money.

Imagine the convenience it would offer. Commuting would become extremely easy and simple!


The handlebars of a comfortable stance. These are made up of cast aluminium. The same aluminium is used for the stem. This durable and wobble-free set of handlebars instils confidence in the rider while riding the electric scooter.

Hill Climb

INOKIM Ox comes with a decent hill-climbing ability, but it takes time to build acceleration on a flat surface. During the hill climb test (200 ft, 10% grade, 165 lb rider) the electric scooter took 13.7 seconds.

Top Speed

The scooter has an excellent top speed of 28.2 mph. All because of its 800-watt electric motor. It is a great scooter for people who enjoy speed and thrill.


As per our test results, the scooter offers a range of 21.1 miles. We perform all range tests using the same parameters. The rider weighs just 165 LBS. We ride the scooter at the highest possible speed while ensuring the safety of the rider.

We tested the 60 V version of this electric scooter which has a 780 W battery pack. As per our test results, when you ride the scooter using the economical mode it gives you a mileage of around 7 miles. Using super mode would give a mileage of 32 miles.


The Electric brakes of OX electric scooter feel amazing. These brakes are extremely effective. The scooter comes with a disc brake at the rear end and a drum back at the front.

The scooter is able to stop whenever there's an emergency. The scooter had a 15 mph braking distance of just 11.0 feet. These results are as per our test.


Deck is another great thing about this amazing electric scooter. It offers a wide and elongated platform for the rider to enjoy a comfortable ride.

However, there are some drawbacks associated with the deck. Similar to the Hero model, the Super variant covers the entire deck with a non-grippy plastic surface, devoid of any rubber or even a strip of grip tape. On the bright side, this design choice makes deck maintenance a breeze.

While the lack of grip doesn't present any issues on smooth surfaces, it can become problematic on rough terrain, making it challenging to maintain a secure foothold when navigating challenging landscapes.

One notable advantage of the deck design is the inclusion of a kickplate. This feature not only proves useful for adopting a more aggressive riding posture and redistributing your weight towards the scooter's rear during braking but also incorporates a spacious cutout to securely lock the handlebars in place when the scooter is folded for storage.


With this scooter, you can now conquer the urban streets and cruise over the lighter off-road paths. It’s 10-inch tires ensure a comfortable riding experience. It's important to note that the emphasis here is on "light" off-roading. In contrast to more off-road-focused scooters like the Wolf Warrior and King, the Ox Super features narrower tires designed for smoother rides, thanks to their sleek tread pattern.

However, if you're planning to take on more rugged off-road terrains, you have the option to equip the Ox with specialized off-road tires. These tires boast a thicker tread with a three-dimensional pattern, offering superior traction on loose surfaces. Additionally, with the adjustable suspension system, you can enhance ground clearance to handle bumps and provide a more cushioned riding experience.

Both sets of tires on the Ox Super are air-filled, as opposed to being solid. This design choice gives them flexibility, allowing them to conform to the contours of the ground beneath them. Imagine a water balloon slowly dropping onto the ground, molding itself to the surface—it's a similar principle. Pneumatic tires share this moldable characteristic, making them the preferred tire type for maintaining traction and absorbing uneven terrain.

Build Quality

Regardless of the variant you choose, these scooters bespoke premium quality build. They are constructed in a distinctive manner that makes them robust and sturdy!

All INOKIM scooters follow a vertically integrated approach and employ CNC manufacturing techniques. This means that INOKIM maintains ownership of all the components used, and vital parts such as the stem and base are meticulously crafted from a single piece of aluminum alloy. The outcome? Impeccable precision in design with an absence of welding seams, translating to zero weak points in their structure. Ultimately, this results in exceptional durability, making them ideally suited for daily use.

If top-tier build quality is a priority on your checklist, the INOKIM Ox should unquestionably hold a prime position. Nonetheless, there is a notable drawback with the Ox Super.

Regrettably, it lacks an official water-resistance rating, which may come as a surprise considering the meticulous attention to detail applied elsewhere in its construction. In fact, none of INOKIM's scooters carry official IP ratings.

Additionally, the kickstand initially appears too short straight out of the box, making the Ox prone to toppling over easily. Nevertheless, it does have an extension feature—just remember to deploy it before attempting to stand the scooter upright to prevent any ungraceful falls.

Load Capacity and Scooter Weight

Boths variants of the scooter are towards the lighter side. The Ox Super weight just 61 lbs, whereas it counterpart is 4 lbs heavier. However, we have to agree that at 61 lbs, we simply cannot label the scooter to be a lightweight scooter.

Shifting our focus to load capacity, the rankings take an interesting turn. The Mantis Pro SE takes the lead with an impressive maximum load capacity of 330 lbs. The VSETT 10+ follows closely behind with a rating of 285 lbs, while the Mantis Pro and Ox Super share the third position with a maximum load capacity of 265 lbs. In a head-to-head comparison between the Ox Hero and the Super, there's no distinction, as both scooters support the same maximum load capacity.

Folding & Portability

The scooter boasts exceptional build quality. It has a secure lock system to hold the stem in place with minimal effort. Thus, resulting in zero wobbling once you fold it! The folding and unfolding process is straightforward, akin to fitting Tetris pieces together.

To fold the scooter, start by raising the stem until its bottom aligns with the base of the folding mechanism. Then, lift the locking lever to engage the claw, securing the stem to the folding joint. Finally, use the included rubber band to ensure everything stays in position.

Similar to the Ox Hero, the Super retains a substantial profile when folded. Due to its non-collapsible handlebars and overall size, it's not a practical choice for public transport, making it less than ideal as a portable option.


Assembling the Super is a hassle-free endeavor. Much like most scooters, including the Hero, it arrives mostly ready to roll. However, there are a few minor do-it-yourself tasks to complete.

Begin by unboxing the scooter and placing it on the ground. Lift the stem and secure it in place. Next, attach the handlebars and rear mudguard using the provided multi-tool.

Inside the box, you'll discover suspension adapters and a socket spanner, which are necessary for adjusting the suspension. Before embarking on your ride, double-check the tire pressure and ensure the battery is fully charged.

You'll also want to adjust the maximum speed settings, as the scooter comes with a capped speed of 25 km/h (15 mph).


  • Excellent Long-range scooter
  • Adjustable rubber reason suspension
  • Front drum and rear disc brakes
  • Great build quality


  • Slow and sluggish
  • No water resistance rating
  • Hot plastic deck black script

Mantis V2 Fluid Edition

Experience the epitome of dual motor electric scooters with the Mantis V2 Fluid Edition. This scooter sets the standard for performance and versatility, making it one of the most sought-after adult electric scooters in the market today.

It is the best long-range scooter and it delivers what it promises. The Mantis V2 Fluid Edition stands as a top choice for riders seeking the ultimate value in an electric scooter. This scooter offers exceptional performance, exceptional build quality, a superior riding experience, and portability, although it's not considered lightweight at 65 lbs (29 kg).

What sets the Mantis apart is its availability in two versions: the Base (V2) and the V2 Pro. Both versions share a common foundation, featuring front and rear spring arm suspension, 10-inch pneumatic tires, and an outstanding braking system equipped with dual disc brakes. The Base version utilizes cable-pulled hydraulic calipers for its braking system, while the Pro version boasts fully hydraulic brakes.

The amazing scooter achieves an impressive top speed of 40 mph (64 kph), with acceleration that can be exhilarating. In eco mode, the Base version provides a realistic range of 33 miles (53 km). Power is delivered by dual 1000W/3000W peak power motors, supported by a substantial 60V 18.2Ah battery pack.

What makes the Mantis V2 truly exceptional is its ability to tackle various terrains, including dirt trails and bumpier surfaces, while still delivering a comfortable ride. If you're in search of the best electric scooter that offers exceptional value, the Mantis V2 Fluid Edition deserves a prominent spot on your shortlist.


  • Great for all Roads
  • Multiple Gear Settings
  • Excellent Suspension


  • Handlebars Do Not Fold

Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter

The Apollo Ghost electric scooter is a formidable ride that combines power, comfort, and exceptional performance. With an 800W motor, a robust battery, and long-travel suspension, it stands out as one of the top scooters for adults.

Let's dive into the unique features that make this scooter an urban assault powerhouse.

Unmatched Comfort

The Apollo Ghost is engineered to provide a comfortable and durable riding experience, even on challenging terrains. Its long-travel suspension system sets it apart, allowing you to confidently tackle curbs and potholes with ease. Whether you're navigating city streets or venturing off-road, the Ghost's suspension ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

Impressive Speed and Versatility

Powered by an 800W motor and a 52V battery, paired with 10-inch pneumatic tires, the the scooter offers an impressive top speed of 34 MPH. What makes this scooter even more versatile is its three different power levels, allowing you to choose the speed that suits your comfort level. As you become more familiar with the scooter's capabilities, you can gradually unlock its full speed potential.

Long-Lasting Battery

While there may be scooters with larger batteries, the Apollo Ghost boasts one of the best battery options in its class. With a reasonable riding speed, you can achieve an impressive range of approximately 25 miles on a single charge. This means that for daily commutes and short trips, you won't need to worry about frequent recharging.

Sturdy Build

A scooter deserving of the title of the best scooter for adults must have a premium build, and the scooter delivers on this front. Crafted from high-quality metal, this scooter exudes sturdiness and durability. Its all-metal construction ensures a solid and reliable feel during every ride.

The folding mechanism is exceptionally smooth, employing a pair of clamps for added rigidity. Furthermore, the folding handlebars enable the scooter to fit into tight spaces, making transportation hassle-free.


  • Exceptionally smooth folding mechanism
  • Great Speed
  • Good Range


  • Not recommended for long commuting

Best Off-Road and All-Surfaces Electric Scooters for Adults

WideWheel Pro


Unveil the extraordinary WideWheel Pro - a fast, exhilarating, and all-around fantastic electric scooter designed for adults. This electric scooter from fluidfreeride boasts impressive features and performance that will leave riders thrilled.

The amazing scooter is the latest version of the very popular WideWheel series. This electric scooter not only offers exceptional performance but also carries a sleek and appealing design. Initially introduced in 2018, the original WideWheel set new standards in the electric scooter industry, blending innovative design and performance that leaned towards a more sporty approach compared to similarly priced competitors.

One of it’s most prominent feature is its wide and low-profile solid airless tires. These tires, though not rigid, provide a unique blend of stability and flexibility, contributing to the scooter's carving riding style. The inclusion of front and rear suspension, along with a redesigned frame, further enhances stability and ride quality.

While the WideWheel Pro excels on smooth surfaces, it may not be suitable for off-road adventures or rough terrain. It handles minor road imperfections well but is not designed for gravel or dirt trails. Additionally, due to its wide wheels, it may not offer the sharp maneuverability required for cramped spaces.

When you ride this giant scooter on uneven surfaces, or up hill, you will not be disappointed with that it delivers!. It offers an exhilarating and effortless riding experience, almost as if it's gliding on the road. The dual motors deliver a combined output of 1000W, resulting in swift acceleration without being overly aggressive.

Furthermore, the scooter now features dual mechanical disc brakes and a larger battery pack, providing a real-world riding range of 22 miles (35 km) and a maximum speed of 26 mph (42 kph). Activating Eco-mode can extend the range to approximately 30 miles (48 km), and the scooter can handle inclines of up to 30% without breaking a sweat.

Despite its weight of 54 lbs (24.5 kg), the WideWheel Pro remains foldable and suitable for daily commuting. The foldable handlebars aid in portability, and the scooter now boasts an intuitive LCD display that offers information on battery status, speed, and mileage. Riders can effortlessly switch between ECO mode for efficient power usage and maximum range, or POWER mode for maximum torque and speed, with the push of a button. Cruise control is also a notable feature.


  • High Top Speed
  • Handles inclines of up to 30% with ease.
  • Cool and Unique Looks


  • Unique Folding Mechanism


Experience the Future of Electric Mobility with this amazing NANROBOT D4+3.0. The amazing electric scooter has taken urban commuting to a whole new level. It is fast. Smart. Eco-friendly and an effective mode of transportation. This powerful, feature-rich scooter is changing the way we commute.

Motor: 2400W / 1200*2 Tires: 11-inch, tubeless Dimensions: 135x38x65 CM
Battery: 60V 23AH Suspension: Front and Rear Folded Dim: N/A
Range: 55-60km Brakes: Electronic & Disc Weight: N/A
Top Speed: 78KM/H Lights: Front and Black LED Lights Drive: N/A
Weight Limit: 150Kg Display: Large LED Display Battery Position: N/A

When it comes to power and speed, there are very few scooters that can actually match what NANROBOT offers. The scooter comes with a dual-motor setup that boasts 2000W of power. Each motor generates about 1000W of power. These powerful motors allow the rider to reach a top speed of 40 MPH. If the speed is not enough to impress you, the scooter also offers exceptional range. It comes with a powerful batter of 48V that offers an impressive range of 40 miles. The Lithium-Ion battery would definitely put an end to your charging troubles. It lets you go a long way with a single charge! You can now effortlessly commute for your daily activities! Of course, a scooter of this quality would have a sturdy and robust build. With all the features and the build, the scooter weighs just 70 LBS. For some, it might be a bit heavy, but it for sure is worth it! We can assure you that once you fold the scooter, you can store it even in a compact place and carrying it around for short distances won’t be a problem!


With scooters is this quality, the safety of the rider is their first priority. The scooter features a front and rear hydraulic brake system that offers reliable stopping power. At the same time, it ensures that you have full control of your high speeds/ Moreover, it comes with an anti-theft feature that includes voltage cutoff with a key lock. Thus, giving you peace of mind when you leave your scooter unattended!

NANRBOT comes with a digital LED display that provides all the essential ride information. Also, the scooter includes a USB port for charging devices. The LED lights on both the front and the back ensure visibility while riding during bad lighting conditions.

Charging an electric scooter has always been a problem, especially when these scooters take hours. However, charging NANROBOT is not very dramatic. The scooter offers the facility of using two charges and this cuts down the charging time to 4 to 5 hours instead of 9 to 10 hours (using a single charger).

The scooter comes with a C-type spring suspension that ensures a comfortable ride as it absorbs shocks and bumps even on rough roads. Thus, making your commute extremely smooth and enjoyable.


  • Speed
  • Range
  • Strong Motor


  • Slightly heavy


It is a scooter that balances portability, performance, and practicality. It is designed to meet the needs of urban commuters and enthusiasts as it offers a compelling combination of features.

Motor: 2000 W (1000W x 2) Brushless Dual Drive Tires: 10-inches off-road tires Dimensions: 52.1x 28.8x52.5
Battery: 52V 26Ah Lithium Ion Suspension: C-Type Spring Suspension - Rear and Front Folded Dim:N/A
Range: 45 miles Brakes: Dual/ Hydraulic Brake Weight: 77 lbs
Top Speed: 40 mph Lights: Tail Light and Headlight Drive: Front wheel drive
Weight Limit:330 lbs Display: LED Display Battery Position: Under Board,

Speed and Power that Impress. The Drider 8 Max offers a top speed of 20 to 22 km/h. It means you can navigate the streets of the cities efficiently and effectively. It also comes with a robust 350 W motor power that ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Among its amazing features, its long-lasting battery is perhaps the most impressive one. It comes with a high-capacity 36 V battery that offers an impressive range of 22 to 25 km on a single charge. With this scooter, you can perform your daily commute without worrying.

The scooter has a compact size, it is built to last! It has the ability to accommodate riders weighing up to 120 kg. This shows the purpose construction and durability of the scooter. So, whether you are a daily computer or an occasional rider, you can trust this amazing scooter.

The scooter offers a balanced plan of power and efficiency. It comes with a 350 W motor and covers a range of 22 to 25 km on a single charge.

This definitely is one of the greatest features that fall within the $1000 range. It is cost-efficient and it is classy! So, if you were looking for a scooter that would not break your bank, this is perhaps the best choice!


  • Affordable
  • Efficient
  • Sturdy Build


  • Modest Power
  • Limited Top-Speed


Motor: 600W rear BLDC Tires: 10" x 2.5" air tires Dimensions: 42.5 x 44 x 19 inches
Battery: Samsung Li-ion 52V 16Ah Suspension: pneumatic tires Folded Dim: 44 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches
Range: realistic 25 miles Brakes: Front & rear drum brake Weight: 47 lbs
Top Speed: 25 mph Lights: Front and rear LED Drive: rear wheel drive
Weight Limit: 220 lbs / 100 kg Display: Bright advanced display Battery Position: Under Board

In the realm of electric scooters, this amazing Dual-Drive scooter emerges as a true powerhouse that combines versatile performance and impressive specifications.

It is a remarkable scooter that is taking recreational riding and urban commuting to new heights.

Its range is one of the standard features. It offers an impressive 50 to 60 km of range on a single charge. So, if you are using it for your daily commute or plan to embark on an extended adventure, we would definitely recommend this coupe.

Another great thing about the scooter is the speed that it offers. It has a maximum speed of 65 km/h.

The scooter comes with a dual-driven system that boasts 2, 1000W motors that deliver a combined output of 2000W. This formidable power allows you to effortlessly conquer steep inclines and navigate through challenging terrain.

The scooter also comes with a lithium battery with a capacity of 52 Walt that provides the energy that you need to fuel the repast motors. The scooter is built to withstand the demands of real-world riding. It offers a maximum load capacity of 150 kg, and it can accommodate a wide range of audiences. It has a durable frame and the construction is robust. The scooter comes with the ability to handle rigorous daily commuting and tough surfaces.

Safety is paramount! And we are sure that the scooter will not disappoint you. The scooter features the front and rear disc brake that ensures reliable stopping power. It offers you complete control of your ride. The scooter comes with front and rear spring suspension brakes along with front-of-the-air tires that offer comfortable and stable right. It also has front and rear lights that enhance visibility while riding at night.

Charging a scooter with 2 charging ports makes charging a breeze! Using two ports for charging would just take about five hours to fully recharge the scooter. However, in case you are using a single charge then it will take about 10 hours for the scooter to recharge. Also, the design is extremely compact with dimensions of 105 X 58 X 120 cm, thus you can store it in a compact and small space.

This is perhaps one of our favourite electric scooters as it tends to blend innovation, performance, and design to perfection! The scooter comes with Remote features and offers an amazing experience!

The scooter comes with both front and rear solid tires that it show a comfortable and hassle-free right. The wide 8-inch wheel size provides stability even on rough surfaces. They are well-suited for navigating urban streets and sidewalks. You can now say goodbye to the inconvenience of flats and punchers.

The scooter comes with an outstanding suspension system. Since the scooter focuses a lot on safety, therefore it comes equipped with front and rear disc and suspension systems that absorb shocks and bumps. In short, the scooter excels at providing smooth and enjoyable ride even on uneven terrain.

Illuminating the Way!! For nighttime rides, the scooter needs to have proper lights. This amazing scooter goes the extra mile when it comes to an array of lights! It features LED lights, brake lights, front beam lights, headlights, and turn signals, therefore ensuring that you are visible to others on the road even if you are riding under bad light conditions.

Even though the scooter has a compact design, it still has the ability to withstand a load capacity of 120 kg. Thus, it can accommodate a wide range of riders. The scooter weighs about 30 kg and it strikes a balance between sturdiness and robustness.

The scooter is designed keeping practicality in mind. The gross weight of 30 km and a unique folding mechanism make it an excellent choice to carry around and to store in a compact place.


  • Impressive Range
  • Strong Battery
  • Exhilarating Top Speed


  • Longer Charging Time
  • Weight

Zero Electric Scooter

Even though the electric scooter comes with basic specs and a lightweight frame, it still has pneumatic tires and spring suspension. Also, the compact folding frame makes it more than a scooter for newbies. It is a scooter we're looking for a comfortable commuter and want convenience in terms of travelling within the city!

Motor: 2x 500W base Tires: 8" x 3.9" never-flat foam filled Dimensions: 43.1 x 21.6 x 43.3 inches
Battery: Lithium-ion 48V 15Ah Suspension: front and rear springs Folded Dim: 43.1 x 8.6 x 16.1 inches
Range: 22+ miles* Brakes: Front & rear disc brake Weight: 54 lbs
Top Speed: 26 Mph Lights: Front and rear LED Drive: Front & rear wheel drive
Weight Limit: 220 lbs / 100 kg Display: Smart Display Battery Position: Under Board

Is Zero 9 really a good fit?

The scooter has a speed of 24 mph, and it weighs just 20 LBS. It might not be an elite scooter, but it definitely falls above the mid-range scooters. It is better than other scooters falling within the same price range, including the Segway Nine Bot Max.

Zero 9 is a natural habitat for well-paved concrete and smooth surfaces. It might not be the scooter for advanced riders who are looking to satisfy their speed needs and adrenaline cravings.

It is also not for someone who wants a strong exploration rate and well-equipped hill-climbing capabilities. Among its numerous features, the best is its portability. It comes with an adjustable, telescopic stem along with the folding frame and handlebars. This combination is perfect for someone who wants to store the scooter in a compact place or is likely to carry it around.

There is no denying that this is an amazing and one of the most popular scooters, but is it worth the price tag?

Before we get down to answer this question, we're going to tell you some interesting facts. The Zero 9 has a long-lost twin –not famous – as the Apollo City electric scooter. Both scooters have the same frame kit and almost offer the same features and interest and we fall under the same price tag.

However, we somehow prefer the ZER 9 scooter over its twin brother! The feature it offers, the impressive range it provides, and the powerful batteries that comes with, definitely makes it value for money!

If you're still not satisfied not a problem, below we will be discussing every feature of this amazing scooter Internet!


Let's talk about the Zero 9’s foldable handlebars. The sliding screw-type mechanism is what the scooter uses for the foldable handlebars. It's not only folds, you can also adjust the height of the handlebars thanks to the telescopic stamp.

You can position the handlebar’s height anywhere between 29 and 39 inches from the deck. You can also adjust quickly via the release locking lever. This does not mean that there is no risk of stamp wobbling. On the contrary, regular users have suggested that the stem wants tightening after everything ride.

Elsewhere, the handlebars tend to play a host to a pair of hand-operated mechanical brake levers along with its QS-S4 for display. The main purpose of this is to serve the dual functions of both a finger throttle and a display screen.

QS-S4 is where you will see information regarding your scooter's speed, riding mode, battery life, and the distance that it has covered so far on the particular trip. You can even find a hidden USB port that you can use for charging or electronic devices. However, keep in mind that it might not be compatible with some of the modern electric devices.

Additionally, the ergonomically shaped grips are coated in a sturdy and grippy rubber. They are way better than the uniformly shaped grips that we tend to see on your other scooters.


The scooter may have some drawbacks, but style definitely not one of them. It is a head-turner. The scooter comes with a bold two-tone black and red color palette. The frame is finished with the gold standard, and exposed cabling from top to bottom is set in a way that keeps the aesthetic clean. The scooter also has an awesome lightning set-up. Both sides of the deck have embedded LED lightning and the front of the stern also comes with smart lightning. Eliminate the street horizontally as well as vertically. And the frame comes with an amazing look and see! The red touch to the frame is subtle enough that it does not overdo why is the zero Branding isn't loud, thus giving the scooter a dramatic and exciting look.


A great thing about this amazing scooter is that it has ample standing deck space. The deck measures up to 19.5 inches long and about 7.7 inches wide. The deck resembles a skateboard. The deck is sparsely coated in a trio of grip tape columns. We agree they look cool, but unfortunately, they do not offer a lot of traction.

A general rule is that a deck should be covered entirely in rubber or greater friction. This makes it easier to stand on the deck, and it provides a uniform grip regardless of how you place your feet on it.


The scooter comes with big, flat tires. These 8.5-inch tires are big enough to have a generous contact patch with the road, thus they are able to offer a comfortable ride even on uneven surfaces. Of course, you would have to worry about the punctures and this is probably the only reason why you need to avoid the pneumatic tire.

Moreover, these tires come with edit suspension and shock absorbent qualities. It saves the rider from jolts, bumps and rough surfaces while riding!

Build and durability

When buying a scooter the build quality is always an important factor to consider. If a scooter has the ability to go faster than 20 mph, it needs to have a study and robust build. The great thing about the scooter is that it comes with a sturdy design that encompasses good-quality tires, a durable frame, and a top-of-the-line LG battery. All these factors together ensure a comfortable and soundless ride.

Another great thing to consider is that the designers have placed emphasis on portability. The scooter comes with a foldable stem and handlebars, but it also offers the ability to compress the stem by about 10 inches from its full height. That is, helping you pack it when you are preparing to store it away.

The only disadvantage of the scooter has is that it lacks a water resistance rating. It might be able to withstand a couple of splashes here and there, but it definitely is not a scooter that you can take out in the rain. So, If you are looking for a scooter that you want to ride in every weather, this might not be the right choice.

Weight and Load Capacity

The scooter is towards the lighter side. It weighs just 40 Lbs. In terms of load, the scooter can support upto 220 lbs of rider’s weight. What is something great for you in the supreme model scooter bench to offer the same load capacity.

Folding and Portability ,/h4>

The scooter is famous for its foldability. You can store it in some of the most compact places. All you have to do is press down the folding lever located at the base of the scooter’s stem. This would unlock the steering column. From here, all you have to do fold the column up until it locks in the place in an upright position.

You could even fold the handlebars of the scooter using another intuitive mechanism. All you have to do is twist the locking sleeves and then slide them outward to let go of the grips and fold them inward.

Often foldable handlebars come across an ineffective locking mechanism, however, this is not the case with the Zero 9 electric scooter. the scooter comes with sturdy handlebars along with a fully adjustable telescopic stem. Awesome

You do not have to assemble the scooter, it comes fully assembled. However, we do recommend that you take some time and analyze the scooter carefully. Make sure that they are sufficiently tight and once you are ready for action, check whether the tires have sufficient pressure or not. See if the LCD display is providing all the required information. You also have the option of customizing the LCD display.

Performance and Safety

Speed and Acceleration

The Zero 9 electric scooter delivers a top speed of 24 mph. That we do believe is a good value for money. It is a great scooter for riders who are looking for a reliable daily commuting vehicle.

The scooter takes about 4.2 seconds to reach 15 mph from a standstill. It's a great start, however, they do find scooters that have better acceleration than this one.


The scooter offers a maximum range of 25 miles on a single charge. However, this range is offered when the rider is not heavier than 75 KG and the scooter is moving at the lowest speed. The realistic mileage that the scooter offers when writing using full power mode is 18 miles.

Hill Climbing

Another great thing about the scooter is that it comes with recent hill climbing capabilities. It tends to climb at about a 15° incline rate, which makes it an excellent hill-climbing scooter in comparison to other entry-level scooters.

Suspense and Shock Absorption

The scooter comes with rear and front suspensions that help insulate you from vibrations while riding on well-maintained streets. The scooter’s dual suspension system takes the brunt along with the front vertically aligned spring.

However, the suspension doesn't have much travel meaning. It might feel special to some people. Also, you can't adjust it. The Zero 9 comes with pneumatic tires. These tires are filled with air instead of toilet rubber or form. Thus, offering the first layer of defence against pressure roads and jetting impacts.


The scooter comes with a front disc brake complimented by a rare drum break. These powerful brakes let the scooter come to a complete halt in 3.3 m while going at a speed of 15 mph. What scooter also utilizes two different styles of brakes, this is something that makes the scooter unique within the same price range.

The scooter also has with a regenerative braking system to back up its responsive drum and disc combination. This is really great as it utilizes the kinetic energy from breaking into the battery. Thus, prolonging the maximum range!

Charging TIme

In order to charge Zero 9 completely, you would need 6 to 8 hours. However, it offers two port charging facilities. Using two charges at one time would cut the charging time to half.


  • Foldable handlebars
  • Good build quality
  • Light and compact
  • Dual suspension
  • Sports telescopic stem for adjustable handle height
  • Mood LED deck lighting


  • No water resistance rating
  • The headlight is positioned too low
  • Might not be ideal for night riding
  • Is the price justified


Electric scooters have varying speeds, but most commonly range from 15 to 60 miles per hour. These factors depends on the scooter that you will buy!

The range of electric scooters varies, with some models offering 20 to 70 miles on a single charge.

Regulations differ by location, so it's important to check your local laws. In many places, they are allowed on roads and bike lanes.

Generally, a driver's license is not required for electric scooters, but age restrictions may apply.

Charging times vary, but it typically takes 3 to 8 hours for a full charge, depending on the scooter's battery capacity.

Yes, electric scooters are a convenient and eco-friendly option for short to medium-distance commuting in urban areas.

It's recommended to wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads, gloves, and closed-toe shoes for safety.

While some scooters are designed to be water-resistant, it's generally not advisable to ride them in heavy rain to prevent damage and ensure safety.

Yes, electric scooters produce zero emissions and are considered a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation compared to gas-powered vehicles.

Yes, many electric scooters are foldable and portable, making them suitable for taking on buses, trains, and subways.

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