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Pushing the Limits: Can You Go Above 30 MPH on an E-scooter?

The glazing, scratch-free deck, mud-free tires, and spotless LED display of an electric scooter are very exciting. It's natural if you hop on the scooter promptly and want an immediate ride. The newness of this 30mph e-scooter is compelling enough to instigate you to skyrocket the speed.

Now the question arises: can you really do so? For that matter, you need to check the following things.

Capping the limit of 30 mph scooter is for a purpose.

The manufacturing company is primarily the one that states the maximum speed limit of electric scooters. The capping speed of the best 30mph electric scooters definitely depends on brakes, suspension, and tires, thus taking into account all the nitty-gritty of the vehicle. The average speed of electric scooters in the USA is 15-20mph. As the majority of the commutation occurs in urban areas, a specific speed limit is set to avoid maximum possible accidents.

30mph is a suitable speed because it leaves a minimum carbon footprint on the environment, making it environment-friendly.

Don't Fall for hacks.

Unfortunately, our youth falls more for hacks to find an easy solution for their cravings. Pushing an electric scooter can be a thrilling adventure for many. Testing speed-improving hacks of 500W electric scooters can literally put your life at a halt. An unscrutinized electric scooter is devastating not only for the rider himself but for pedestrians as well. Always abide by the maximum stated speed by the manufacturer.

Penalties and fines

None of the states in the USA allows modification of electric scooters for speed upgradation. In fact, it's legal. So, if you are an enthusiast about accelerating speed, be ready to pay off penalties.

What you can do if your existing 30 mph electric scooter does not satisfy your speed requirement

Let's take a solution-based approach if you are persistent to accelerate above 30mph. The wise decision is to pick a long-range scooter like the DRIDER 8 or DRIDER 10 that fulfills your requirements. But still, we need to consider the following points.


If you fall in the obese category of the BMI chart, speeding up is out of the question. According to the law of physics, the body is stable around its center of gravity. For a stable ride, the center of gravity of the rider and electric scooter falls in line. So, if you weigh an average person, you can speed up DRIDER 8 above 30mph. To push the limit to 40 mph, DRIDER 10 comes the next suitable option.

DRIDER 8 offers a maximum load capacity of 265 lbs, while DRIDER X10 can bear a body weight of up to 330 lbs. It is essential to understand that top load capacity and speed have an inverse relation. The more weight you put on a scooter, the harder it is for it to speed up

Road Condition

Even if it is DRIDER 8 or DRIDER 10, speeding up is only possible on smoother roads. The capacity to cross 30mph does not mean you have to try it definitely. It is easier to overlook bumps at high speed. So, only speed up when you are sure about road conditions. When it's 10/10, only then accelerate your electric scooter.

Check the features of the new electric scooter 500W

Brakes and Shock absorption

When switching to a better 30mph electric scooter that can speed above 30mph, make sure. The braking system is efficient and sturdy enough. If you make a wise purchase and go for DRIDER 8, note that it offers two sets of brakes, i.e., physical bakes, which features regenerative drum brake and electrical braking that incorporates adjustable regenerative braking.


The wheels are large enough to cater to the speed. DRIDER 8 provides a perfect combo in this regard. The front 8.5" pneumatic tires and 8" solid rear tires give stability with speed. DRIDER 10X offers an even more stable and speedy ride because of 10X3 inch air filled tires The product is overall stable and does not sway with minor blows.

Preventive Tips while pushing the limit above 30 mph

Being present in the moment is the prerequisite to riding long-range electric scooters. If thoughts and ideas keep popping into your mind and you get distracted easily, it's better not to hop on the scooter deck. Firmly believe that mindful road presence is equally essential for you and the pedestrian.

Know your local laws.

California has recently lifted the ban on helmets. But still, there is a cap on the riding limit of electric scooters.. Get a firm grip on legislation regarding maximum speed limit.

Avoid speeding up at night.

Daytimes are hot, and you might want to enjoy the night a speedy ride. But this is definitely a risky move. The road visibility is significantly less at night. You can easily miss a pothole and eventually fall into it due to over speeding.

Lights are a must for nighttime riding. Whatever product you choose, make sure it offers sufficient light to ensure your visibility. DRIDERX10 comes with a white LED light present in front. The rear side features a red LED light. Similarly, you will find both front and rear LED lights in DRIDER 8. You can try additional LED lights on the handlebar for improved visibility.

Mind that safety gear is a must for electric scooter riders

  • Helmet holds critical importance as it saves from head injuries.
  • Choose fluorescent colors for better street presence at night.
  • Closed shoes are equally important. Either wear shoes without laces, or if not possible, tuck laces tightly inside the shoes. So, it may not entangle with anything.
  • Elbow and knee pads are of secondary importance. If you are wearing covered clothing, you might not need one, and vice versa.
  • Always maintain the handlebar upright when riding. The scooter can quickly lose stability at higher speeds if the handlebar is disoriented.

Speed up in designated Areas.

It is a safe practice to experience speedy electric scooter rides in designated tracks or private places. Firstly, you will have more mental peace since no pedestrian will be crossing your way. Second, you can thoroughly explore all available options of electric scooters.

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